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  1. I was thinking that after I took the screenshot I think a trip to the barber is required when I'm next on!
  2. I love going back to this from time to time. I've played for 196 hours, level 54, and I still stumble across new quests when I go exploring. Yesterday's revisit had me curing a village of a curse that was turning it's residents into pigs, and there were a couple of quests in Toussaint that I'd missed. There are still sections of the map that I haven't uncovered, and when I exposed the question marks on the map there are 100 still in Skellige alone! Blimey. So hopefully there's still some meaty content there, even if it's going to be short side quests. Even the very minor ones where you find a note on a body feel like a treat when I play now. I'm currently playing with a few mods. Some graphical (lighting mod, and re-textures) but also some gameplay mods. I've installed a mod that makes the dodging and rolling a bit less theatrical, closer to the early E3 videos apparently. I've also installed a camera mod that allows me to turn off the head bobbing when running, but also brings Geralt closer to the camera. The combat definitely feels nicer now. Some eye candy below. This is still one of the best looking games around. Even though I've been playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey, which looks brilliant, this definitely has a nicer look to everything.
  3. I found a couple of YouTube videos, but I was off sick today and sofa bound so I actually watched Nemesis again I really enjoyed the first episode of Picard. Some iffy dialogue in places, but I'm excited for more. It's promising.
  4. I've seen them, I'm just after a quick recap to refresh the memory. It's been a while! I'll take a look on YouTube for something, was just after a recommendation really.
  5. Anyone know any good videos that will help set the scene? i.e recap past events leading up to the new show, specifically from the films which I can't actually remember (especially with what happened to Data and his brother etc)
  6. Turn off the question marks... much better that way.
  7. This is exactly how I felt about the game. I've 100% all the planets and collected all the chests, secrets and databank entries (which I loved sweeping up); I've just a few achievements left to do at some stage if I feel that way inclined. I might just do that!
  8. davejm

    Outer Wilds

    I'm just about to start this again. I played for a few hours before, but I've done a reinstall of Windows and lost my saves and it doesn't seem to use cloud saves on Epic Games - or at least didn't when I played previously. The game does sign-post where to head. I can't recall how, but I felt steered toward a certain path pretty early on from what I recall.
  9. Yeah, the advert annoyed me. I was spoiled by Youtube videos (fucking spoilery video thumbnails) and I'd specifically told my Son (who is playing it now) to avoid doing any searches on Youtube so that the videos don't show on his feed; but now this advert has started showing anyway which he's likely to see Really hoping for some DLC soon, and a sequel down the road. I really loved this game, and I'm finding gameplay sessions with other games quite empty. I might go back and try for some of the achievements and to play through the levels again. I've collected all the chests, secrets and databank entries so there isn't much content for me to consume any more, but some of the achievements look like fun. It's rare for me to be such a completionist, I don't think I've done it with any games before.
  10. I'm being a donut, yeah 8GB of RAM is likely to be a bottleneck these days. I was dozing off earlier so not with it. It's 16gb which is recommended these days, which is what I was thinking when I read your post.
  11. Is your RAM DDR3? Is that why you say it'd be the bottleneck? 8GB of DDR4 would be fine. It's a pretty demanding open world engine, which is CPU and GPU intensive. I'm not sure which of those would bottleneck you the most. I have a Ryzen 2700x, 32gb DDR4, GTX1070 and I am playing on a mix of medium and high settings at 1080p (to attain a solid 60fps). So you're going to need to dial right back, unless you're happy playing at 30fps on PC?
  12. I had a play around with it, but all the photos I took were done in HDR mode and when viewing them on the PC later they looked rubbish. Some of the vistas in this game are stunning. I finished the game a few days ago, and really enjoyed it. To the point where I've been missing it. It ticked so many boxes for me, and I even went back and explored every nook and cranny to collect all the chests and secrets. I got the Star Wars 'feels', more so than many of the later films. I loved the story and characters. The music is phenomenal too.
  13. Bought Control in the sale, but received a refund this morning as it felt like too much of a battle to get it running smoothly. First experience of the refund process was positive though.
  14. The PC version is £31.79 at CDKeys today... https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/cyberpunk-2077-gog-pc
  15. I'm loving this. I've just unlocked the last upgrade (I think it is, anyway) so I'm going back to previously unexplored areas to find the collectables, which has been mostly fun aside from a couple which have been a real pain to find or reveal. I'm gonna do this until I get tired of it, then move on with the story.
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