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  1. I'm loving this. I've just unlocked the last upgrade (I think it is, anyway) so I'm going back to previously unexplored areas to find the collectables, which has been mostly fun aside from a couple which have been a real pain to find or reveal. I'm gonna do this until I get tired of it, then move on with the story.
  2. At a stretch you could say that during the time taken to meditate (assuming some unknown but significant passage of time passes when you do ) the Empire have received reinforcements. It's a stretch, I know. But there are 'gamey' elements prevalent through the whole game design, especially the metroidvania elements. It's all very contrived, so I certainly don't let the respawn thing bother me any more than the other things.
  3. I got spoiled by Youtube. Made the mistake of googling a question about the game, and then my Youtube feed became full of vids and spotted something I wish I hadn't
  4. The lip-sync and character work look amazing coming after an Outer Worlds playthrough
  5. It's PC only. It's an extra tier of the service, £15 a month.
  6. I've kept away from previews. My son wants to play it, so I've subscribed to EA Access Premier for a month and we'll play this; and FIFA and Plagues Tale. So it doesn't feel like I'm dropping a lot of money on the unknown, even though I'll only have access to it while I'm subbed. Not sure how I feel about these subscription services, but it feels like the right choice on this occasion. I guess if I really like it and want to replay it another time I can buy when it's on sale sometime in the future. Watching The Mandalorian has added some extra hype.
  7. Thanks... but... spoilers?! Blimey. Maybe I shouldn't have asked, but was only really after a rough estimate of time not a breakdown of the end-game events
  8. The Parvati one happened to me last night, so I loaded an old save It wiped away an hour of play, but luckily it was a dialogue heavy session so I was able to skip through everything. It seemed to happen during Max's companion quest on Scyla for me.
  9. Getting a little bit tired of this and with Fallen Order on the horizon I'm hoping I can wrap this up soon. I've just arrived in Byzantium, having rinsed all the side quests elsewhere. How long would you say I've got left to go?
  10. I'm at 193 hours played, on the one playthrough. That's mostly to completion (main quest, expansions, known side quests and contracts). I did go back to it recently though, and uncovered remaining question marks and stumbled into a couple of quests that I missed. We're talking a 200+ hour game, if you wanna rinse all the content
  11. I think I'm gonna go for an EA Access Premier subscription for a month and play this on PC, plus get some mileage out of FIFA and Plague's Tale while I'm subscribed.
  12. Is the PC unlock the same everywhere? i.e. no way to play early?
  13. davejm

    Disco Elysium

    Brilliant game. In the middle of the second day, and it's wonderful. Loving the inner dialogue you have with different aspects of your personality; and every conversation and interaction is captivating because you don't know what's gonna happen. Day 1/2 spoiler (field autopsy)...
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