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  1. Not sure whose island I've just been on but I've only gone a caught a coelacanth there. Finally!
  2. Think my Animal crossing has gone weird. Firstly, I keep getting loads of the same fish again and again. Usually horse mackerel over and over again. It'd be ok if it was sharks. I used to catch all kinds of fish in the sea. Now it's just mackerel and sea bass! Secondly, one of my villagers keeps sitting in a wheelchair all day, everyday. Then I've only had redd turn up once since his first visit and i check every day. Finally, one of my usually ace villagers, Bones, gave me a painting in a letter. A fake painting! Didn't even realize you could get paintings from villagers let alone fake ones. Has anyone else experienced madness like this?
  3. Gave away my artisanal bug cage to one of my villagers and got their photo. So, at least i got one positive from today. The bug cage looked like trash.
  4. Managed to get 15 in one 3 minute run. Finding the butterflies less prevalent but some of the other creatures, like ladybirds and shield bugs, moreso. Still only got 17 points though!
  5. Even though the bug off is very similar to the fishing contest, I've found it more enjoyable so far. Not sure why, maybe it's cos you're running all over the place rather than just by the water. Who knows? Maybe I just prefer insects?
  6. Foxworth

    Nintendo Switch

    I originally had a single online account but when it came to renewal I changed to the family pass. It's not a huge amount of money and it just makes things much easier if someone else does want to have a go online and doesn't have to use just the one account. There's so many games that use online these days.
  7. Foxworth

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh. Didn't know that. Only knew about pressing the right shoulder button making a funny noise. To the switch!
  8. Ah good idea. We will do that over the weekend. Thanks everyone!
  9. @Mr Do 71 Be ok for now thanks. My son has commandeered the switch now and is laying the smack down on Mario Kart online. Il just add a load of friends over the weekend and get some added to her account. So if anyone has a request from a Mummy who has a princess peach it will be me requesting for her.
  10. Ok thanks. Guess my evening is sorted then. Thanks Nintendo for implementing another brutal friend system.
  11. Quick question. My wife wants to go to different islands but do you have to be switch friends to go to other islands or can you just use dodo codes? It's rough enough putting in friend codes for me from on here. I'd rather not have to do them all for her too.
  12. 200cc is incredible. It's like a completely new game. I can't do it but my 7 year old has the skillz and he barely plays any other speed now. Think using high acceleration vehicles and wheels helps as the pink mini boosts are extremely powerful. There's also brake drifting, apparently, which helps. Shortcuts are much easier to perform if you know how as well.
  13. How is this tournament set up? My son was playing yesterday and said he came 6th and came 1st in a couple of races. He also recently managed this winner of a move. I'm not sure how to add Twitter videos etc but here's the link. https://twitter.com/i/status/1247736734600683527 For those who don't want to watch. He uses a mushroom boost to escape a blue shell blast, timing it perfectly. He regularly wins online these days and has bested some of the staff ghosts too.
  14. It's incredible. If anyone has even the smallest love for platformers then this is for you. It's challenging, funny, original. It's just really great. I've even roped the family in to help me with some of the tougher strawberries and that. At just over 6 quid it's a steal. Wish I'd got it sooner.
  15. Yeah. Will try to recreate it some time this week. So far I've seen him do it on Yoshi circuit and mount wario using isabelle. Hopefully he will let me close enough to the controller to press record. He gets quite lively playing.
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