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  1. I just did a few laps. Funnily enough I find it much less tense than Zandvoort. The mountain section is soooo satisfying. Fun times!!
  2. Great night of racing guys. Had such a good time. Well done to @winky on the wins. Was quite close in the end!! Leaderboard after points adjustments...
  3. Yeah I've had similar issues on PC I think they do show eventually, but I think they need to sync with the online servers properly before it does so.
  4. No rain @Meers! For this season I didn't add in any weather variation; as the main idea was for us to get a feel for these new cars. Good luck to West Ham @mrben09!
  5. The engineer app I use was telling me 26 litres for a 25 minute race, so I was planning on 28. So that sounds about right.
  6. No worries, sorry I thought I'd changed the SGP events when we discussed it before. Shambles etc
  7. No the plans have changed now. We've extended the season by another week, so Bathurst will be next week. So two weeks in this beast EDIT: Have adjusted the SGP events to reflect the change
  8. I found it really sensitive to mistakes whilst trail braking. If you're not 100% smooth with the trail off, it's easy to fly off the track. But if you don't commit to that late braking and trail properly, you lose so much time. I guess that's the nature of these low downforce cars where weight transfer is key.
  9. Same here. Slowly got to grips with it at the end of the stint, then put it in the wall when I started to push Need to be very gentle on slow corner exit.
  10. Yeah, might be worth changing the registration back so that it requires manual approval. Not that we've really been inundated with randoms, mind!
  11. davejm

    F1 22

    If the VR support turns out to be decent, I'm all over this
  12. Leaderboard after points adjustment for pole position and fastest laps...
  13. Oh no @milko So the random dude was an SGP random then? I opened up the community and race registration a while back (with a view to getting new members) and then put some info in the 'about' page on the hope people would join the forum.
  14. Yep the FTP app (which syncs the result files to the cloud) had crashed. All good now I can't race this week. My Dad's having an op on Thursday so I need to stay with him for 24 hours afterwards.
  15. Yeah, I've gone for the easy difficulty with some tweaks similar to what you mention there. I've switched on the turn based mode too as I tend to prefer this in CRPGs.
  16. Maybe, but that makes me weird also as seeing the character creation screens in videos and cheap price has hooked me in
  17. Cool, I'm just gonna dive in and not worry too much. I'll just pick one and go with it. I'll be playing on a low difficulty anyway.
  18. What are your thoughts on the usefulness of CHA vs INT? Sorcerer and Sage Sorcerer seem similar, just using either stat as their base. WIP Sorcerer (CHA focussed) WIP Sage Sorcerer (INT focussed)
  19. Thanks, yep I'd clocked that from watching a few videos the last few days so I'll keep that in mind as I do my build.
  20. Still can't get through character creation I've narrowed it down to Sorcerer for a charisma based build, or Sage Sorcerer for the INT focus. Thoughts?
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