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  1. And don't forget, CDPR only made one big budget open world game before this and the word "big budget" doesn't come close to what that means with R* in terms of resource and people.
  2. Now that calisto lollacall ended up being what it was, looking forward to this
  3. Done at 49 hours with all the side quest content (that I know of done) including any secret/end game bosses. Give them shit for not being original and linear, but man, Sony and Santa Monica sure know how to send you down a well acted/directed adventure with some pretty decent combat and basic puzzles set in while also looking stunning. I can't give them awards for innovative game design as its just built on the arena based template of 2018 but they maxed out every part of that template. Good shit Sonyz. Good shit.
  4. Volume scroller Yep big fan. Love the low profile of it and it oozes quality
  5. It was always great on PC, just great on next gen consoles now too I believe and stuPENdous on PC
  6. It's the modern online freakout community. Do you remember other hardware that was overheating but everyone just got on with it and kept getting new ones? The failure rate here is about 0.5% but you would have thought every card was affected from the lunacy on reddit. The red ring overheating fiasco was over 50%
  7. Funny thing was it was probably morons like Jayz2cents who probably caused some of the literal damage. Even before launch he was freaking everyone out about bending the adaptor (which did not end up being a cause of failure) which meant some people were probably so delicate plugging it in that it didn't go in all the way. The freakout and hyperbole about damage is probably the cause of the user error damage.
  8. As you've seen from the follow up video, this affected about 50 reported cases worldwide from sales over 150k plus I think and was primarily user error. Keep the cable plugged in all the way and you're good.
  9. Sonys whole system is a mess. I've found the web store is the best source to clarify what is on there if any doubt (keeping in mind you might need to scroll down the page with multiple edition games like Ghost of T)
  10. I wouldn't trust that list. It's obviously the launch list which they don't fucking bother updating. Me saying "not on there" means on the service. Each store page accurately shows the current situation on the webstore. Even the fucked games that have like six different editions (like GoT Directors Cut) show you all the editions when you scroll down the page to confirm its on the service
  11. LOL the 4080 FE is still showing as in stock on the nvidia web store I've not seen that for any card launch week in recent history. Even now the 4090 FE is rare as fuck.
  12. Me not logged in to the web store, seems to clearly show what is on plus and what tier as well as purchase price outside of that? The console UI around it is rubbish though
  13. RDR2 is not on there, it left a while ago so what you are seeing is accurate https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2022/09/reminder-red-dead-redemption-2-is-removed-from-ps-plus-extra-tomorrow
  14. Yes, the 4080 has pretty low power draw and over engineered cooling so would work in a SFF case
  15. I think outside of a 4k 120hz plus screen (or equiv res heavy ultra wide like those 49 inch ones) there is no viable 4090 use. 3080 is plenty for 1440p 4080 reviews aren't surprising. Good card. Shit price. It's so within spitting distance of the 90 price wise it's made itself irrelevant
  16. The one exception to this is Humble Choice. You get steam keys (95 percent of the time) every month you get to keep forever unless the console sub services. At the moment they have a deal for a 12 month package for £77 which works out to less than £6.50 a month for 8 game keys many of which will be playable on deck
  17. Gamepass at full price is good value. Its not good value for me though beyond the discounted rate. I don't use it enough to justify it but since its so cheap I don't mind having a sub to pick up the odd game on there. Like others at full price I have no reason for an ongoing sub and would only subscribe when a big game came out I wanted to blitz through in a month.
  18. So I held off buying MW2 this year on the assumption that when the MS-Activision deal finally goes through sometime next year, that it would be added to gamepass. However, looks like because of an existing contract/deal with Sony, even if the buyout goes through, looks like COD games won't be added for a while? So basically should be safe to buy the game and avoid the game pass curse of "I just bought this and now its on gamepass jpeg"
  19. Yep, if you already have gamepass though I can see why it is a lot less appealing.
  20. Yes but the overwhelming feeling even from enthusiasts who will buy the 4090 is that the 80 is a dumb product. No one fits the description of complaining about the 4080 but intending to buy it anyway. It's £1200-£1500 for 4080 cards in the UK. If you're spending that much, you're buying a 4090. If you're not, you're not buying it as its priced out of the budget of that market. AMD just made it even dumber as a bonus while making the 4090 no less desirable. And obviously you saw what happened with the 12GB. Nvidia will send the 4080 out as a card that desperate people who want a 4090 but can't get hold of one (not that many) as an interim card. Which is a niche of a niche market. Then they will drop the price at some point to actually sell the thing and not just drive all sales to the 4090 but certainly there is no one that I can see who wants the 80 let alone buying one.
  21. I think it's the ones who aren't buying them who are complaining! To me the 4090 is great value as a halo product I wouldn't buy the 80. Its a dud.
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