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  1. Actually, yeah. Why didn't I think of that? Can't bear the thought of being away from the island.
  2. I've started to experience drift in the left stick on my lite. Is the contact spray quick fix recommended for the lite? A Google search says that it is, but it's usually an addendum to old regular joycon solutions. Has anyone actually tried it here? Many thanks.
  3. Oh, and Isabelle isn't taking any fireworks custom designs off me now, so if you want yours displayed on your island, submit them to her before 7 pm.
  4. It's 19:30, the gates are open if you want to see some fireworks. I've made some custom designs to varying success. There's an elevated area to the right of the plaza. Enjoy!
  5. I've dropped the king Tut's mask in my dream if anyone would like to try it out. A few other items too.
  6. Graham's crafting a gold screen wall
  7. Open to friends, it's 20:45. Celeste is here. Help yourself to anything.
  8. DA-8078-7802-7982 I have updated my 'dream' island and have dropped some tools to the right of the plaza. See if you can use them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I visited Banshee @SteveH, got the fake academic, thanks. Only the fake ancient remains.
  9. Oh really? I tried it on a hammock placed outside, but it didn't work. Maybe it has to be inside or any 'proper' bed?
  10. You input the code after sleeping on Luna's bed (that she gifts you). It's like visiting a friend just to look at their island. You can't buy anything or use any tools. You can pick stuff up, but you can't bring anything back to your island except custom designs.
  11. Not sure I get it yet, but my dream address is: DA-8078-7802-7982 Nice dreams only.
  12. I'm open, afk. Redd's here (again!) with 2 fakes left: quaint painting and ancient statue. Marina's leaving if you'd like to woo her. There's a walnut grand piano and a podium in Nook's. Help yourself to any DIYs
  13. I'm open to friends. It's 19:30 Turnips are 136 Redd's here with 3 remaining fake paintings: Mona Lisa, woman with ermine, the hunters in the snow.
  14. I have 136, but won't be at my switch for another hour or so. Surely someone can beat that in the meantime.
  15. This is how you WFH all afternoon.
  16. I'm open from now. Saharah is here, Celeste is here. Lots of shooting stars. Diva is moving out, she'd love a fabulous island to move to. It's 21:30, help yourself to anything. Bester. 6315-7839-7295
  17. My gates are open as Celeste is here-last seen NE of the island. No stars, though. Shops are already shut. BTW, I have also only had one colour surfboard and fan (both green) at Nook's since they started selling it. A friend, too. Are our shops broken?
  18. Cheers! I've secreted them away. I should've mentioned it was walking stick bug time, too. Never mind.
  19. My gates are open to friends. Will leave them open, afk. Redd's here with a fake mystic and warrior statue remaining. Puck's crafting a dark rose wreath. Help yourself to the shops and any DIY off the ground, enjoy the swimming.
  20. Oh, ok. On an unrelated note- I've just gone and bastard sold a DIY from Pascal, and I don't even know what it was. I hope he starts giving out repeats.
  21. On the conversations after the update: Now you don't have to win a game to invite an animal from the campsite. They just agree to move in or not randomly. Who they choose to kick out is the same as before, however.
  22. Talking to Saharah is easier after the update. You don't have to re-start the conversation after each purchase.
  23. I'll take one! Thanks @StumpyJohn
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