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  1. Aside from the graphics why are people hyped about this? Isn't the main dev someome who made licensed kids games? For such a huge franchise no one notable is making it
  2. Could I have Blackwell Epiphany plssss
  3. I'm just going to get EA play pro for a month for £15 and finish it that way Big brain move
  4. I've had zero buyers remorse with the 4090 despite the insane price. It's nice to not have to worry about settings.
  5. The Witcher 3 is a totally different beast really. The open world feels flat and with far more barren but traditional design of having the obvious points of interest and then smaller city hubs. Cyberpunk to be is far more absorbing and immersive as a single city entity with a desert attached around it with vertical layering, platforming, movement versatility, density etc that just can't be matched with the more trad open world of W3. What excels W3 as worth it is the characters and some of the quest writing which is really immersive.
  6. NordVPN always got me there safe
  7. Just finished Ragnarok and Plague Tale Reqium, so: FFVII Crisis Core Reunion and Witcher 3 next gen
  8. It's a pretty huge difference if you look side by side. The brain has a way to make things look more like your recent experience than your previous and imprints that so you can be assured the OG portal looks pretty damn basic if you load it up. The things I really love aside from the lighting, reflections and updated textures is things like the translucency and glow of light under things like the buttons you put the cube on. Yummy yummy yummy
  9. Also Portal RTX is out and I have the overpriced stupid hardware to run it yay!
  10. No need to wait! It's dropped to 85p https://store.steampowered.com/app/400/Portal/
  11. It specifically says call of duty titles. I doubt Sony would place an agreement in place for years that would become outdated that same winter and which wouldn't even be relevant now. The restriciton will end at whatever date or condition was stipulated in the contract
  12. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/call-of-duty-wont-be-seen-on-game-pass-for-a-number-of-years-report/1100-6508411/ Prior contract in place prevents it. No COD on gamepass for "years" which means going forward
  13. Its not on gamepass and won't be for a while even after the acquisition goes through. A previous agreement in place has stopped that for at least a few years so there will be no COD on gamepass for the foreseeable future. Also Gabe Newell says "thanks but no thanks MS" to trying to give steam special rights:
  14. This is it, path tracing apparently requires a lot of VRAM. The 10gb cards are finally gonna get bitten in the arse at 4k with higher demanding games and likely anything that is built with RTX remix at higher res
  15. Sony must be livid that the wii u version of black ops 2 is being ported to the switch
  16. YOU are the reason games are not 50p these days! YOU (me too, £70 for a game where you couldn't see two feet ahead of you FFS)
  17. Those lads are funny. U sony Bois means my xbox games cost more now waahhhhh! Same individual : (has game pass or buys the games from xbox Argentina or something)
  18. I know they're not really a fair comparison as they set out to diff things. I'm just amazed that between Cyberpunk and Witcher 3, how CDPR pulled off both given their lack of previous AAA game experience. I mean Witcher 2 was good and all but nowhere near the same in scope and ambition.
  19. Some slight side gig spoilers but wtf lol, the third one in particular I never imagined would be possible. You certainly couldn't be that dynamic in a R* game! I guess if you were arthur morgan you could fumble over slowly and turn to your target at a rate of about 2 cm a sec
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