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  1. Thanks, I'll give them a miss! Shame
  2. It is a gold standard remake. As for how scary it is, I'd say maybe 5-6/10 (my benchmark is something like PT being fking scary). You feel suitably geared up to take whatever shows up in the dark so the dread is never that much of an issue. Has the odd jump scare.
  3. @Sane @SteveH Thanks for your posts about the portal headset. I've been tempted as it is down to £188 on amazon but one thing has held me back everytime. I want to primarily use it on PC as I don't have an xbox but I do have the latest xbox wireless adaptor to use controllers on my PC which this can connect to. But all over reddit I'm reading this causes disconnects and dropouts. There is a PC/PS version they made but that's near £400 Do either of you use it on PC and if so whats your experience? I'll give it a miss probably if they can't make a £449 headset work correctly beyond a single platform
  4. You can order custom cables from cablemod that will use the nvidia connection if you want something more aesthetically pleasing. But its prob 40-50 quid you could spend on games so I'd ignore it or find a way to route it underneath your gpu although space is tight You don't need to overclock anything. Just play and enjoy.
  5. It's completely fine. Anyone upset with it is blowing it out of proportion
  6. Stalker 2 and Atomic Heart are coming? As well as that new bioshock game that isn't bioshock?
  7. Yeah the HDR is excellent. The contrast between the darkness and all the lights is fantastic. A showcase for good HDR, esp on PC!
  8. Like I said in the nvidia thread, sure its an eye watering amount of money up front but nvidia cards hold value pretty well and each gen is 2 years. So EVEN if I sold the 4090 for half what I paid for after two years to upgrade to the 5090 or whatever, thats £35 a month to have the best graphical and gaming experience available for consumers on all of planet earth. Think about that. £35 a month to have the best in the whole world. I never even run msi afterburner to check what my FPS is anymore. I just hit settings to max and play. A pc gamer that doesn't do settings. That's me man. That's me. That's fucking cheap for all that.
  9. Probably not ones to base any sensible benchmark on 12600kf 32gb 3200 DDR4 RTX 4090 Playing on a 4k 120hz screen
  10. This is lovely on PC. Maxed out looks beautiful and runs like butter pretty much. Turned off DLSS because who needs it lel
  11. I'm the biggest cheerleader of the deck, but its a niche product. It's only sold in the low millions (obviously stock was an issue first few months). The mainstream console buyers dgaf its for fucking nerds like you dummies
  12. Its not released on PC via EA Play until 4pm today Even then, I don't even know how to run non steam games on my deck as I've never bothered. I'll be playing it on my 4090 maxed out thank you very much sir
  13. @Strafe There might finally be light at the end of the stick drift tunnel https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2023/01/26/gulikit-will-make-dualsense-edge-hall-effect-analogue-stick-modules/ If this happens and they're good, it might be worth the cost. My Elite 2 left stick is kaput. I'm sick of dis shit.
  14. Apparently its pretty good. Has DLSS etc and lets you preload shaders. I'll know myself at midnight!
  15. Someone is a bit insecure about their small battery!
  16. Eh, steam and other pc stores are definitely better but for almost free and the majority of the games working fine, its good enough for given the cost Its the odd games like the ascent which had broken RTX and the examples above, but for the most part the versions on there are completely on par in core perf
  17. https://www.psu.com/news/ps5-dualsense-latency-test-suggests-no-difference-between-using-it-wired-or-wireless/
  18. Just sign up to EA Play Pro for a month for £15 and play it on launch day
  19. Clearly they fired anyone who would have made this interesting
  20. I wonder how many of these people don't work there anymore
  21. Xbox is pointless due to gamepass on pc PS5 for exclusives but thats becoming less of an issue with games being ported over
  22. I mean the shape of the bump mapping on the inner arch rather than the shape of the arch itself
  23. You can already get controllers with better stick tech for 70 dollars!
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