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  1. 2016 I appreciate some people may love the simplicity - but I love the additional speed, brutality and combat options of Eternal
  2. Went back to 2016 after finishing this. Nope. Big nope. Feels primitive.
  3. Uzi

    Epic Games Store

    If you have any passion for ancient egypt yes - it is amazing to experience. Just try to limit yourself to the optional collectible/tick box stuff - stick to side quests and main quests and it is good.
  4. Uzi

    Epic Games Store

    Tetris Effect for £12 ish with the voucher worth it? I have an Oculus too
  5. Those smoke and mirrors take a lot of work. That is not me that is devs saying it. Freeing up that work time means more time invested in the rest of the game. Its that simple.
  6. As much as I am dying for the game too(base. Com said their copies are delayed) this would be really irresponsible. Don't do it - people shouldn't be public safety at risk for s fucking video game. And you could be prosecuted by the police for more than a digital copy would cost.
  7. The last third is where I felt like I had finally understood all the weapons upgrades mechanics and enemy patterns that it was when everything came together and cranked it up to an actual 11.
  8. This is a great summing up. I finished it this morning on HMP (on PC pad because I wanted to play on my OLED) and the last few times I've played it my hands were fucking CLAMMY - it was that intense. It really is about resource and space management much more than dumb shooting which is what I think is throwing people off. This Doom needs brains as much as a trigger finger.
  9. With overclock - but will try the middle res It seemed sharper but yesterday just did a quick dirty test to try the framerate
  10. I have the latest nvidia driver and 2080ti and at dlss 1440p it was still hanging around the 40-45ish fps mark which is what I was getting months ago. Am I missing something?
  11. Guys the consoles may not even launch this year. Virtual E3 time hasn't hit. Chill the fuck out you'll see games and more stuff from both camps later on.
  12. It can clock up or down (like a pc) so when playing media it should be doing fuck all and need barely any cooling.
  13. Well that was a damp squid. Fast (even game changing) storage and 3D audio (something you need to hear yourself to give a shit about) just aren't that exciting. On paper and pure hardware wise the Series X is the superior purchase given the much stronger BC capability and of course game pass. I won't be buying myself one as I own a beefed up Series X than also runs Windows and also has PC Game Pass paid up until 2022 but if I had to buy a console end of year - seems at this point it is decided if you're not price sensitive.
  14. Non standard resolutions have nothing to do with 4k as a standard. The above is a truly "wut" post
  15. All the OLED's are 4 or 8k. 1080p is dead - ease of unscaling to 4k doesn't mean 1080p broadcast or streaming content is dead but as a mainstream display resolution it is. There also isn't screen burning on current model panels unless you actually abuse the screen. You can't just play a game for a few hours and have the screen burn.
  16. £499 for this level of hardware would be very cheap and I would be surprised at less than £549. Lower than £500 ain't happening I think. Won't stay that high for long though - the One X dropped fairly quickly didn't it? In the sense you could pick one up for £349 or less within a year or so
  17. Good. Now I can play FFVII and all the other crazy march and April games and cyberpunk can arrive even more awesome
  18. Uzi

    Xbox Game Pass

    You don't need xbox hardware as ultimate game pass gets you access to all the pc games too. I use it exclusively for pc atm
  19. Uzi

    Xbox Game Pass

    Bloody hell a plague tale already? Gold bless game pass
  20. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2014/8/5/5970787/wii-u-nintendo-bad-name
  21. I don't know why this point is being argued when it happened with the Wii U. Clear product identity is crucial in retail
  22. Does it matter if a company isn't part of another companys trade show? The end effect is they get a big stage and stream stuff to you - I guess some companies want to do that on their own terms rather than what tradition set out years ago. Nintendo broke it a while ago by ditching the live show and its working for them so I don't see why a company can't move their live show to another part of the year? If MS left and did the same I wouldn't see the controversy either - the only people who lose out from this are presumably the ESA? In the age of the internet and live streaming you don't need every console giant under one roof swinging their dicks out - just tune in when they have their shows and it'll save you staying up till 3am watching the Bethesda BS conference too!
  23. Bloodborne came out in March 2015? PS4 launched Nov 13
  24. https://www.gamesradar.com/ps5-reported-to-have-next-gen-exclusives-after-microsoft-announces-cross-gen-plans-for-xbox-series-x/
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