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  1. PC owners... I've managed to get HDR working using the Special-K utility. For the Steam version you can follow instructions here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1057090/discussions/0/1750151027898184371/?ctp=3#c2149847049315319669 For the Windows 10 version you can follow instructions here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1057090/discussions/0/1750151027898184371/?ctp=4#c2149847049318532759 I held off for a while as I assumed this was just applying a fake HDR algorithm... but apparently not. I think it actually taps into the suppressed HDR implementation that was baked into the game anyway; pending the issues that the devs were trying to resolve with it. Obviously use at your own risk, but it looks wonderful to my eyes.
  2. I'd say it captured the feel really well. The interactions with the crew on the ship and the general tone/atmosphere of the game definitely papered over the cracks, and I really enjoyed the combat. The moment to moment gameplay was really enjoyable for me.
  3. Yeah, I had an unemployed pop so that's what prompted me to look at putting a building down but then couldn't decide on which to choose. Looking forward to some more time with it tomorrow though.
  4. I started a game the other day, with the new expansion, but I got to the point there I needed to start planet management and felt overwhelmed and haven't looked at it again. For example, I had a spare building slot and although I can see which stat the different buildings improve, I had no idea which one would be good to put down. I find myself paused and agonising over small decisions, before realising I don't know what I'm doing. I've started watching some more tutorials so I can understand the more recent changes.
  5. I've been dipping in and out, but only on PC. Not a very helpful reply I'm afraid!
  6. @GavinI've managed to find some armour by following one of the treasure maps. Got a whole heap of cash, and some decent gear! Just arrived back in Rattay now after venturing off to learn to read, and after a 'dance with the devil' Gonna check out the Rattay tournaments (I failed it first time around as I ran off courting!) but I noticed it's back on again which is cool. This game sure is a looker...
  7. Playing this at the moment and loving it. I've been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the voice acting. I was expecting something a lot more 'janky' than it actually is. I've got a few mods enabled:- - Skip lock picking if you are of the required level - Aiming reticle enabled when using the bow - Enhanced graphic options - Save anywhere - Camping mod I'm finding it really enjoyable setting myself a task for the day (explore there, carry out a quest there etc) with the aim of finding an inn (or a camping spot) during the evening and then waking for some food and a visit to the bath-house... then find something else to do the next day. Immersion levels are pretty high in this game. Combat seems tricky, but I've just unlocked a couple of perks (a short sword combo, and a clinch perk) so I'm hoping that improves. I understand the basics, but I need to pick up a decent sword and shield. I don't have a shield at all at the moment, and only have a hunters sword. Some decent armour would also be good at some stage. Can I go back to Rattay and practice combat there? Might have to set this as one of my daily tasks.
  8. Played and hour or so and it's glorious, but I want to wait for HDR to come on PC. They had problems with the implementation and had to drop it for release, which is a massive shame. I'll play something else and come back another time.
  9. This is £20 on Steam at the moment, so I've reluctantly purchased. I'm not sure if I can manage a 80-100 hour JRPG (especially with Ori around the corner), but it's tickled my impulse purchasing receptors so I've got it downloading now. I've got the Orchestral music mod downloading too. Sometimes these games end up grabbing me even if I'm not initially sure, and this sure does look lovely.
  10. Thanks, I've been making progress. I decided to load a previous save from the beginning of Fort Joy, so I'm pottering around doing the starting quests there. My main is a Hunter, so I've refocused Ifan for melee with a one handed sword and shield plus some spell books to get him started as a close combatant. I hadn't levelled him up yet so I was able to put the points into the correct attributes. I'm using Lohse is a Hydro Mage, and Fane as an Aero Mage. I think they'll compliment each other well.
  11. Bought this for £13 with my Epic store discount voucher. Even at £23 it was cheaper than I was expecting when I went into the store, and was delighted to see my voucher was still valid. Result!
  12. davejm

    Dishonored 2

    Sequel. The protagonist is a character from Dishonored 2; and the story of what happens to her after the events of Dishonored 2 I think.
  13. davejm

    Dishonored 2

    This reminds me, I never did play Death of the Outsider. Might have to get it installed.
  14. HD Reworked Project Higher resolution texture pack. Absolute Camera This is a must for me. I struggle with the camera shake when running, and there's a setting within this mod that disables that. I've also adjusted the camera so that it's a little closer, and combat feels a bit nicer now. E3 Dodge System Changes the dodge system and animations so they're a little less 'flashy'. Less rolling around etc. I think it also changes the camera position after dodging and rolling, but it's been a while since I've played without this mod so I can't remember exactly what is changes. Fast Travel From Anywhere High Quality Faces These go without saying really. Super Turbo Lighting Mod More realistic lighting, apparently. It's been a while since I've used vanilla lighting, so I can't describe how it compares! Sezon Burz Witcher Gear Love the look of this gear. There are standard and NG+ variants.
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