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  1. They stole the music from Pacific Rim.
  2. Netflix Japan has all 4 seasons up to and including Golden Wind with English dubs if you're so inclined (subs are better to hear the original stand names imo) and the pretty boring Takashi Miike live action movie based on Diamond is unbreakable- How? So I daresay it's only a matter of time until they release them all in other territories
  3. It's in my shop today, so I'll wait for delivery tomorrow. Thanks anyway
  4. If anyone has a red one, send it this way! (Please) Mine's brown.
  5. Gasp! Smurf hat in the seasonal goods. Repeat: SMURF HAT IN THE SEASONAL GOODS!
  6. Could this be... (Wild speculation after ep.4)
  7. You're TOO kind! The next one is absolutely yours.
  8. I need: Statues: Motherly Robust Gallant Great To complete my collection. I also have a bunch of real paintings if anyone needs. Many thanks!
  9. This was not announced in Japan, nor does it have a release date here. Why, damnit!?
  10. I wonder if it made that exaggerated *Slap*/*Krak* sound like in the Indiana Jones films.
  11. It's on he inside. You can move the camera to just see it.
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