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  1. Yes I just found that too - very useful. IMDB is great.
  2. I'm making a list - thanks so far - they are all movies I've been meaning to watch, but never have... cool. Touch of Zen sounds wicked. To the shops next week I think...
  3. Good one - been meaning to see that for years....
  4. I've just started learning Mandarin for some reason or other. So now I would like to get some Mandarin films to watch to, erm, help me learn.... yeah right. Now apart from Crouching Tiger, what else is there that's any good that can be bought these days. All these old 70s kung fu movies are a bit tricky to get hold off as far as I can see.
  5. Crash Team Racing (PS1) or Crash Nitro Kart (PS2)?
  6. I did hang on for a while, hoping something decent would come along and the hardware problems would disappear, but I eventually just got fed up with it all, especially when even the links from the emails to the response surveys didn't work. Sometimes I filled in the surveys and they wouldn't submit so the the next day I'd get another email reminding me to fill it in again etc. Wholly useless.
  7. I think Sony will just sign up someone else, otherwise I would forward stuff to someone. Seriously though, it's a soul destroying waste of time. Might use all the wireless networking stuff I got for it to play some Xbox live MotoGP or something....
  8. This is what I wrote. Anyone agree with me on this?: Hello, Could you please let me know how I can give up my place on the beta trial? I am currently unable to dedicate what I feel to be a worthwhile amount of time to testing PS2 network gaming and I believe someone else will benefit more from this opportunity than I can at the moment. As a final piece of feedback, which I hope will be taken as constructive criticism, I would like to add that, in my opinion, the network games that I have been offered and played so far have been largely uninspiring and most definitely not worthy of any extended periods of my limited free time. SOCOM II looked to have the most potential, but SOCOM I was fairly disappointing whilst Hardware, Warhammer and Destruction Derby Arena were, I feel, seriously disappointing games for a new piece of add-on technology, such as the PS2 network component is. Where is the killer app? Anyway thank you for my inclusion in the trial up until this point and I wish you good luck for the future.
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