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  1. Reckon that might be quite tasty actually. I used to get a sausage casserole at work that was quite spicy almost curry like and it was great with chips. Sausages tend to work quite well in a liquid. I like the texture they seem to take on.
  2. Foxworth

    Nintendo Switch

    Think you're not trying hard enough tbh. I do not see all 26 letters of the alphabet represented here. Nintendo will not be happy.
  3. Foxworth

    Nintendo Switch

    Just bought a pro controller. How have I managed so long without it? So comfortable. The joycons are fine but this really is another level.
  4. Foxworth

    Nintendo Switch

    LA Noire is £12.99 in Argos. Currently in stock in my nearest store too so chances are it's relatively available elsewhere too.
  5. Foxworth

    Nintendo Switch

    Let me know within the next few days whether you enjoy it as someone who also hasn't played one of these games before. Using my gold points I can get it for £28. So on the edge of dipping in. I know delay played it lots with his child and my son loves fighting in Zelda so...
  6. Thanks everyone. Guess I'll have to pony up for both. Lucky for Nintendo I Iike them... Apparently more than my bank account.
  7. I know. Looking at possibly getting Xenoblade and Hyrule warriors but when will I play them? Theres smash coming next month and NSMBwiiuDX (catchy name!) in Jan and Pokemon's just come out so were fully into that at the mo. Im hoping the switch really starts picking up the pace in 2019 with the new releases after a relatively low key 2018, for first party stuff anyway. Anyway, should I buy either of these two whilst they are on offer? Remember, ladies and jelly spoons, I do have a six year old son who also plays these games with me so game time and choice is limited. Help me out.
  8. Ive had a nice couple of hundred quid bonus from work this month and looking to buy some of your storage essentials. What containers do you use @Gotters? Any other tips or purchases you think I should make to at least attempt to do what you do?
  9. Foxworth

    Nintendo Switch

    Certainly, although if he's anything like my kid it will help his reading fantastically. It's joyous hearing a little one bellow out "Ooh! You've never had energising glazed meat, have you dad?"
  10. Foxworth

    Nintendo Switch

    All depends on how much time they have been playing other games. My 6 year old loves Zelda, he's watched me for hundreds of hours and put in 100 himself, but it's not very hand holdy and some of the background detail shall I say might be a bit challenging. Donkey Kong might be an idea and NSMBWIIU is out early January too. Certainly Mario Kart though.
  11. Aye. It's glorious. I'm certainly much more skilled now so I'm looking forward to going through Bayo 1 again. Who knows when though as between three of us all wanting a go on various other games and The adult nature of the game means I can't play it with the child around. Still at least we have Bayo 3 to look forward to.
  12. Foxworth

    Nintendo Switch

    Just you wait. Once that wrapper opens suddenly it will be 200 hours later and you've still not seen the ending. So magical. You'll even be happy just watching others immerse themselves in Hyrule.
  13. Well I personally love this game. Its just the right side of rock hard and when you get that rhythm going like on 3-2 with all the everything going on around you as well... Well it's just brilliant! Then you get to the end of the level and you got all the puzzle pieces and kong letter. Get in!!! The new funky mode may be no use to us but its helped my 5 year old work slowly through world 1 and complete the boss. Which he would have no chance if he'd played it in normal mode I also like to play with motion control on with separate joycons and get into the default sat forward gaming position. This is not a game to be played leisurely.
  14. It's a challenging game that's for sure. I love the extra controls and when you get it spot on, it can be so fluid and smooth. The music is perfect too. I find it has a lot of depth for different skills. From beginners just completing the level is a joy and an achievement but for expert finding all the collectibles can really test. I really love Donkeys fur as well, looks gorgeous. And the mine cart levels...
  15. Only managed to play with the rc car this morning. The camera on the joycon is genius. We have been hiding various toys, looking away and finding them using the camera and the timer. It's been wicked fun.
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