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  1. Does anyone still do turnips? Nooks are buying for 541. It's 3pm here. I'll leave it open until closing time. Dodo code: 43Y0F
  2. I have Redd with a flowery painting and fake basic and amazing paintings. Open to friends.
  3. Golden dishes please @Daley! I have: Infused water dispenser Zen style stone Western style stone Golden casket Wooden block stool Wooden table mirror Pile of leaves Lily wreath Doghouse Mountain standee
  4. Ironwood DIY table please, @StumpyJohn
  5. A bit old, but new to me. Scan artworks to your island. https://www.metmuseum.org/blogs/collection-insights/2020/animal-crossing-new-horizons-qr-code
  6. The outdoor tables and benches can be customised to look plain wood or using a custom pattern. Thanks to whoever left gifts of floor lights, drum kits, spooky tables, key holders and pumpkins last night I love how the colour of the leaves change gradually day-by-day.
  7. I too have heavy shooting stars from now and Celeste is here. Help yourself to anything. Gates open to all friends. Celeste was to the west last I saw. I'll be mostly afk.
  8. Oh drumsticks, @Mr Do 71. Guess I missed you.
  9. After updating, I had Kicks visiting with impish wings on sale.
  10. Morning! I have Graham. I'll let you know when he's leaving.
  11. I've opened, will keep the gates open all night. Celeste is here. Help yourself to anything.
  12. It's just gone 8pm here, I have a heavy meteor shower which was announced this morning. Celeste is nowhere to be seen! Does she sometimes not come for this event? Gates open for a couple of hours. Let me know if you see Celeste.
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