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  1. I might not be able to get on until late, so I'll change the start time to 8pm and anyone on earlier can just use the practice server. Gives you a bit of wiggle room for registering @milko!!
  2. Morning!! New season day! Don't forget to sign up for the race if you haven't... https://beta.simracing.gp/events/Z_2Qwkk2r5hgch2_nADFV
  3. Awesome @Valver!! You can get to these session results using the link below; or choosing 'Sessions' from the menu... https://rllmuk-racing.com/sessions/S09/03 I won't bother taking the time to work on the session breakdown; but this should do!
  4. No changes It let me change car last time I was on. Wonder what's up with that!
  5. yeah, although I was going to save my fancy weather settings for the actual race Just forgot to reset things. Might throw some rain in the mix The AMS2 weather settings are much more flexible than ACC.
  6. @Valver can you try and find the server again?
  7. It's running now. Do you want to try and connect? It still lets me change car, which is odd. Even though the info on the actual session says that the 'server controls the track and car' choice. One of the other things I wanted to check was whether people could join mid session, as its got a 'vote to start' type system. I'm connected now, do you want to give it a try? You'll see the server as 'rllmuk Racing - Practice'. Password is same as usual.
  8. It's not running at the moment, but yeah. I couldn't work out how to restrict it by car; so needs a bit more faffing. But otherwise it's there. I'll get it running
  9. Nice one @Valver. I didn't take too much notice of my practice times but I think I got into the 1:24s also. It's a great track and easy to learn.
  10. Yeah I had a couple of really fun sessions earlier. But darn it felt slow after throwing single seaters around in AMS2
  11. Really? Yikes!! Didn't know that. Either way, the post processing AA isn't great. I guess it's really just the difference between the madness engine and UE4 and what's available to the devs.
  12. Guys, the Roco 001 at Ibarra HAS to be the combo for our race. It's brilliant. Give it a go!
  13. Thanks @Valver. I'd settled on similar in-game settings and it looks OK; I just think some of the older games don't have brilliant AA solutions and aliasing/shimmering is something I'm really sensitive too. I'll try that sharpness tweak. EDIT:- Some of the settings (like the grass, and turning off some of the effects) have given me 30% more headroom which is cool!
  14. I developed a new website too, for tracking practice times... https://rllmuk-racing.com/
  15. Ibarra in the Roco 001 (P3 class) is a brilliant combo. Just did some practice and a 10 lap AI race and it was soooo much fun. Can't get the game to look good in VR though The shimmer and aliasing is awful and can't really dial it out. ACC gets a lot of flack for its VR performance, but I've been able to get it looking nicer than any other game.
  16. Great to hear from you @SANtoOos!! Yep, grab the new DLC. We're starting a new mini-season in the 4 new (non-GT3) cars starting Thursday; first race in the BMW M2 CS at Oulton Park
  17. Downloading this now. In true form I've got a server installed even before the game has finished downloading Gonna have a play around with some of the car and track combos; but I'm thinking that for our ACC mid season break we could have an open-wheeler/single seater race around one of the South American tracks. Ibarra looks amazing!
  18. The 1070 will struggle with 4K, so if you're happy with 1440p just push up those shiny's at 60fps and enjoy I was using a mixture of high and ultra settings at 1440p from what I remember.
  19. Hey guys, I've got some Steam codes if anyone wants? Assetto Corsa Competizione Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition rFactor 2 PM me
  20. The cheaper Logitech and Thrustmaster wheels are gear driven, so would be a step down compared to the belt driven Fanatec you had before. You could look for a second hand Fanatec or better Thrustmaster belt driven wheel but prices might not be far away from the CSL DD Pro anyway.
  21. @Shimmyhill I have a GT Omega Prime, so I can't specifically comment on the wheel stand and seat frame; but it seems like a good and cheap option as a way in and their stuff is well made. You might struggle with the rotation and flex of an office chair, but a lot of people start like this (me included). It'd tide you over until you know if sim racing is something you're likely to stick with. For the wheel, tricky one. With the introduction of cheaper DD Fanatec wheels I'd be inclined to go straight for their DD Pro. Although the G29 is sub-£200 at Curry's at the moment so that's a good option if you did want to spend less now while you feel your way with it. But those cheaper wheels feel considerably more like a toy, compared to Fanatec. EDIT: sorry think I misread your post, and that you have had some experience buying wheels before. If you've had Fanatec in the past then it seems like the DD Pro might be the better choice.
  22. Unless you really want a higher or variable frame rate (gsync/freesync) I wouldn't worry, assuming it'd be a faff swapping TVs. Just enjoy a smooth 60fps at high & ultra settings and enjoy those sunsets!!
  23. Deal!! Maybe we could have two races that night at Bathurst and Zandvoort!
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