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  1. Thanks all. I'm not based in the UK and wanted to send something back to the family as I won't be able to make it. Fortnum and Mason's were the first to come to mind, but they seemed a bit paltry for the price. I've gone down a bit of a rabbit hole. I'm looking for something with more local produce and have come up with these: https://www.britishfinefoods.com/christmas/christmas-hampers https://www.finescottishhampers.com/haggis-hampers/ https://www.hampers.co.uk/price.html I feel a bit lost now.
  2. Hello, Do you have any recommendations for Xmas hampers I can order online to be delivered in the UK? Are they worth it? Ones I have googled seem to be a bit small for the price. Have I left it too late? Any advice appreciated
  3. It's coming to Netflix on Saturday in Japan. Not sure about worldwide.
  4. Tetmon

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    @Starbreaker Do it. 6667 9530 8213
  5. Tetmon

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    Gah! Here's mine again: 6667 9530 8213
  6. Tetmon

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    @humdrumThe feeling's mutual. I'm glad to have tickled you. I enjoy receiving all your stuff too (that's a collective 'your'). It's far from humdrum. Ahahaha.
  7. Tetmon

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    @MikeBeaver @grindmouse Thanks for your head ups. I'm not fussed/it's too complicated for me to understand about the extra XP. You both have unopened gifts from me, so go ahead with your eggs whenever you're ready.
  8. Tetmon

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    That comes up as an invalid code. Even after knocking the first 0 off.
  9. Tetmon

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    Um, I just caught a Pikachu wearing a Santa's hat in the wild. Is something messed up, or did I miss a memo? EDIT: apparently I did miss the memo; different hat every day.
  10. Tetmon

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    I haven't completed any of the tasks in the quest yet and there was a small crowd of people near the stop I went to. Maybe your wife's hasn't been updated yet?
  11. Tetmon

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    Has anyone come across a dodgy stop yet? I saw one last night at about 11 at the local McDonalds, but wasn't able to get to it. What's the deal there?
  12. There are both. The post is more of a fun twist ( although pretty big) so I'd skip that if I had to.
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