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  1. Non standard resolutions have nothing to do with 4k as a standard. The above is a truly "wut" post
  2. All the OLED's are 4 or 8k. 1080p is dead - ease of unscaling to 4k doesn't mean 1080p broadcast or streaming content is dead but as a mainstream display resolution it is. There also isn't screen burning on current model panels unless you actually abuse the screen. You can't just play a game for a few hours and have the screen burn.
  3. £499 for this level of hardware would be very cheap and I would be surprised at less than £549. Lower than £500 ain't happening I think. Won't stay that high for long though - the One X dropped fairly quickly didn't it? In the sense you could pick one up for £349 or less within a year or so
  4. Good. Now I can play FFVII and all the other crazy march and April games and cyberpunk can arrive even more awesome
  5. Uzi

    Xbox Game Pass

    You don't need xbox hardware as ultimate game pass gets you access to all the pc games too. I use it exclusively for pc atm
  6. Uzi

    Xbox Game Pass

    Bloody hell a plague tale already? Gold bless game pass
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2014/8/5/5970787/wii-u-nintendo-bad-name
  8. I don't know why this point is being argued when it happened with the Wii U. Clear product identity is crucial in retail
  9. Does it matter if a company isn't part of another companys trade show? The end effect is they get a big stage and stream stuff to you - I guess some companies want to do that on their own terms rather than what tradition set out years ago. Nintendo broke it a while ago by ditching the live show and its working for them so I don't see why a company can't move their live show to another part of the year? If MS left and did the same I wouldn't see the controversy either - the only people who lose out from this are presumably the ESA? In the age of the internet and live streaming you don't need every console giant under one roof swinging their dicks out - just tune in when they have their shows and it'll save you staying up till 3am watching the Bethesda BS conference too!
  10. Bloodborne came out in March 2015? PS4 launched Nov 13
  11. https://www.gamesradar.com/ps5-reported-to-have-next-gen-exclusives-after-microsoft-announces-cross-gen-plans-for-xbox-series-x/
  12. PC game minimum specs only go back so far. But they do go back quite a bit and if you knock down a game to insanely low settings - they will look pretty horrible in some cases because the devs know the ultra low specs are likely a small use case - most of their userbase will likely fall somewhere in the middle between extremely low and high end hardware. Here is (likely an extreme) example with the Witcher 3 - do you think MS will allow the base xbox one version of a game to go out like this? PC minimum specs and what MS will allow will be two entirely different worlds But this is also the reason sometimes exclusive console games can beat PC visuals handily with equivalent hardware. The PS4 pro is nothing special for example - it has the GPU power of what... a GTX 970? But look at games like God of War running on it - it would be impossible for anything near a GTX 970 level system to run something that well and it likely is because the devs have a smaller set range of one CPU and two GPUS and that's it. I'm sure the wider that range goes the harder it gets to really focus on higher end effects because the gameplay and core visual experience needs to have a set foundation working between hardware from 2013 to seven years onwards and beyond. Like with everything in computing and development there is a compromise somewhere and that grows the wider that gap needs to be.
  13. Microsoft are unique in the fact that they're not xbox. They're currently xbox/PC - every exclusive of theirs is only console exclusive. It means I never need to buy their hardware but I'm still completely tied into their software ecosystem (got ultimate game pass until Nov 2022). I'd love it if Sony follow suit but I think to the japanese companies hardware and software is tied priorities for them
  14. Uzi

    Epic Games Store

    The logo is an identical match for the celeste mountain logo so hard to imagine it is anything else
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