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  1. Yep we got it. Nintendo are strong in the Moai stakes! 2nd only to Konami.
  2. there will be a prize as we reach 600. for one random person out of the last 6 submissions. 2 places left in the lucky draw. Submit your Moai now!
  3. - Playdate hashtag on itch then - community wiki - weekly summary topics on Reddit
  4. Much appreciated! Mine are at: https://gingerbeardman.itch.io/
  5. I don't, really. To flog the horse: selling a game for $1 will only line the pockets of itch, the payment processor, and the tax man. There would be nothing left for the developer. Hopefully that provides a little elucidation.
  6. Not defensive, just interested and slightly puzzled. None of my games are in this bundle so I have no skin in the game, so to speak. You're quite right that it might make sense to buy them individually, especially if you already have some of them. Which games do you consider too expensive?
  7. It's 52% saving!? But I'd be interested to know how you would do it differently. Less price for less games? If the money split was any less than it it is now, after fees and tax, each Dev would be left with pretty much nothing.
  8. Community bundle/season https://itch.io/b/1531/playdate-community-bundle $29 for 13 games (52% saving) (My games not included due to a f-up at itch with their tax scheme for the last two months. Got sorted too late for me to be in this.)
  9. That Q is answered on the site FAQ page.
  10. We have those, and more, from the series. https://moai.games/?s=Yu-Gi-Oh Still some to be captured though, see the unconfirmed section of the site.
  11. Honestly, don't fall into this trap. There are new additions of games you'd swear somebody would have already submitted. That's the thrill. Over time I've come to be able to get a feeling for whether the game will have one. I found the Moai in the first 3D Frogger on iOS/tvOS with this kind of blind faith. Thanks! It's good to have a little side hobby (many of them).
  12. A couple of years ago I started a website to bring together a few separate efforts documenting video games featuring Moai (Easter Island heads or statues). Why? Just for kicks! https://moai.games Since then myself and the community have spotted almost 600 video games featuring Moai! It may comes as no surprise that with their company culture of including Moai in their games Konami has included the most, but Nintendo coming in second is a bit of a shock. The first video games featuring moai were made in 1983. Feel free to submit any you find that aren't already listed on the website, which has search and ordered lists by title/year/developer/platform. You can do so either by reply in this thread, or on Twitter @gimmemoai - cheers!
  13. See this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/PlaydateConsole/comments/w5ovhw/i_played_all_238_sideloaded_games_and_have_a_very/ > Disclaimer: some of my games made this best of list. Since posting that list the author does weekly recaps of the best of what's new on Playdate.
  14. WOOP! @MikeBeaver @shirubagan do you think it was downloading anything? battery takes a beating when wifi is active.
  15. If at any time the two don't correlate, simply dock your crank and then pull it out again and the sync will be reset at a system level.
  16. I use one of those mini travel routers (GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 Mango) with a USB memory stick that is shared over SMB. That means USB 2 speed which is roughly as fast as the CD drive (USB2 over SMB has faster seeks, slightly slower max speed) PS2 slim is wired to it over Ethernet and the router connected to my home WiFi because there was no way I was going to run Ethernet to my PS2 location. This lets me get online with the PS2, and load my games from the stick over network.
  17. Download and install the SDK from https://play.date/dev/ and then you can play most, but not all games. Some include code that can only run on specific platforms (Playdate/Mac/Windows/Linux). You can map cranking to a controller analog stick, which makes a reasonable substitute. Have fun!
  18. I would like the flip cover but the shipping for just that to the UK is prohibitive.
  19. Yes but no. It's a series - Runabout PS1 (good, short) - Runabout 2 PS1 (best) - Super Runabout DC (good) - Runabout 3 PS2 (good) - Runabout 3D N3DS (good, kind of a remaster of PS2 game) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runabout_(series) Make sure you play NTSC versions to reduce slowdown.
  20. Shox is good fun. I ended up with bags of coins somehow and it took the pressure off the end game so I felt cheated. MX Superfly (I think!) Is fun. Runabout 3, USA version. Worth living with the slowdown. The Italian Job is great, though I preferred to play it on GC in 480p.
  21. Not heard of this before. Seems very familiar though. Will seek it out.
  22. Just to confirm what you told me on another site. Your list is puzzle games released in the USA. If you add in EU and JP games the list is more than twice as long. This is mostly a European forum but I like to think we play games from all over the world. One world one love.
  23. Soutenryuu is my favourite puzzle game on PS2. It's a strange cross between Puzz Loop (Zuma) and Shanghai (Mahjong Solitaire). Originally a TAITO arcade game.
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