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  1. No console unfortunately. Will check out the chromecast, I might have one somewhere. Would it be casting from the browser?
  2. My Samsung TV is too old to support Disney+. I’m thinking of getting a Fire Stick to support the viewing. Does anyone have an alternative that avoids buying a device or at least a cheaper one.
  3. Seems to be no embeddeds for this event, which is a shame. They looked closer in size at the stare downs than I was expecting. I just hope they both make weight.
  4. Sorry if this has been answered but I don't want to read the thread for fear of spoilers. Is this listed as Twin Peaks: The return on NowTV?
  5. Get to a park or somewhere the game considers rural is probably your best option. Where I leave is rural by the sea so we have loads of Squirtles and Bulbasaurs. I've managed to scrape enough Charmanders together due to my London commute.
  6. I've caught 1955 Pokemon, hatched 167 eggs and have 124 in my Pokedex. First Ditto.
  7. I'm back playing after a break, the starter event and the tracking has made the game fun again. I caught a Magikarp on the way home tonight, turns out to be Ditto. Is this normal or have I been especially lucky? When are the next gen coming and what's the deal with the baby mons?
  8. I was just about to ask exactly this.
  9. Are people using public accessible trackers? If so, which ones?
  10. My Pokedex is at 112, all of the 5k egg level Pokemon I'm in good shape, but the 10k and 2k level I'm not doing very great. I enjoy the game but I'm definetly a more casual gamer, I play to and from work and when I'm out and about, I never go out for a walk specifically for Pokemon. This plus no tracking function means the game will have a limited life span for me. A lot of my friend have already given up, we had a WhatsApp group of about 20 for the first few weeks after launch but it's now very quiet, last message was over two weeks ago. Niantic need to co
  11. I'm working from home tomorrow so going to be on the case, fingers crossed.
  12. These tales of interesting Pokemon being caught while at home makes me very envious. There is a spawn outside my house, I only get Pidgeys, Weedle's and Ratatta's. How frequently are you all checking these spawns? Am I just not checking enough?
  13. Seems that distance required for a candy is different for each Pokemon. Pikachu is quoted a candy per 1 km
  14. I agree with the Cersei and Tomin point. I really don't understand why the huge Lannister army hasn't defended on the Sparrows.
  15. If you could that would be great. Thank you very much.
  16. I'm looking for a bootleg of Bob Dylan live at the O2 on 25th April 2009. I've had a google and looked on the Pirate bay but no luck. Can anyone help?
  17. Friends of mine have been recording The Dimp Digital Podcast for a few weeks now, link below should you be interested. http://dimpdigital.podbean.com/
  18. The Stand TV series feels incredibly rushed and missed out large sections of the book.
  19. Thunder Monk

    The Bookies

    I've switched from an iPhone to android. I'm having difficulty find the paddy power or betfair exchange android apps on play store. Am I doing something wrong or do they not exist? Any guidance would be appreciated.
  20. Do we think I need to keep a copy of the game on my iPhone? Season two used season one's save so it's a possibility but I would like the space back on my phone. Does anyone have any insight?
  21. I absolutely loved both series. Do we have any indication of a third series?
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