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  1. That's a cool idea! My plate is full but I hope somebody does this. My favourite part of Paperboy was the assault course at the end!
  2. Charges will be paid at ordering time. "DDP"
  3. Playdate is made in Malaysia at a factory recommended and previously used by Teenage Engineering (not sure when or how) My game is multi-hour in length if you want to race to the credits, but it's arcade style so you can replay it... forever. I'm not aware of any short games. Size wise audio is the biggest part of the games. But I don't think there is reason to worry about the 4GB space. You could manage the installed games if it really come to that. I believe it can be replaced, but it's not straightforward and, yeah, it might inval
  4. I believe this is the largest screen of this type that Sharp manufacture. The screen refresh rate is the major bottleneck in my experience. Updating the whole screen every frame is very slow and limits your maximum frame rate. I had to work very hard to get around this limitation. After much work I have several tricks up my sleeve and am running at 60fps, which is double the default and higher than the advertised maximum. The CPU is pretty powerful. I'm not short of CPU time. Though I'm sure you could easily max it out. Creating 1-bit graph
  5. This uses a Sharp Memory Display LCD which has properties of e-ink (pixels only need to be refreshed when they change) but with the higher refresh rates of LCD. I take advantage of the pixel refresh trick to run my game at 60fps, when the system is only supposed to support max 50fps and defaults to 30fps. At this size 2.7" the 400x240 equates to 172ppi and is effectively retina resolution at normal viewing distance of 20" (51cm). Lack of backlight hasnt been an issue for me. Such a screen is expensive https://www.adafruit.com/product/46
  6. There's one of these on eBay at the moment, it's in London. I'm not the seller. Tap the quote above to read more about it. Because it's 480p native it is truly the best LCD to play: - Wii - Xbox - Dreamcast - PS2 (via GBS-C for better deinterlacing) - Xbox 360 (for 4:3 VGA games) - PC (old skool) and with emulators/backwards compatibility on the above you also get all classic platforms and a bunch of arcade games Pixel Perfect https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184799079274
  7. Nice write up! This got some traction on Twitter but pretty much nothing on forums.
  8. A new (old) Net Yaroze title for PlayStation! it's a randomly generated gauntlet style game (real-time rogue-like, if you must) Originally created to beta state in 1998, then shelved/cancelled. Finished in 2020 by another developer under direction of the original developers. interview/history http://netyaroze-europe.com/Media/Magic-Castle download bin/cue https://archive.org/details/magic-castle-2020-23-dec manual https://archive.org/details/mcmanual/ Apparently the end is after level 20. Lots
  9. You're internal HDD is the best method. But I have a Slim, so my options are limited. Loading over network is the next best solution - much better for many reasons than plugging the USB drive directly into the PS2.
  10. I've been playing WRC Rally Evolved. Amazing game. Using GSM to play in 480p. I recently setup OPL to play games over Ethernet/SMB from a little travel router that I plug my USB stick into. Faster load times, silent, and hassle free!
  11. Sort of. To recap: I use my Philips 20PF4121 as follows: Wii > Component or HDMI adapter > VGA DC > VGA 360 > VGA These all offer 480p equivalent as standard. But PS2 is mostly 480i with some 240p (PS1) and some higher resolutions. So you really want a good deinterlacer. The one in the TV is OK, but the one in the GBS is better. So: PS2 > Component > GBS > VGA Of course VGA > DVI final stage for all these.
  12. It's still as great today as it always has been.
  13. Necrobump! Just to say that this is playable again online via the Wiimmfi service. Races happen daily. Right now there's an organised event happening.
  14. Here's a thread of a bunch of work-in-progress games by Playdate developer preview folks (disclaimer: including me) https://twitter.com/playdate/status/1293636186045480960
  15. !?! No, I can safely say that was not me. But I'm intrigued. How many years ago @deKay?
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