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  1. @Valver How is the new rig treating you? I've got the new pedal deck installed now, and it's so much better. The better mounting options means I've been able to move the pedals over to the left, so I have the brake and throttle dead in the middle now. Hopefully this will help with the knee pain.
  2. It's the 'made for kids' option that you specifically need to disable; which then gives you the other option.
  3. By the way @Meers, your driving was really impressive. Very smooth and consistent!
  4. At one point (when I was watching) you turned down the in-game audio a little, and it was perfect at that point. Well, the audio of the game vs other guys was spot on; but you were just really quiet (so it was strange hearing them talk to you, but not your replies) You had it set to 'Yes, it's made for kids' which means it disables the live chat and features the stream specifically in the kids version of the website/app; which I don't think was your intention. You want to choose the options for 'No, it's not made for kids' but then choose 'No' for the age restriction. This means it's a general 'suitable for all' stream with live chat enabled.
  5. I'm finding this for most cars that I've tried. The first settings I make when loading default aggressive is to change tyre pressures; then brake pads; then brake bias back a LOT!
  6. Another 10 laps, this time with the Audi Evo II. I think this could be the one!! Absolutely loved it, felt in control & relatively fast. And I can take the curbs without dying!
  7. Another note on the damper setting. The lower this is, the less natural wheel resistance is applied through the steering column.
  8. Settings below! These match the Fanatec recommended settings for the CSL DD & ACC, with the exception of 'Natural Damper' which is off. The game has introduced it's own slider for this since Fanatec wrote their settings guide, and the in-game implementation is better As noted above, in-game Damper is used and set at 50% I had my gain higher than this, but lowered it after my arm operation so am just starting to adjust it upwards now I'm not keen on the road effects, so have turned off
  9. I'll post up my settings shortly. I'm using the driver settings as recommended by Fanatec for ACC, and then the in-game settings as recommended by Aris.
  10. Gonna do 10 laps in each car, until I settle on a winner. First round was Ferrari vs Porsche, and the porker was the clear winner. Felt faster and safer, especially on the curbs. I know the Porsche can be deadly in race conditions, so need to bear that in mind as I try the other cars. Parabolica is dicey too.
  11. Yeah, it would have been well before 1.8. I can't decide on a car. I was 99% settled on going back to the Ferrari, but it feels like if I look at a curb wrong I end up in the wall. I love it, but it frustrates me. Gonna put some more time into the Porsche, and I might try the BMW. Pretty much ruled out all the other cars having tried them all for a few laps. Going back to the Macca is an option too. I feel really consistent in it, and I've gotta say it just feels the most fun car to drive.
  12. @Erik and @EuroVapeSim2 currently running a place behind Meer's team in 10th. Great work chaps.
  13. @Meers, stream quality is really good, but can only hear the other guys and not you. Kinda surreal that I'm seeing my old 1070 in action over the power of interwebnet! For the next stream if you disable the option to say the stream is for kids the live chat will be enabled. So we can comment on the live chat and give you support! (not that you'd likely see comments until you're out of the car). EDIT: Game audio could be a little lower overall compared to voice. Also, change MFD to the timing page. Stuck on pit strategy page at the mo.
  14. Awesome scenes!! It's great to have that excitement of new gear. I'm fully in the land of diminishing returns now. My last two upgrades; the pedals (HE Sprints) and new headset (Reverb G2) have been somewhat if a side-grade in truth. Better, but not hundreds of pounds better. So I don't think I'll get to have that excitement again
  15. Been trying out the different cars again, and I'm between the Porsche; Ferrari and McLaren at the moment. I've also been practicing at Monza, and I feel very slow. My in-game stats show that I did a 1:47.9 here, but I can't even get into the 1:49s at the moment.
  16. Awesome stuff @Valver! You bought at the right time, with the updated pedal tray. I've just ordered the updated tray separately which cost me £80!
  17. The server password gets shown on the event page, but there is an option to require a password on registration (which we've never used before). That said, we could use our standard server password for that purpose too (so same password when signing up to the event and logging onto server); as you say I doubt anyone but us would know it.
  18. I'd tend to agree. I've turned off automatic approval for simracing.gp applications just now; and on the 'About' page I've noted that applications get approved only after joining the forum and Discord. We could password protect the events themselves too, as there are a lot of people registered to the SGP commmunity that we don't know, so they could still join the races. But that might be overkill.
  19. There is a part of me that likes the idea too, but all things considering I wouldn't want to do 1.5 hour races My knee aches after the hour races we have, and is wrecked after the blue ribands. I actually dread those season enders. I know we wouldn't be doing the qualifying session, but it's more to do with the intensity of the race without being able to stretch my legs that's the problem.
  20. Here's an idea; maybe we could change up the formula and swap to endurance races for every round, with 2 pit stops required? I know the extra stop is possibly overkill for an hour race, but it would mix things up and be fun IMO. We could then introduce a scratch round.
  21. There is an option for it, but it only works in practice (when it comes to the scoring) if every week has the same number of races. But because we have sprint rounds with 2 races, and then endurance rounds with one; the races end up being scored differently. Ideally SGP would allow you to strike a round, rather than individual races. But it works per race unfortunately.
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