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  1. We've seen both controllers and the system logos. Enough has been shown to define the entirety of the next generation goddamit
  2. Can't believe this isn't at 8pm - would have had the nation clapping as it started.
  3. Sorry skimmed last few pages - anyone know the current cheapest you can buy this for? Everywhere seems to be £48+
  4. To be fair unless you have a nvme PCIE Gen 4 top of the line SSD it may not be comparable and a lot of games speak to servers which adds additional wait in menus. Loading times when you initially start a game won't go away entirely but the overall wait and in game experience will be a huge huge improvement from current gen consoles.
  5. By the time the consoles are out cards like the 3080ti will prob be announced or out which will laugh at this post
  6. 4k - 60fps in high end games is possible with the type of power the Series X has to some level. Where it becomes muddy is 4K - 60fps AND ray tracing - will be interesting to see the computational cost of that. On the PC - techniques like DLSS prove how good games can look like on a 4K display without a native 4k image (just google DLSS 2.0 and Control) so native 4k as the default won't always be the smartest or most common choice.
  7. Any games that are cross gen will need to work on their lowest common form of hardware though - so Halo Infinite or A Creed will at its source need to be able to run on a Jaguar so the Jaguar still is a consideration until devs completely abandon this gen of consoles on their software
  8. Surely it would be up to the devs? I applaud MS's "any hardware" approach - in means I already have an xbox more powerful than the series X sitting here due to PC game pass and their incredible support for day one first party titles on PC. I won't buy a series X for the incredibly obvious reason I just gave but I'll be a permanent subscriber to game pass even beyond the 3 years I already have. MS are going for software and are building hardware options for many people - essentially the PC approach which is why they are supporting titles to go back to such a variance of hardware such as the og xbox one which is great dedication Sony going to focus purely on the single piece of hardware ie typical console gen I'm personally very happy there is this difference in approach - best of both worlds
  9. Uzi

    Xbox Series X

    I realise that but wanting to sign up people by selling them hardware at potentially a decent loss of cash per unit only seems sustainable to a degree - I thought MS were past loss leading hardware since the 360? Gamepass seems to sell itself it is such an amazing service (hence 3 years signed up here) that I don't think they need to lose significant sums of cash potentially just to get another sub with their hardware but I'm not armchair business exec! At least they don't need to pay for kinect this time around but last gen consoles had pretty big compromises in certain areas to hit the costs they did so I don't think we'll see a repeat of near those prices and the Pro/X were several years into the console life cycle.
  10. Uzi

    Xbox Series X

    I was hoping for a more nuanced answer (such as actual data/figures) but thanks - I'm sure financially all of these models and businesses offer identical costs and profit scenarios.
  11. Uzi

    Xbox Series X

    Is gamepass a big money maker then?
  12. Uzi

    Xbox Series X

    Did they sell any of the xbox one consoles at a loss? Unless loss leading is a strategy here I can't see the Series X at £450. Would be bargain of the century if it is - given last time both partners launched with shitty budget laptop CPUs and old dated hard drives for the time - this time those compromises don't seem to have been made.
  13. Uzi

    Xbox Series X

    Not about what people can afford but the costs of manufacturing and distribution given all the financial set backs elements like covid19 might likely be having. But the main point is that the One X was just a single component upgrade - the CPU and main hardware were the same was before. This is an entirely new high end system with a Ryzen 8 core 16 thread - NVME ssd of around 1tb - and gpu power equivalent of a RTX 2080 If launched later in the year I can't see how they get that over here for £450 inc VAT without losing a tonne of cash. It would be bargain of the century if it happened - i'd be shocked if the weaker (on paper) PS5 launched at that.
  14. Uzi

    Xbox Series X

    No fucking way would it release at 450. Far too cheap given the hardware and the likely state of the global economy.
  15. It's fine I'm sure there will be better over the horizon and people will finally begin to use the gears in the minds to come up with better discourse.
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