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    Dying Light

    Just finished it. Loved it. I was a massive fan of Dead Island and this definitely felt like more of that. I was a bit disappointed at first that there was no analogue combat in this one but once I got used to it felt almost as precise. The parkour was brilliantly implemented. Shame they couldn't have put in more challenging puzzle/platforming sections using it. Not sure whether it was because I like its predecessor so much but I was much more comfortable ploughing through biters rather than avoiding them. By the end of the game I felt a bit too overpowered. My final weapon was a sword that hit for just over 1000 but to be honest I couldn't really tell much difference between the weapons after they started going over 600. I'd filled out most of the skill trees and had enough money to comfortably afford any weapon I wanted from a shop. My only gripes really would be the shooting sections which felt clumsy and shit, the couple of occasions when they take away your weapons and the fucking awful hallucination bit that seems to be obligatory in games these days. Oh and the final ending "boss" was a bit of a copout. Look forward to what Techland do next.
  2. I genuinely can't remember the last time I was this excited about a TV show. I've loved Daredevil for years and when this was announced as straight to Netflix I thought they'd hung him out to dry. But this looks absolutely fucking spot on.
  3. If you do it via the Mexican Origin site its £7. Or the Deluxe edition which I went for which is £13.18. Just used Hola to access it and my normal Paypal account to pay.
  4. Brilliant! Thank you mate.
  5. This is like a completely different conference to an hour ago.
  6. I thought Goldfinger got sucked out of a plane?
  7. Makes the end of Man of Steel look restrained.
  8. Halo? Time to get rid of this poo I've been holding in.
  9. Ice cold House. Ice cold.
  10. Yes Yves! Fucking LOVE Yves. Look at his face, he's absolutely off his tits!
  11. This guy is making my balls retract.
  13. My issue came this morning and to be honest the content no way reflects that cover. At all. The separate features on both consoles are pretty balanced - they talk about the X1's strong games showing and even say that now after the u-turn the consoles are pretty much equal if you take away the price. There's nothing about the E3 conferences. The headline isn't even mentioned in the Editor's opening piece. Nice little indie round up.
  14. Wow. With Rift compatability too? That'll have my bum crying chocolate tears.
  15. Links

    Battlefield 4

    Frostbite 3 looks immense. Can't wait to see what else they pull off with it in future. After seeing that first video, hopefully a next gen G-Police!
  16. The end sequence really was jarring after what went on before. The whole Israel setpiece I thought was absolutely superb but after reading Despin's post I feel we've missed out on what could have been something incredible. As it was I'm with cassidy. It was ok. EDIT: Oh and bizarrely this was the first film in years where I've seen the audience applaud at the end.
  17. Love the idea but that trailer just comes off as your standard home invasion thriller.
  18. Wow. Just...wow. And thats not even that good a trailer in terms of editing.
  20. I don't normally partake in console pre-release hysteria but if this doesn't come out this year then my 32nd Christmas on this planet will be FUCKING RUINED.
  21. Yeah that's not a spoiler at all really. The book and two HBO documentaries are fantastic - he's quite a captivating person to watch when he's being interviewed. To be honest I don't think that trailer looks that good. Something about Shannon (who I normally love) doesn't seem right.
  22. As a teaser, that is fucking brilliant.
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