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  1. Uzi

    Gamer or lamer?

    I wonder how he feels about cex doing a magazine and his aspirations to write for EDGE
  2. G502 (G903 ordered) and Corsair K63 wireless and corsair lapboard to play in front of my TV
  3. Love Game Pass Ultimate - so weird a new big release like this will be free on PC too at launch
  4. Uzi

    Epic Games Store

    Oh yeah forgot to update my refund fiasco. So after epic approved my refund (twice) and not getting the money after two or so months they said it isn't their problem. I tweeted the egs store account and thst was ignored too so I complained directly to their payment merchant (xsola I think) and got the funds in a few days when I did that. That should have been epics job to figure that out but guess telling customers not to fuck off and fix their refund problem themselves is maybe a feature in a later update? Sincerely Rich entitled angry snobby pc gamer
  5. https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/311142-save-approx-60-on-gamepass-ultimate-for-3-years/
  6. I believe its expired. It was a scheme where you could convert your existing gold subscription to ultimate game pass for £1 so people were able to just buy three years worth of gold at approx 35 to 40 per year and then add it all and get 3 years of ultimate game pass for around 120 The link is in the bargains folder!
  7. Especially since most of us got 3 years of game pass for a stupid price recently
  8. How much does a single character cost? This will be Honda fighter v for me
  9. Omg. E Honda! After 3 years might finally reinstall this thing
  10. Uzi

    PlayStation Classic

    Bought one too purely to be a SOTN box
  11. Search your email for "shenmue 3 survey" and you should get the link to change the option
  12. Spent an hour today going from 99.60 to 100 percent and then quit without saving Ah well got the achievement
  13. Uzi

    Epic Games Store

    What the fuck are you talking about?
  14. Uzi

    Epic Games Store

    To be fair they disclose that buying from them rewards the cyberpunk devs best - Tim Sweeney specifically said Epic's lower cut should translate in time for better prices for customers.
  15. Uzi

    Epic Games Store

    5 days! And you got your money! Lucky! So far been ignored on twitter. Anyone got tim sweeney's email address?
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