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  1. Here's a photo of the boss enemy bar in Wii Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz to show 1:1 pixel perfection.
  2. Good question! I have two similar Philips, each of which cost me £20 (plus delivery). One from Gumtree UK and one imported from Germany's equivalent, eBay Kleinanzeigen. If you're using VGA there's not much between them. I'm currently using the 4122, cos I have two devices connected. But waiting on a switch box, adapters, extra cables and then I will use the 4121. 20PF4121 https://www.philips.co.uk/c-p/20PF4121_05/4000-series-20-inch-lcd From UK Pros IPS 640x480 240p support better sound separation and quality DVI-I (accepts VGA and Component over VGA, but see below) RGB SCART, S-Video, Composite remembers last input after standby Cons excessive overscan on any signal input other than pure VGA (so Component over VGA is affected) sluggish OSD/menu no indication of input signal type (in non-VGA modes) 20PFL4122 https://www.philips.co.uk/c-p/20PFL4122_10/flat-tv-with-crystal-clear-iii From Germany Pros IPS 640x480 VGA (but not Component over VGA) HDMI, Component (but see below) RGB SCART, S-Video, Composite very good OSD/menu displays input signal type (in non-VGA modes) Cons no 240p support worse sound separation and quality excessive image processing ("Crystal Clear III") on any signal input other than pure VGA does not remember PC input after standby
  3. I recently started using my Wii over VGA which has been a revelation. The image is so good, way better than any other type of connection on my TVs. It's quite astonishing to be able to see everything how it was intended to be. Single pixel borders, pixel perfect alignment, crisp edges, extra detail otherwise lost to scaling. On my TVs Component or even HDMI connections have overscan, scaling and image processing that I can't turn off applied to it. In VGA mode the signal is kept pure and untouched by the TV. Plus, my TV is a 20" 640x480 LCD and this is an exact match for Wii 480p output. Anyway, there are a number of ways you can go about getting VGA output. The method you choose, and cost, depends on the capabilities of your TV. TV supports Component over VGA - use a simple (3xRCA) Component to VGA adapter. Cost ~£4 - note: check your TV does not apply overscan for this type of signal (mine did — boo!) TV only supports regular VGA One of: 1. Use a Wii to HDMI adapter plus a HDMI to VGA adapter. Lag approx ~25ms. Cost: ~£8 (£4x2) this is what I currently use 2. Use a Wii to VGA cable. Hard to find and mixed reviews. Cost: ~£25 3. Use a Component to VGA transcoder. A good one will not scale or introduce lag. Cost: ~£50 4. Hardmod your Wii. Requires serious soldering skills and use of a specific launcher to avoid the system menu. See BitBuilt.net website. Cost: ? After connecting The key thing after getting things connected is that you need to set the VGA adjustments for your TV in the correct way: using a full screen signal from the Wii. What isn't widely known is that games, and even the system menu, don't use the full screen area of the Wii. Each uses their own chosen smaller area from the middle of the full screen, basically a custom internal resolution. But one app I know of that uses the full screen area of a Wii is Not64. So load that emulator and leave it on its menu, then do Auto Adjust in the PC/VGA menu on your TV. The result is pixel perfect Wii output. Note: there will be small black borders top/btm, or left/right, or both, on most games because each uses a different internal resolution. That's normal and to be expected.
  4. Yes I'm on GBAtemp. I think you're right the I can see this more easily because I'm using a 1:1 panel. Any higher and the upscaling is going to hide any differences or benefits the fix provides. My belief is that Nintendo (and everybody) were blissfully unaware of the problem so it therefore went unfixed. And the later hardware fixed it as a side effect of having big changes. I'll capture some video when I can. It's a bit of a contradiction to want the best image quality on Wii (like this fix) whilst knowingly upscaling the heck out of the image to 1080p or even 4K. I think it's only worthwhile pursuing this if you're running Wii at native resolution.
  5. Here are photos of Mario Kart Wii running on my 640x480p LCD. You can see the graphics at a pixel level. Fixed followed by Original. https://imgur.com/a/Ef02mmz Notice the pixels align horizontally on the fixed photos. On the original things fall on half pixels. The fix helps you gain clarity of your output image, especially horizontally. Now, this is just one way of seeing the difference. The actual problem is sub-optimal video setup in some code used by all games, it just manifests itself here as pixel alignment. As I understand it the later Wiis changed how video was output in hardware and this change skipped the bug, rather than it being solved on purpose.
  6. A golf game has been announced as one of the first season of 12 games.
  7. I am so excited for this. A new way to play! Same kind of feeling I had after seeing the DS and Wii. Those kind of vibes don't come around very often. Screen technology looks to be Sharp Transflective Memory LCD, which is LCD with some properties of e-ink. In that each pixel can remember its colour (black/white) without needing to be refreshed. And it is “Viewable in any light, from edge-of-vision darkness to brightest sunlight” with 170 degree viewing angle Ref: https://www.sharpsma.com/sharp-memory-lcd-technology Which all sounds pretty far from Game Boy, WonderSwan, NeoGeo Pocket, Palm Pilot, Apple Newton, etc.
  8. I'm all set, but can't get some USA VC working. I just get a black screen. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks for this guide, very helpful! Have just jumped back on Wii for Mario Kart and thought I'd put some emulators on it. Is there a generic RetroArch forwarder? And where does it look for the boot.dol? I just want one icon to get into RetroArch menu so I can go from there. Rather than have screenfuls of icons, I'd rather keep it minimal and have just one screen of my favourites WiiWare, Channels and Forwarders. Cheers!
  10. I'd only do this to have a HD portable emulation machine. I currently use my N3DS in this way, playing games I own across a multitude of platforms. But the CPU and screen are limiters. I have zero interest in piracy because I don't have much time to play the few games I do buy! More would be pointless.
  11. Anybody got an iOS invite spare? Pretty please.
  12. matt!

    SNES Mini

    Sounds like you have too many ROMs in a folder?
  13. matt!

    SNES Mini

    They sold those rights to AtGames, who it seems aren't bothered about making a good MegaDrive Mini.
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