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  1. I vote whoever decides to release it on my telly on Christmas Day and making me relive ITV vibes circa 1985 onwards.
  2. Just got my e-mail. 317 in the queue. It does say they hope to have all orders fulfilled by the end of November. A saucy lie.
  3. He's retired. Someone else has the 007 designation.
  4. Currys queue went down faster than I expected. Got to the payment page, Chrome crashed and its gone. Fuck this. I'm off for a Cornish pasty and a cry.
  5. Been in the Currys Queue-It since 10am. There are 8209 people ahead of me. Think I'll leave it.
  6. Think it was just Argos from what I can tell. You've still got GAME late morning with Currys and Smyths at lunchtime. Hopefully you can pick one up then. Does anyone know if you can use vouchers bought through employee benefits sites on pre-orders at Currys?
  7. In my basket at Argos but now its crashed.
  8. Scan must have literally changed the hamster on the wheel. My order just flew through. Fuck knows when (if?) it'll turn up.
  9. Oooh thought my Scan order had gone through via Paypal Credit. It hasn't. Now I'm sad again.
  10. 10 minutes until crushing disappointment and I rage-buy an Oculus Quest 2 and the Mos Eisley LEGO set.
  11. When the Discussion topic preview says "SEGA announces Sega Rally R..." and you lose your shit. Revo is amazing though.
  12. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/09/robert-pattinson-the-batman-coronavirus It's Pattinson.
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