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    Unless I'm going mad I'm sure an earlier version of this came out years ago as I remember playing it
  2. There. Out of my system. I grew up with this on the psone but part of that growing up means I can now conviently play this on the only modern console plugged into my TV without any other faff or emulating on my PC. Wahey!
  3. Just watch it on YouTube brah. I'm gonna play this thing
  4. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0101-CUSA13590_00-CASTLEVANIA00001 Somehow this completely passed me by. I thought the most modern way to play SOTN was on Vita or the 360 XBLA version! Anyway its on sale in case you knew but didn't buy it weirdo Is this version any good?
  5. None of that shit interests me though. Shallow mini game nonsense. By that logic Yakuza shits all over GTA - the mini games there are way more involved. On the DS you could buy the 52 games in one remember! The loop in Cyberpunk just hit it for me. On my bike going somewhere - one of my buddy fixers calling me up and me wondering "where will this job take me" and the moment it's done fucking Judy telling me to hit her up to help her change an empire/River telling me to investigate some family shit/Pam wanting to wham bam up a rival. Fuck yeah boi. Can stick a scuba flight school extreme sport jogging yoga nonsense up an arse all day - I want hundreds of hours of the above loop. GIVE ME INTERESTING MEAT - NO JUNK 4 ME
  6. The missions themselves are more than interesting enough. Just like outside of the missions and quests in the Witcher 3 I didn't enjoy anything else (other than Gwent duh). It's not like W3 combat or the horse traversal is grade A fun is it? I'm more mocking the comparison because its a dumb lazy one to make. It's like someone coming in and saying they prefer GTA to Fallout New Vegas. Well yeah no shit they couldn't be further apart aside from being open world but I know which would I would enjoy the missions and writing more in despite the jank. The completely missable side mission which is one out of 100 that I just described is burned in me more than any GTA mission I can think of.
  7. There are more interesting things to do in Cyberpunk than GTA
  8. Its an open world RPG. It's closer to Fallout with vehicles than GTA.
  9. That is all superficial shit though (imo). Additional mini games and crap to do is fine as window dressing, but what matters to me is the core of how the gameplay is framed to transform it. Me buying a coffee and then going cyber wanking or cyber painballing won't personally get me to connect to the world. I think shenmue was cool back in the day but going back to it now is a fucking borefest. I need NARRATIVE MEAT. I guess neither will go to place X and kill y. What cyberpunk does incredibly well at times is take that go to place x and kill y and frame it in a compelling way. One that sticks out to this day is where I had this fixer side mission to track down (and this is purely from memory from a game I played over 11 months ago) the production crew/people behind an underage/snuff braindance ring. It was the usual go to somewhere and sneak past and kill some guards but the writing around the pain of the guy who asked for the job (a father whose son was a victim of this) made me really invested in this so that when I found the father and son combo running this operation, I found it befitting to make the father feel the pain of the father who had hired the fixer. So his son got shotgunned in the torso and the father dropped to his knees in agony about the loss of his own flesh and blood which felt poetic and sad at the same time. The dirty environment with shady lighting and the equipment everywhere suddenly had this really sickening weight to it. That shit is why I enjoy games - make me invested in otherwise ho hum objectives. GIVE ME MORE MEAT CD PROJECT RED. MORE NARRATIVE MEAT.
  10. I suspect he means they have narrative around them rather than just the police ones with no story where you just clear out an area
  11. Funny I spent 100+ hours having a ball of a time in the world with nothing to do. Did you press start at the menu? It might have helped
  12. I was going to reply but my post hit 0 FPS like Skyrim on the PS3 did regularly
  13. Also may I present to you unplayable on half of the intended platforms! - people have short memories
  14. If Witcher 4 or their next game came out on a few years there might not be as many preorders but will still be a guranteed multi million dollar seller. The above should apply several times more for Bethesda as they've done a Cyberpunk 2077 multiple times in a row but I pretty much bet Starfield next Elder Scrolls games will sell just as well as their other games (bar the impact of game pass). People tend to have longer memories of games being poor as a game rather than technical issues and technical promises broken.
  15. The mustard and liquorice hideous power cables are just *chefs kiss* on top
  16. Jokes aside CEX are playing about £150 LESS in cash for the 3080ti FE vs the 3080. LOL.
  17. It is highly offensive - happy to swap it with my 3080 super sleek FE if you want
  18. Nice work - DLSS will make that 3060ti act like something much stronger than it is. You'll be able to run games at 1080p/1440p to essentially look like a much higher native res without any perceivable loss of quality
  19. Both because I am curious and to annoy those who get triggered by any mention of PC hardware - what specs did ya get
  20. PS5 and 3080 equipped PC with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate here using a Series 2 elite controller (so essentially an xbox series XXX). Pretty happy with both software wise and the PS5 hardware/pad is pretty lush!
  21. The combat and weapons here look pretty fun but fucking HELL the voice acting between cortana and chief from around 27 seconds in Incredible that they managed something that poor but pretty damn funny as a result YOU WERE RIGHT!
  22. I tried this out with fairly middling expectations given I haven't played much halo multiplayer seriously since Reach and the MCC. Tried it on PC and they've nailed it got to give them credit. It looks the best Halo has ever looked, ran smooth as better and made the controls and gunplay feel smooth, contemporary but still felt exactly like a Halo game should in 2021. Will definitely be playing with with buddies.
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