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  1. I entered another GT4 league, over at the Boonatix simracing.gp community. It starts next Wednesday @ Bathurst, and we had a practice race tonight. I finished last Was running around in the mid pack in a field of around 30, and managed to get to 11th place after the mountain claimed a few victims, but I wasn't going to escape its clutches Planted it into the wall with 3 minutes of damage, and with 3 minutes to go that was race over. 17/17!! Was fun racing on the mountain as the sun set. I took the Porsche and if you switch to Endurance lights there's an impressive blue hue in the cockpit, which was amazing to drive in when it was dark. I recommend booting into a single player session and checking it out, Caymen GT4 fans
  2. Anyone fancy taking part in the simracing.gp TCR Virtual 2021? https://beta.simracing.gp/communities/QsDC54crAFf9Vq_wzvaTw#about There are 10 minute qualifying races every 15 minutes, and I just did mine Then a series of heats with 50% of the field going through to the next. Will be interesting to see if I can get out of the first heat!
  3. Erik asked if I would be interested in those Endurance races @Meers. Based on the dates I think Misano and the final race (can't recall what track?) would be the only ones I can make (can't make the Bathurst race). Sounds like you have enough for the Misano race though?
  4. Qualifying Server for the season finale is LIVE! A reminder that the Blue Riband event is a 1.5 hour Endurance with 2x mandatory pitstops. Grid order is based on qualifying times set on the server over the next two weeks; up to 6pm on the day of the race. Let's see what you have guys! Oh, it's hot. Very hot!
  5. I thought most people already treated the weekly practice as competitive hot-lapping? Or is that just me? In all seriousness; I tend to do a mixture of race fuel practice but I still always have sessions where I'm gunning for that top time. So I'm not sure that anything extra is needed? I don't personally want (or have the time) to practice and time trial on another circuit/car if I'm doing that for the weekly race anyway (which is why I haven't delved into Circuit Superstars). But that's just me. Also, I don't have a way of easily publishing results from my server at the moment so I think it would be something that others would have to arrange if there is an appetite for it. I could probably host the server (at a push) but we'd need to have an FTP service running or something so that someone else could pick out the results files and do something with them.
  6. OK mate, no worries. I was just going to ask but if you're sure. I'm just sorting out the new season schedule and it will be a mini 5 week GT4 season running up to Christmas. Maybe the GT4 cars will be easier to jump in and be up to a good pace without the practice? You always did seem very good in those cars. I think this will be a nice change to move away from GT3 for a bit.
  7. Me too @Erik and @milko! Was a real struggle at the start of that first race.
  8. The 50/60hz thing isn't to do with the framerate of the display; but the frequency that the cameras run for the tracking of your head position. The framerate inside the headset is a locked 72fps for me So nothing to do with the eye issue. I really don't know what to make of that... I was in a bit of a panic because I was doing so well in the race, so couldn't quite work out what was happening. I remember that both of my eyes were watery, and the right eye felt irritated so I poked inside the headset to rub it and that made it worse. And then some sweat started to come inside from the facial interface thingy. Shame about your Zolder performance. If I'd have known in the week you were struggling I'd have tried to get on and give some pointers (I practiced more than usual this week - benefits of being newly single !!). I managed times close to Erik and I didn't take the curbs like he did; I don't think you can do that safely in the McLaren in a race situation. Second chicane is where you probably weren't cutting in enough. As long as you stay either side of the cones you're OK (until someone takes them out!).
  9. Good stuff guys. Really enjoyed that, despite the eye irritation which caused my first race retirement!! In other news. I fixed my tracking issues! There's an option in the Quest 2 settings to change the tracking mode between Auto / 50hz / 60hz; and a change to 60hz fixed it!! FFS! All that faffing with cables and ferrite cores... ... to celebrate I did a 20 minute public lobby race at Zolder and finished 6/30! Not too shabby. Was 4th for a lot of the race but got overtaken by a couple of aliens who clearly qualified out of position. Was fun, and the tracking has never been more stable!
  10. Top-end belt wheels hit pretty high torque; so unless you want to replicate super high forces from older cars then even with a DD wheel you're not going to increase the force feedback strength that much. I'm running only slightly more than I was with the TS-PC. So you get that extra fidelity, but in a lot of cases aren't pushing such extra forces through the wheel. Jumping from gear to belt; you getting much better fidelity AND much higher forces at the same time. The jump from a T150 (which my Son was using) to a TS-PC was much greater than the jump I'm feeling from the TS-PC to CSL-DD.
  11. OK, more wheel impressions. I'm posting them here as I've only tried ACC. Gotta say this... if you've got a decent belt driven wheel (TS-PC, CSL Elite, CSW 2.5 etc) I'd be happy with what you have. The CSL-DD feels amazing, and very smooth; but when I was practicing yesterday and 'in the zone' you just forget about the equipment. It isn't such a massive improvement. Coming from a low end wheel would see a big benefit (I'd suspect); and even from a T300 would be good due to the extra power. And I am benefiting from some extra torque over the TS-PC (which I was running on 100% in driver & in-game). I love it, but @SharkyOB I think you made the good choice in sticking with what you have considering you like the Ferrari rim on the TS-PC.
  12. Morning guys. It's race day!!! Don't forget to register if you're taking part. @extremepabs, @Yannik, @SANtoOos you racing?
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