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  1. I have a Sony Atmos 7.1 soundbar (HTZ-1 or something I think) with rear speakers and it works fine as long as I use the lossless codec (LCPM in 5.1 or 7.1) - an update last August on LG OLED's enabled this) via E-ARC - so soundbar connected to TV and PC connected to TV I think this is due to E-ARC though - on normal ARC there may be issues
  2. My pc is plugged into a 34 inch ultra wide for work at a desk in the corner of the room and then using a 5M hdmi 2.1 cable to the oled tv. That's the beautiful thing about pc can do your own set up. Also after gaming with a 3080 on the C9 OLED the idea of gaming full time on a LCD monitor is *puke*. Yeah I'm a snob in that way. The screen is way more important than the flops or RT to me.
  3. For a first play through for those who weren't that into it - maybe the default
  4. People will spit on me but because I played it on the OLED - I used the pad. Might do a replay with mouse and keyboard but I feel like this is more of an action game than a straight up AIMZZZZZ and left right strafe shooter so it is actually pretty fucking fun with the pad Also it maxed out in 4k 120FPS with the amazing HDR is fucking so good
  5. They would rather that individual spent the extra hundreds on games and accessories than lining the pockets of scalpers
  6. That isn't how the law on GDPR works - unless there is an exemption for them to disclose data - if it falls under the definition of personal data as a data controller they cannot disclose it regardless of the weird fucked up circumstances I only saw my hackers name as the idiot had changed the profile to reflect this - there is no way Sony or any company could have told me on the phone
  7. Haha yeah. It seemed like a dumb kid so i am guessing my account was sold to him. The second time it happened I had 2FA on and it still got hacked which lead me to believe it was an exploit to do with the registered email on the account. Since I changed the email I've had zero issues. Sony support were pretty good both times and sorted me out without an issue. People have been trying to hack and buy my account since the PS3 days because i I have a three letter PSN name lol
  8. RTX 3060 - eh whatever lol ...comes with 12GB vram at 329 dollars *stares intensely at 10GB 3080*
  9. This will prob be to say "We can announce we have made 12 new RTX 3080's" "12 new models?" "No 12 new units"
  10. I had all legendary quickhacks but it kinda got boring getting rid of an entire base via a menu about 60 hours in so mainly went guns after that
  11. Gun stores and then you have the perk that sometimes upgrades a crafted item to a higher level. This means every few cheap common mods you craft will be upgraded and if you make enough you end up with epic mods
  12. Crafted a tonne of epic critical chance and critical damage mods - it means all of my shots were critical and its why I was doing 160k damage per pistol shot lol - thanks to crafting
  13. You can buy legendary components for about 1k each from junk/pawn stores and many others You can also craft legendary components from epic components You can craft epic components from rare You can craft rare from uncommon You can craft uncommon from common (you should have thousands of common/uncommon components from breaking stuff down) Basically the game throws zillions of bits of equipment so if you're regularly breaking down you should have no issue just crafting everything Personally I never needed to do the above since the game just s
  14. I managed to get one order preparing to dispatch but it would only ship to Germany not the UK - that was one in about seven or eight orders with amazon that moved beyond sitting there in limbo or being cancelled Yeah I used the telegram channel at the time for 3080 notifications - an alert came up and I hit buy using amazon payments on Scan - got a 3080 FE for £649 delivered from Scan. Their customer service was great too when I used the wrong email address and couldn't access the free codes that came with it
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