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  1. Thanks @PKI haven't made it in a while but i have all the ingredients for it so maybe this weekend il whizz up a batch. I looked at this and thought maybe a spinach and ricotta cannelloni with some of the potatoes roasted alongside the aubergine and courgette. vegetable lasagne with cubed potatoes uses the onion, garlic, aubergine, courgette and maybe the spinach. You can make a batch of the sauce and freeze it so you only have to build the lasagne next time too. Serve it with a side salad and you've used most of the ingredients listed above.
  2. My son finished the main story earlier today after about 30 hours playtime. Really enjoyed seeing more of the gang and was a little emotional towards the end. Very much Zelda's legend. Certainly not to the level of the dlc ending of BOTW but then I think that was somewhat elevated by the huge amount of time spent enjoying the world. He's definitely going to be a musou fan after this though. I'm surprised the pro controller is still intact. If anything I think he's fixed the drift on the stick. Can't wait til BOTW 2!
  3. You really should buy it. It's tremendous. The story doesn't quite match that of botw but it's still good. Might the time travelling egg changes the course of history or something like that.
  4. @Dig Dug to be honest. I think the frame rate has been fine. I've been watching my son all weekend and not really noticed any huge dips. Nothing looks as rough as that bit in Korok forest in botw anyway. If anything I've been amazed at the amount of things going on all at once and the frame rate not chugging. I'm enjoying the story too and glad that I'm getting to know more about the calamity's arrival, seeing hyrule as it was. Neither me nor my son have played any mosou type games before but I think this one really is enhanced by using the botw story, world and art style. It's just so fully formed and really pulls you in.
  5. That's rough for you. Our copy arrived from shopto yesterday thankfully. My son would have been raging. So far he's enjoying it and the story is coming along nicely too.
  6. Mind blown! My 8 year old son has just beaten the final trial of the sword. An incredible hour of gaming. Impressed isn't even the word. Yoy really are right @Marlew. It just feels so right when played. Obviously why between us we've played for over 700 hours and still playing 3 and a half years later even with a ton of other games to play with. It's still just so incredible.
  7. My son's currently playing this through for a third time and still discovering some incredible things. He's just beat thunderblight Ganon and I didn't realise you could flurry rush even that. I think my favourite thing he flurry rushed was a hinox with a tree as a weapon. It's still the best game.
  8. @Gotters are you still doing this? Do you have any new recipes? @bobontheway we have just moved premises at work and our MD has had a full kitchen built into the office. Only downside is that only he is allowed to use the kitchen... the idiot proceeded to deep fry hash browns in a pan full of oil. Only went and set the fire alarm off and smoked out the office. I mean, who deep fries food in an open plan office?
  9. Just finished Gris. What a wonderful game. I previously played Celeste which too was incredible. Are there any other platformer type games that will satisfy me in the same way? Ignore the usual first party ninty stuff like Mario and donkey Kong though. I've rinsed them already.
  10. 5am music is the best. Just so uplifting and perfect for the beginning of a wonderful day.
  11. Little question regarding villagers leaving. I'm sure in previous AC games, if a villager decided they wanted to leave and you didnt happen to go on the game that day, then the next day they would be packed up and you'd have no say in them staying. Is this still the case in acnh? Do I have to check on any favourite islanders each day in case they decide to go? Or will they only leave if the thought bubble is above their heads and I explicitly say yes I am fine with them leaving?
  12. Nah, I struggled with Celeste big time with the pro controller d-pad. Pressing an incorrect direction is really easy unless you place your thumb in a very specific spot.
  13. Not sure whose island I've just been on but I've only gone a caught a coelacanth there. Finally!
  14. Think my Animal crossing has gone weird. Firstly, I keep getting loads of the same fish again and again. Usually horse mackerel over and over again. It'd be ok if it was sharks. I used to catch all kinds of fish in the sea. Now it's just mackerel and sea bass! Secondly, one of my villagers keeps sitting in a wheelchair all day, everyday. Then I've only had redd turn up once since his first visit and i check every day. Finally, one of my usually ace villagers, Bones, gave me a painting in a letter. A fake painting! Didn't even realize you could get paintings from villagers let alone fake ones. Has anyone else experienced madness like this?
  15. Gave away my artisanal bug cage to one of my villagers and got their photo. So, at least i got one positive from today. The bug cage looked like trash.
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