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  1. I liked the original, so I'm definitely getting this. Looks really good.
  2. I just logged in with my original character, and I'm still in PIE Inc. Not sure if the corp is still active, but I did have a warning when I un-docked saying we were at war. No-one in the corp or alliance chat though.
  3. So there's no reason why I can't just turn this into isk and then send on to my main char? Seems like an awful lot of isk!
  4. Question... I have an old character I was going to delete, but I notice it has 5m isk in the wallet. I was going to transfer the money to my main before adding to the biomass queue, but I also notice that there is 285 plex (whatever that is) which seems to be worth 1 billion isk! What the hell? Do I just turn it to isk? What is it, and why is it worth so much money?
  5. Anyone still playing? I've created a new character and have started going through the tutorials. I know it's been years since I played (PIE inc. & CVA Alliance days!) but almost none of it is familiar, it's like starting new in a game for the first time. Not sure how long I'll last, but it's cool. Initial thoughts are that the graphics are in improvement. The planets look cool!
  6. Indeed. Makes me wonder what other content I've missed, lurking there for me to discover after all this time. After 200 hours. Astonishing.
  7. @Thor & @Jigsaw Monkey The quest is called 'Equine Phantoms'... located here..
  8. Cool, yep when I get home I'll let you know. I played a bit more this morning, found 2 more contracts and another full on side quest. This game keeps on giving. Just clocked over 200 hours, and that's on a single playthrough.
  9. I fire this up every now and again, and just wander around. I played the game without question marks so I could explore naturally, but post completion I've uncovered them so I can dip in and look for new content from time to time. I always hope to stumble upon a new quest when I play, but tend to do a few monster nests then turn it off. I figured there's not much content left otherwise. Anyway, during tonight's revisit to the game I stumbled across a new village and found a new contract. Brilliant. I ended up taking magic Mushrooms (part of the quest) and talking to Roach, which was exquisite Geralt lamenting her (him?!) for being able to cross the ocean when he whistles, whilst at other times so easily getting stuck on fences. Amazing scenes!
  10. I guess there's an assumption people should do all said padding. Personally, I love it, so at each of the areas I've rinsed all the content (all side quests, leaders, locations etc) and the result is that there are some other islands that I've over-levelled, some of which are now raising to meet my current level 20. How long I continue to do this for, I don't know. And considering I suck at games (I had to give up Sekiro) I haven't had any issue with the difficulty. Playing on normal, and I've died only a handful of times; a couple of times on the boar and then a few other times when I've been slack in my approach to things. I'm not really sure how people are dying so easily when you can move and dodge almost every attack that comes in (at least, I seem to be able to). Even when you have loads of enemies attacking you at once, if you spam the dodge button you can essentially fly around all the attacks and avoid everything. My tactics during open combat is to keep moving and get in the odd swipe to raise my adrenaline, then use the hero strike to pick them all off. Maybe it's my choice of abilities, but I don't really feel in much danger if I concentrate. If I do get overwhelmed I use the vanish ability.
  11. Thanks for the tips. I left the two phantoms alone for a bit, found some more neuromods, invested in turret repair, then paid them another visit and took them out with a couple of the turrets in the lobby. Was satisfying. I did need to finish one of them off with a shotgun blast. Getting to grips with it now.
  12. Just started playing this (the base game). I love the premise and the atmosphere (I've just started exploring the main lobby), but finding it extremely hard. It seems like a random game of chance dealing with these mimics, they just fly around all over the place. And those big bastard Phantoms are annoying, there's a section I've got too where there are two of them. The first one I encountered was taken down with a turret so I think I need to slow down and not charge around exploring.
  13. I died a couple of times on the boar, due to silly mistakes of my own making. Otherwise not too bad. Hero strike and the healing power got me through it.
  14. Let's talk damage types... Am I right in thinking that any damage during melee (apart from Hero Strike) will use warrior damage so it's pointless actually using a sword that buffs assassin damage? There are two weapon slots obviously, so I'm thinking that having any weapon equipped that gives me the best assassin damage buff is key whilst sneaking, but that when my stealth goes to shit I should actually be using a sword that buffs warrior damage? Also, is there any reason why I shouldn't swap all my gear out for warrior damage buffing gear for conquests? Considering it's basically a melee battlefield at that point?
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