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  1. Just join in the last 10 minutes and zoom past everyone
  2. Brands Hatch baby!! Practice Time: 19:00 until 20:10 (70 minutes) Qualifying Time: 20:10 until 20:30 (20 minutes) Qualifying will start immediately after the practice session timer ends Race Time: 20:30 until 21:15 (45 minutes) The race will start 3 minutes after qualifying ends (comfort break time!) Dry weather, 2pm (in-game time) start Important After qualifying finishes you'll be placed on the grid and a 3 minute timer will count down. Ensure that you click 'Drive' when able (within 30 seconds of the race start). If the timer ticks down to zero and you haven't clicked 'Drive' the game thinks you are 'away' and will teleport you to the pits and you'll need to start from there Race Formation You'll be asked to line up in double file Stay on the side indicated by the UI Maintain position, and speed up/slow down as appropriate As the start line approaches, you'll be asked to maintain a speed When the lights turn green. GO GO GO! Pit Rules 1 mandatory pit stop for a change of tyres is required A 10 minute pit window will open during the middle section of the race. You can pit at any other time, but you must change tyres during this window You can refuel during the mandatory pitstop or at any other time during the race Joining the server PM me if you have any issues connecting to the server You can join the server at any time during any of the sessions If you join when the race has started you'll start from the pits
  3. Wooooah, we have 12 drivers that have posted times this week... good work chaps... Who's in for the race tomorrow evening?
  4. I'll be posting up the race schedule tomorrow morning. It's just a case of joining the server once the session starts. You can access the server by going to 'Multiplayer' on the main menu, then 'Server List'. If you do a search for 'rllmuk' then it should show up. Then enter the password that is in the opening post of the group PM conversation, and click 'Connect'... The server is actually running 24/7 (unless I have a need to restart it) and is configured with a looping free practice session until the proper race schedule starts tomorrow evening.
  5. We now have @SweatyTravolta on board!
  6. Yeah, multi-class racing will be very cool. Not sure if it would work for us, as you say. But very cool nonetheless.
  7. GT4 cars coming 15th July!!
  8. Good job @Thor!! I used the Aston Martin when I first got the game, before moving to the Ferrari. Might have to give it another go. I managed a 1:26.298 but that was with 10 litres of fuel in the car. I'm starting to tame the circuit though
  9. My Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals have shipped!!! Expected on Thursday. It'll be great to replace these floaty nothing pedals
  10. Loved this! Was watching Jardier's stream live at the time. I know that a really fast and seasoned sim racer is likely to have the edge over someone like JB playing ACC, but very cool nonetheless!
  11. Just finished a great 30 minute race against the AI (on 90%). Started 20th (out of a field of 30) and managed to climb to 12th. It's hard to overtake at Brands isn't it? Was a brilliant race, but there are really tough sections of the track where its really easy to lose grip. I wonder if we're going to see more incidents than usual in this week's race?
  12. Into the 1:27s now... @Meerman I'm hunting you down son!!
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