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  1. Curse it! I said to myself this would be it for this week (I need to practice for the ACC race), but I can't stop thinking about my lap and when I watch it over I can see where I'd gain loads of time. When is the cut off point again? Still, I'm happy to be sitting in third despite only downloading the game this weekend.
  2. Pretty good then. I was doing low 1:30s when I practiced earlier. Looking forward to giving it another go.
  3. Round two of the inaugural rllmuk British GT Challenge takes us to Donington Park for afternoon and evening sprint races. British summer time, so warm and dry conditions are likely. But be prepared for anything! Server is configured for practice...
  4. Funnily enough I was scanning the global leaderboard to find any other stock setup laps, and I saw your time on there. I'd be interested to know how far up the leaderboard we could get with car upgrades
  5. Quick blast this afternoon... dmoscrop - 1:02.062 Still time to find to get into the 1:01s. Here's the lap:- Edit: Removed the black bars
  6. That's handy. The girls (my g/f has 9 year old twins) were playing FH4 earlier, but they don't actually do any races they just drive around the map playing in the traffic. So they went to buy something and didn't have any money. One of the things was a 5 million quid house, but still!
  7. If you browse to the leaderboard (following boozy's instructions) you can select someone from the list and there is an option to set them as your rival. Their ghost will then appear when you time trial.
  8. Had another go and took a couple of seconds off... dmoscrop - 1:02.657
  9. Not sure what is faster in these cars, keeping it clean and staying planted or going into a small slide? Is it always going to be better to keep it grippy, or do the faster folk throw it around?
  10. Looks like the game rewards credits in rivals mode, so I should be able to earn enough to buy the cars each week.
  11. Just getting to grips with the low downforce of the Mazda after racing the GT3s in ACC. Very tricky! Still loads of time to find, but it's hard to trust the car at the moment. Any sharp inputs and it spins out on you (curse that lack of downforce). Fun though! Managed to dial in my force feedback settings quite quickly, and with the simulation steering and all assists off it feels nice.
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