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  1. Today's episode felt a bit like Andor. Just me?
  2. What the force be, what, grit now?
  3. There are certainly some egg corns to be heard during battle in this game. "DOG SLASH!" "AIR BAGS!"
  4. So it does! Didn't notice. Darn. And yes, it is dubbed over the English.
  5. I checked and there wasn't an option for Comanche (I'm watching D+ in Japan). Some sections were in the language and they weren't subtitled, but I don't think you need to know exactly what they're saying. You can guess from context.
  6. Great predator movie. The callback to was nicely done and I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't done a Predator marathon before watching this. I definitely would have paid cinema tickets for this
  7. The 3rd season has been out for a couple of weeks already on JP Disney+. Excellently crafted with more focus on thoughtful anecdotes this time. Few belly laughs, but when they come it's perfect.
  8. Probably intentional, but he's the spit of Robert Downey Jr. in both acting and looks. Marvel could save dollars on CGI hiring him for Tony Stark flashbacks. And that girl introduced in ep. 7 or maybe my 80s brain is getting soft.
  9. Is there a thread? Couldn't find it. The new Chip 'n Dale movie is ... Roger Rabbit. It's not as good obviously, but it starts off promising. Some of the characters they have included are really surprising and funny. It loses its momentum somewhat, like a Where's Wally book.
  10. Quite essential I'd say, more than What If. It adds impact and motive. This whole film is a Wandavision spoiler.
  11. Liked this a lot. Bit cheesy, but hell, it's a comic book movie. Easy to spot Raimi direction and some scenes are straight out of the comics. Post credit scene was worth it
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