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  1. Did my first little race at Bremgarten. Staggered with how good AC looks in VR.
  2. Sounds good to me!
  3. Cool we'll get Meers to take a look at the points when he gets back just so we can iron out issues with the spreadsheet; but for next season I'm going to just have the one series on SGP and then just double up the points for the endurance races. So the points can get tracked on there I think. I think we should all have a car change for next season. I'm thinking of taking the Aston or McLaren; but I'm going to have a few laps in each car I think before picking one.
  4. Here are the results and final league table. It's not counting Yannik's points from Monza in the leaderboard for some reason; but I'm no Excel guru (just stepping in for Meers on the spreadsheet duties!) Well done to @Erik for the league win. It's been great to have you with us; especially with how friendly and helpful you are to everyone with setup tips, game insights etc. @SANtoOos showed some great pace at various points (are you now even faster in VR?! :D). Congrats on @SneakyNinja for getting third place; a great result that your consistency rewarded.
  5. Ditto! Thanks to everyone for taking part, another great season in the bag. Looking forward to the next one!
  6. @Yannik Most of us use the 'Voice Comms' Discord channel to chat during the race. There's not usually much chat during the race itself (it's very respectful in that sense) aside from in-race chatter when lapping people etc. Just be sure to use 'push to talk' so we don't hear any shift 'clacking' . But we're usually chatting before and after the race which is cool
  7. I've never had a voucher from Oculus
  8. Rollcall @Count Buffalos, @texlex45 and @DjScream3 you guys racing tonight?
  9. Yeah UK time. The simracing.gp event always shows in your local time though, I think.
  10. Latest timings:- Looks like a few people haven't set times, so I've changed the event time to start at 20:00 now (15 minute practice, before the race at 20:15). So you now have until 19:45 on the qualifying server to set your time
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