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  1. Oh, ok. On an unrelated note- I've just gone and bastard sold a DIY from Pascal, and I don't even know what it was. I hope he starts giving out repeats.
  2. On the conversations after the update: Now you don't have to win a game to invite an animal from the campsite. They just agree to move in or not randomly. Who they choose to kick out is the same as before, however.
  3. Talking to Saharah is easier after the update. You don't have to re-start the conversation after each purchase.
  4. Here I go! Shame it's pissing down.
  5. Or you can buy one at Nook's Cranny and swim today! @TehStu Edit: oh wait, you're in the US, right? If someone from Asia or Europe sends you a wetsuit, you can swim now.
  6. After you catch a few of the the big insects off trees, check out the big tree in the museum.
  7. Open. Fake Jolly at Redds. Celeste is here wandering around the shops to the west, but no heavy star showers. Check the place out.
  8. Is anyone interested in a fake painting? Redd finally came after a month and they're ALL fake! Not only that- 3 out of the 4 are repeats. Amazing, Solemn and Jolly paintings are available. Let me know and I'll open up.
  9. If you ever find yourself stuck in the bush without any grub, you can always eat these mouthwatering termites.
  10. Not much. But I can't remember exactly. 2 or 3 extra points if your total no. of bugs is over 5 ( for 2 players) per round, I think.
  11. I'm open now for some bug hunting if you're so inclined
  12. Bug off has started! (9am to 6pm) Very similar to the fishing tourney. So far I've been getting a gift (randomly from a pool I imagine) every 10 points. I'm sure the number of bugs in the open is reduced during the 3 mins. The most I've managed so far is 8. I've had a friend over from the Americas and you get a team bonus, but most importantly- it's free!, unlike by yourself when each round costs 500b (We played 4 rounds - Flick didn't ask for cash and there was no cash depletion sound) In the fishing tourney, did you have to save hundreds of points for a big prize? Were the points you redeemed accounted for? Happy hunting!
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