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  1. davejm

    Titanfall 2

    Just finished RDR2 and this is getting some high praise here, so this is my next game.
  2. Is the idea that these stations being built 'far out' will eventually lead to extra 'bubbles' of occupied space, where people can do missions and basically set up base? It'd be quite cool for starting players that even if they don't want to explicitly set off and explore there could be a goal of progressing in the game to the point where they can an least head to one of the new bubbles. Would be pretty cool.
  3. I'll never touch fishing again after almost knackering my hands doing the story (stranger?) mission that seemed to take an age to reel in the bloody thing.
  4. Coming to the end of chapter 6 (I think). It's going to be over soon isn't it It's gonna be really sad to see the end of Arthur's story.
  5. Amazing shots @Danster!!
  6. Ah the planet physics thing is quite a disappointment. Would have been a brilliant sight.
  7. Loving these updates, keep them coming. That final shot, oh my!
  8. davejm

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    £13.99 on PC, I've never seen a game price drop as much as this!!
  9. davejm

    Dishonored 2

    Agreed. I've still got the Dishonored 2 DLC to play.
  10. I like the new system scanner. You can tag discovery of planets without leaving the jump in point so it's far easier to see what's in the system. You only need to head to the planet if you want to map it, and at least you can now scan/map the surface to discover points of interest without having to fly around the surface. As for the probing and mapping of planets, you don't need to fly around the body in supercruise. You can aim the probes in to the gravity well and map the whole surface from one place. That said, I agree that having to manually aim is a bit tedious. You get more money the less probes you use, but it's still a tedious mechanic I'd say. I'd be better if you could fire one probe to 'scan' the surface but I guess its their idea of introducing a 'gamey' element to it. As for your last point, I totally agree. I played for a bit yesterday, but the game doesn't grab me any more so I've put my HOTAS away again. For me, there's too much time not engaging with the controls. It's super atmospheric when you first get into the game, but when that wonder and novelty fades what's left of the mechanics doesn't keep me entertained. Sadly.
  11. I've got my head around this now. I had custom bindings set up, so none of the new feature controls had bindings. So I had to reset to default X52 Pro bindings, which introduced default bindings for the new discovery modes. Managed to bag first discovered and first mapped on Mukhang A 2.
  12. I seem to have the right gear, but none of the controls seem to be mapped to any defaults? I managed to bind the mode change (so I can access the system scanner) but then nothing. I don't even know where to start with this. I guess it's back to the old days of spending more time on youtube and forums than playing the game.
  13. Logged in OK. I can't remember what the hell I'm doing I seem to be in a Dolphin, but I've sent for my Vulture which is only 7 minutes away. I'm only 5 jumps from Mukhang. What do I need to ensure I have on my ship for the new exploration mechanics?
  14. Oooh, looks great. Might be a nice distraction from RDR2.

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