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  1. Not played this for weeks. Have that fixed the 'soldier specialisation' tab on the battlelog? Eg for Assault class, medic-grenadier etc. Think when that disappeared from battlelog meaning you could only change it in game was when I stopped playing but it's a great game and I'd love to see that fixed.
  2. I'll be on in twenty min or so.
  3. Won't make Battlefield Wednesday tonight as I'm away on holiday (Dorset, fact fans), hope to be back next week.
  4. Sorry had to bow out early, got an early start tomorrow too. Didn't realise there was a party chat group till I logged off, Doh! Hopefully be on again next week and miced up.
  5. I'm up for Wednesdays at 9.00, PSN is Ferryman.
  6. Also free for Xbox consoles. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-03-11-titanfall-dlc-currently-free-on-xbox-one-and-xbox-360
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/371188456930?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT This is the one I got recently, very happy with it so far. Note this is for the older OLED model.
  8. That is a great price for Titanfall Deluxe. Do lots of people still play, any trouble finding a game?
  9. OK, thank you. Presume it will appear on the store when it is then.
  10. So is it on the PSN store? I couldn't find a Beta when I had (an admittedly short) look. Perhaps I should have asked where I can download the Beta from?
  11. Where can I sign up for the next beta (PS4)? Had a quick look at the Battlefield Battlelog pages but nothing sprang out at me. Wasn't overly interested in this with the cops and robbers theme but if I could get a taste of it I might get onboard.
  12. I'm not using this 10% off code out of principal, it's a really poor apology on the part of Sony. It would have been lovely if there had been a worldwide boycott of purchasing anything on PSN while this code was valid. I wonder if Sony HQ would have got the message?
  13. Get yourself a grip http://www.amazon.co.uk/Trigger-Grips-Sony-Playstation-PSVita/dp/B0081EH0RI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1420406345&sr=8-2&keywords=ps+vita+grip , I've had my vita since near launch but only just started using a grip very recently. It improves the comfort of using the vita immeasurably and makes control so much easier. If you get one just be sure to get one for the correct model. eg OLED/slim.
  14. 'Cos they made it through the 'danger zone'?
  15. I can understand the Marmite feeling people get for this genre, I've played Dynasty Warriors on Vita via Playstation Plus and while I could see the appeal it didn't really grab me. This on the other hand I'm really enjoying. The appeal to me is the shallow nature of the combat (boss battles and generals excepted), where else can you rack up 1500 kills in less than ten minutes? I find this aspect very therapeutic. The collecting and unlocking, as alluded to by Sabreman on the previous page, is also of great appeal. Finally the setting and characters coming from one of Nintendo's most famous series are what's captured me personally, I care far more about Link, Zelda and the others than I ever could about the characters in standard Dynasty Warriors games. Though as a concession I will accept that I don't think the game would be getting the attention it is if the WiiU release schedule was less barren.
  16. I changed my MTU value on PS4. Originally set at 1500, no connection. Set to 1473, full connection (store was up and running, friends list OK, online gaming accessible with no perceived extra lag). Set back to 1500, no connection (not a sausage). I know nothing about what MTU is or does, I only know it has worked for me.
  17. http://instore.game.co.uk/festive-opening-times/ Though not as obvious as it should have been.
  18. I still try to get on as much as possible, perhaps an hour a day in the week and a little more over the weekend. Always up for playing MUK, though my PSN user name is Ferryman. What's the story with mics/headsets? Do many of you use them and if so do you use them all the time or just when you've organised to play with friends?
  19. That's pretty awesome! What attachments were you running?
  20. What rocket launcher does anyone recommend when running the engineer class?
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