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  1. Yeah sometimes the server initiates with the incorrect start time when you join. If you leave and rejoin it will reset, as long as noone else is on.
  2. Your time was set with 15 litres of fuel in the car, so is pretty fast really. I was running on fumes when I set mine
  3. It's funny how much the times tumble with a bit of practice. In my session this morning I couldn't see where I could eat into that 2 second gap to Meers' time but I managed to get within half a second in my session a little later. It's doesn't help hopping from car to car. My best session was in the McLaren so I'm gonna have to just stick with it now.
  4. Yeah, I'm two seconds a lap off that pace. I just can't handle these GT4s. Have tried most of the cars again, so I need to just decide and then practice some more.
  5. The website is pretty cool actually. I thought it would be annoying not having FTP access (to get the results files down), but one glance at the website now means we can all see the results of any session that took place. For example, I can see that willmill did a session earlier without having to connect up to my FTP client to grab files down. I'll still compile the results of all the sessions, and there is a 'Download as JSON' button for me to do that.
  6. Yeah, the extra UI layer is a cool feature. Despite the annoyances (minutes rather than seconds for server spin-up, no access to the JSON config files, some lack of options for multi session races) the stuff they do have is nifty. It will make it easier if I'm away because I can set races to start/stop on a schedule if need be. And the results pages are good.
  7. So the new server has a webpage that shows all the results of any sessions as they happen... https://rllmuk.emperorservers.com/results Server is running for Hungaroring practice now.
  8. I'm gonna try going back to the KTM and see how that feels at Hungaroring.
  9. Guys... the server will need manually restarting between the first and second races and it might take a couple of minutes to come back on-line (a quirk of the new hosts). I'll let you know in voice chat what's happening. I've sent an invite to the Discord channel to the new guys. The second session will have a short practice session just until every re-connects; then I'll forward to second quali.
  10. I was slower and a lot more inconsistent to start with... but after a couple of weeks was much faster
  11. Playing around with the second new server hosts... there are some annoyances:- Each time you start an 'event' (even if you're just restarting an existing one) it creates a new server instance entirely... so you have to enter the password every time. So bear that in mind as you'll need to have the password in your clipboard (or brain) ready. Due to it creating a new server instance each time I restart; it takes minutes to appear in ACC rather than seconds I can't edit the config files directly, and all config is done through a UI that they've created. The UI that they have
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