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  1. I just dipped into the 2:19s, but the same frustrations with Eau Rouge and unfathomable moments of understeer at other times mean I can barely string a lap together. It must just be the switch from VR, but it's so annoying.
  2. I still can't get in valid laps in pancake mode Did a whole heap of laps last night, and not one of them valid. I can't do Eau Rouge, and there are a couple of other places where I keep going out of track limits. So on any given lap I mess up at one of the places. I have no consistency, and I don't enjoy driving when not in VR. So I might skip this week
  3. I can't keep it on the track in waffle mode I did a shit load of laps around Spa, and 99% of them were invalid. I can't do Eau Rouge at all, so I'm fucked and off wide at Raidillon every time. I could nail this in VR
  4. They want me to sent my headset back for a replacement. So gonna be in pancake/waffle mode for a while it seems!
  5. That second strap you linked to looks brilliant. So this might be worth getting regardless of what Oculus do, plus it looks like it might suit over-ear headphones better.
  6. Thanks mate. They've acknowledged the ticket and that the issue needs fixing, and I've provided more supporting information. So we'll see. I am considering a new strap anyway, so I'll take a look. The elite strap is a massive improvement over the bundled cloth strap, but I don't need the extra battery pack when playing PC VR. So I'll check out my options as I do seem to be constantly fiddling with how it sits on my face.
  7. My Quest 2 is broken. The black bar just above the lenses which the strap feeds through, has snapped off. Just did a LFM race and the only way I could use it was to tighten up the rest of the strap significantly; but the pressure on my face was quite extreme. I've got a headache now, from a 20 minute race Have logged a support ticket with Oculus, so we'll see what happens.
  8. The server is set up for Spa practice. It's not possible to set an an average ambient temp of less than 12c, so can't replicate real conditions. But this will do!
  9. Yeah I'm just finishing work so will be on shortly. I've set up the practice server to match the conditions for my race
  10. Haha, nice one. You gonna join Discord? I can only join the rookie series so looks like we won't be able to race together but I'm signed up to the 6:16pm one.
  11. Yeah, I haven't checked the timing of the races but if there's one at 6:15 that'll be doable I think. And maybe a couple more later.
  12. Good stuff as always @Valver!! If anyone's around tomorrow evening I'm going to do a couple of LFM races.
  13. Ooof, I can totally relate to this mate. I went through the same thing in September and still suffering quite badly with the fall out to the breakup; but there's no doubt my Thursday evenings with you guys have helped. Good luck for the date, that's brilliant!
  14. Brilliant racing guys Well done on the win @winky, did you let me go after we had contact? Or did you just run a bit wide? If you gave the place back, thanks; although I wouldn't have begrudged dropping the place. It was touch and go I think. I'd have felt bad if I went on to win after that, so a worthy victory for you in the end.
  15. They are updating them, just on a delay compared to PC. Does seem to be quite a hefty lag in some cases though.
  16. There's quite a delay from update to update, unfortunately. Consoles aren't even getting the 1.8 update when the PS5/XBSX update is released Not sure why they can't get the console updates closer to PC.
  17. Just a note on the weather settings for the events this season... Although the idea is to use the 'real weather', we do want some variation. So my plan is to use the current weather on track as the 'base' setting; then increase the variation slider depending on how variable the weather has been at the circuit over the prior couple of days. Unfortunately due to the limited weather settings available it does mean that there's a chance of a dry track even if its currently raining; and vice versa. It'd be nice if we could fix some starting conditions then add variation on top; but you only get the option to set a 'base' level of weather for the whole race weekend. Either way, there should be some variation with weather as closely matching the circuit as possible.
  18. I've added the other events for the coming season... https://beta.simracing.gp/communities/yhRbHTPRAZwJqbJakJneM#events Who are we missing from the first race registration that hasn't posted recently or might be interested in coming back? @SANtoOos @extremepabs @willmill @Yannik @SweatyTravolta @Mr Majestyk @batistutauk ?
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