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  1. It's just gone 8pm here, I have a heavy meteor shower which was announced this morning. Celeste is nowhere to be seen! Does she sometimes not come for this event? Gates open for a couple of hours. Let me know if you see Celeste.
  2. Have also posted in the turnip exchange thread Turnips: 455 Dodo code: N335S
  3. Hello campers! It's early in the week, but my Nook's turnip price is 455- not too shabby. I'll leave it open on a Dodo code for as long as I can, I'll be afk mostly. Please bear in mind I'm 8hrs ahead. It's just gone 15:00 here. Tips not necessary, help yourself to recipes. Follow the arrows to Nook's, but feel free to wander around. I don't think there'll be a mad rush. Dodo code: N335S
  4. I'd say that's a good price. The buy prices range from 90 to 120, but as the selling price could potentially be 5 times that amount, the buying price doesn't matter too much.
  5. Good news everyone! My gates are open,afk. Redd is here with a (always) real moody painting and fake serene and scary paintings. Puck is leaving if you'd like to chat him up. There's a myriad of DIYs up for grabs and help yourself to anything at Nook's, (only 30mins left). Take a look around Tet from Bester. SW 6315-7839-7295
  6. K.K. is here today (Mon). So you can forget about a visit from Redd.
  7. Same here. Did they change the criteria with the summer update?
  8. If anyone has a spare crest doorplate DIY, I can take it off your hands . Let me know if your after something.
  9. Gates are open to friends. I'm afk. Redd has a twinkling painting available, the van Gogh one. Saharah is here somewhere but the shops are shut. First come first served.
  10. Gah! I got onto your island and into Redds, @Daley, but it crashed just as I was looking. Sigh Next time.
  11. I wondered where the Mario and Luigi caps, that my islanders are now wearing, came from. It was one of you!
  12. Actually, yeah. Why didn't I think of that? Can't bear the thought of being away from the island.
  13. I've started to experience drift in the left stick on my lite. Is the contact spray quick fix recommended for the lite? A Google search says that it is, but it's usually an addendum to old regular joycon solutions. Has anyone actually tried it here? Many thanks.
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