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  1. Is there a thread? Couldn't find it. The new Chip 'n Dale movie is ... Roger Rabbit. It's not as good obviously, but it starts off promising. Some of the characters they have included are really surprising and funny. It loses its momentum somewhat, like a Where's Wally book.
  2. Quite essential I'd say, more than What If. It adds impact and motive. This whole film is a Wandavision spoiler.
  3. Liked this a lot. Bit cheesy, but hell, it's a comic book movie. Easy to spot Raimi direction and some scenes are straight out of the comics. Post credit scene was worth it
  4. For a brief moment it looked like they might
  5. What's with the sexy jazz saxophone music that plays when you show Prof. Laventon your research tasks data at camp?
  6. I haven't played a Pokémon since red/blue, apart from Go. The first couple of hours eases you in quite smoothly, there isn't so much story to bog you down, yet, and it's quite fun to play-I haven't become frustrated with catching/fighting. The graphics are a bit ropey, but functional and don't get in the way of the exploration of the hunting area. With what I have done so far, it really seems that I have only scratched the surface of something huge with not only catching, but also completing the numerous research tasks for each 'mon. Fun so far, that could change though.
  7. 2022012315452201-02CB906EA538A35643C1E1484C4B947D.mp4
  8. Right you are! And, I'll take that!
  9. Is anyone still in need of a Robust statue? I'll have a genuine one from tomorrow.
  10. Tet

    Nintendo Switch

    I can't find the online thread. They released Vermilion, Thunder force, Altered beast, Dynamite Headdy and ToeJam & Earl on the Megadrive in Japan today.
  11. https://youtu.be/Cql5SdouOc8 Can you see this in the UK? A choco ball TV ad.
  12. Can you get these at the European my Nintendo shop?
  13. @SteveH Would I!? Of course, thank you. I'll send it over later tonight . I'll also send a dead body, you'll thank me later.
  14. Look at my new yacht. Yeah! VID_20211108203938.mp4
  15. I'd love a yacht! Can send a pink mini car and/or steamroller in exchange.
  16. 2021110422171600-02CB906EA538A35643C1E1484C4B947D.mp4
  17. Can't get past . Losing the feeling in my thumbs and the will to live.
  18. They stole the music from Pacific Rim.
  19. Netflix Japan has all 4 seasons up to and including Golden Wind with English dubs if you're so inclined (subs are better to hear the original stand names imo) and the pretty boring Takashi Miike live action movie based on Diamond is unbreakable- How? So I daresay it's only a matter of time until they release them all in other territories
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