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  1. Redd's here too. Fake famous Real wistful and
  2. Also: there's a new item in seasonal for nature day. I got the cool globe today- don't know if there are variations.
  3. Sent! Here's my needs list: Paintings: Warm Graceful Scenic Nice Statues: Motherly Robust Gallant Tremendous Great If you don't have anything on this list, no worries.
  4. @StumpyJohn are you still looking for a wild right? Peewee gifted me one today, after I got one from Redd yesterday :/
  5. Redd's here with a real scary painting and informative statue. And a fake rock head. Any interest? Edit: and Celeste is here! -Trapped on the side of the NE hill. Open all night.
  6. Celeste is here. I'll keep the gates open overnight. Trapped her in the NE beach. It's 12:15 am Visit Rilla at the campsite!
  7. I got lucky. Bic Camera limited sales to 3 packs per customer. I got 5 out of the 6 cards from 3 packs- all except Chai (I think) the teapot elephant. Let me know if you want anything.
  8. My arts needs: Paintings: Warm Graceful Scenic Nice Wild Right Half Statues: Motherly Robust Gallant Tremendous Great I'll have a real quaint tomorrow if anyone wants it.
  9. Gah! I'd like the fake rock head, but I'm stuck at work. Can you open later!? E.g. 3hrs later?
  10. Open for Celeste! Trapped her in the North East.
  11. I think I have logged in every day. Do we get a special prize?
  12. I'll take the fake beautiful, beautiful. Thanks!
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