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  1. The aggressive defaults are quite good in this game. A little understeery, but I usually use it as a base then increase the rake slightly and use less brake bias. I'll send you my setup for the Aston at Silverstone if you wanna take a look. It is a bit more varied from the defaults as it uses some other hints I found online (which I can't remember now).
  2. You just hit enter, then you you can type in the chat window. Here's a link to the rllmuk Discord server if you're not already joined https://discord.gg/nVT2h4yBXd
  3. Maybe we could choose a new track, as just realised Silverstone was the race we did last. Any requests?
  4. Practice server is also running and configured for Silverstone. @mexos > If you do a search for 'rllmuk' in the server browser you'll see it. Use password: rllmuk0949 to connect
  5. Or I can create anything for you if you can't be bothered to faff around
  6. @SneakyNinja & @milko I've made you admins on simracing.gp so you can create events
  7. @mexos any tracks you're enjoying at the mo? I can set up the practice server.
  8. Awesome! I'm hoping in the New Year we can get things going again and have decent numbers Good idea. The practice server is being used for AMS2 at the moment, but it's pointless really as I can't get the results of that to show. I'm actually missing ACC. I've had a play around in AMS2 and WRC Generations, but my thoughts keep drifting back to the feel of the GT3s in this sim.
  9. Back playing this, and loving it. Throttle still seems strange (I'm sure cars accelerate more at lower throttle input range than they are here), so that is nagging away at me slightly. But the game is fun fun fun. Plus, it's bloody cold in the house at the moment so I don't need to have the heating on when playing as it's a sweaty workout
  10. Nothing on tonight.
  11. Just had a couple of really frustrating sessions with them, and was missing the grip and aero!! Time for sim racing is so minimal at the moment, it's just a bummer when I play and don't enjoy it.
  12. The 1970s cars aren't fun Any other combos worth checking out?
  13. Yeah, pedals are a bit of a step up; but definitely in the realms of diminishing returns at the price. I think any load cell pedals are a game changer. The rig is a GT Omega Prime. Solid as!!
  14. Haha in that case, I'm not sure if I've posted since I got my HE Sprints
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