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  1. Yeah, gotta be mindful of the basics at all times. My main problem (now that I seem to be finding some pace and general race craft from week to week) is that my mind wanders. Last night was a repeat of the first corner incident at Bathurst; the difference here is that I was on the inside; so instead of just running off the track I ran into folk On both occasions I vaguely remember thinking about something strategy related (fuel load, or something or other) but if you don't focus on the basics (especially as a new sim racer) it's a recipe for disaster.
  2. Here are the results guys... Well done to @Thor again, phenomenal pace. Great to have @SANtoOos with us, it's good to have a larger field. Really close in the standings between myself, @Mr Majestyk, @batistutauk and @Valver. The final race is going to be interesting!! Roll on Spa next week. Results - Round 6 & 7 Simsource Result Data https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/v7dq070be65d?tab-=practice https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/v7dq070be65d?tab-=qualifying https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/v7dq070be65d?tab-=race-1 https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/v7dq070be65d?tab-=race-2
  3. Oh man, I can't believe I took you with centimetres to spare! I forgot to take a replay of the first race You second race sounds like a nightmare. I stuck with slicks because I've seen a few online league races in the wet and it takes a fair amount of rain before wet tyres become optimal, but it didn't actual rain at all in the end which is strange. I'm seen some odd behaviour with weather in the multiplayer servers.
  4. Mine's changed to 'Order received' now. Luckily I got my order in at 14:03 (not sure how, cause the website was already going wonky at this point) so I'm hoping I'm included in the initial batch.
  5. Interesting night. Enjoyed both races despite my dislike of the track, but I'm not sure what I was thinking at the start of race 2 when I missed the braking, so sorry for those I hit. I remember feeling disoriented being on the right side of the track, but otherwise I'm not sure what was going through my head at that point. This game definitely makes me feel like a noob at times, but this was embarrassing on my part. Apologies!!
  6. Got an order in for the Zotac, at Overclockers. Now the wait to see if I was quick enough for the initial batch.
  7. I'm not sure if it's classed as lesser known these days. It seems to be the go-to card for a few reasons:- Growing reputation for providing solid cards over the last few years (despite budget prices) 5 year warranty UK returns center
  8. Same here. I'm setting a £700 limit, if it goes up again I'm out.
  9. I'm not aware that nVidia inflate the price of the FE cards. They sell for RRP as far as I know, when they have stock. They're not factory overclocked like some of the AIB ones.
  10. Cheaper, usually. The Founders Edition go for RRP (currently £649 for the 3080, I think) whereas the AIB card prices are at the whim of the manufacturer. Some of the AIB cards end up being cheaper over time (the non-overclocked cards, or the ones from cheaper board partners) but some have fancy cooling or RGB and are always a lot more expensive. But the Founders Editions usually stick to the same price, if you can get one.
  11. Me too, in hindsight. The McLaren is the only other one that feels good, but I can't get close enough laps times with it so the Ferrari it is!
  12. Either the founders edition or the Zotac, although I do have a couple of the other AIB cards bookmarked too. I'm not sure it's going to be a good strategy for me to try navigating two websites at the same time though, so I'm almost certain to miss out as I'm sure there are more nimble fingered people around (and buying bots). We'll see.
  13. Sprinty sprint sprint!! Practice Time: 18:00 until 20:15 (135 minutes) Qualification Time: 20:15 until 20:25 (10 minutes) Race 1 Time: 20:25 until 20:50 (25 minutes) Grid position will be based on pre-race qualifying 14:00 in-game start No mandatory pit stop Race 2 Time: 21:05 until 21:30 (25 minutes) Grid position will be based on a reverse of the race 1 finishing positions 20:00 in-game start No mandatory pit stop Conditions 17°C average ambient temperature High chance of overcast conditions Some chance of rain If race conditions are torrential (unlikely), a 'red flag' will be called and the server will be restarted Important After the end of the first race the server will be stopped so I can reconfigure it for the second race. I'll notify everyone on Discord when the server is back up; but I anticipate this will only take a couple of minutes. We'll be placed in a short practice session while we wait for everyone to re-join at which time I'll start the second race session. Discord Please use the rllmuk Discord channel (voice chat:- 'AC Competizione '); at least during the time between the first and second sprint races; as I'll be indicating in the chat when the server is back up. If you're staying in the voice chat during the race (which isn't mandatory), please ensure that 'push to talk' is turned on in the Discord settings.
  14. I'm having a nightmare, the Ferrari doesn't feel planted for me and the track seems really slippery in a lot of places even with the rubbered track. It led me to try new cars for the first time in a while. I've always liked the feel of the McLaren and it does indeed feel more grippy around this track, but I'm a lot slower in it so I'll just stick to the Ferrari. Gonna be way off the pace this week.
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