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  1. I put four hours straight into Fall Guys on Saturday night. It is utterly brilliant.
  2. I was debating whether to get that Logitech setup or the Thrustmaster Airbus throttle and stick. I've pre-ordered the latter as I've always been more interested in commercial flying in MSFS rather than general aviation but I can see myself using something like the Cessna this time around. I wasted away an hour looking at videos of MSFS 5.1 which was the first edition I owned. Must have spent hundreds of hours on it. Pretty much all on doing shuttle runs between Meigs Field (RIP) and O'Hare. It was an absolute slideshow on my 486 but I loved it. Still think it's remarkable we're getting another version that looks so good. Also Orbx who make ridiculously good scenery for FSX and P3D have confirmed today that they are going to start creating content for MSFS2020.
  3. Not at launch. They have spoken about possibly adding at a later date.
  4. Sounds like a good premise if they take the nuclear war aspect out. Not sure anyone would give a shit who was in control of the ISS if the whole planet was being ravaged by a nuclear winter. Set it during a USA/Russia stand off and make it Crimson Tide In Spaaaaaaaace.
  5. That shot of 1 World Trade Center. Just bonkers.
  6. Always thought having Tenet as the first major film back in cinemas was a bit risky. By all accounts it sounds like even the cast had trouble following the plot so I can't imagine what it would be like in a screening when all it would take is someone to clear their throat, everyone's arse falls out in panic and before they know it they've all lost track and are wondering why Robert Pattinson is walking backwards talking to a time-travelling flying mermaid.
  7. Links


    It's incredible. Someone living and breathing in the world right now actually genuinely pitched this. Then got it funded! Hats off. I would have had them shot out of a cannon.
  8. This has made my wife and two year old girl's day. They are loving it. The value is crazy. I remember having to dig out each Disney VHS tape!
  9. They need to throw an ASMR tag on this video because I feel like I've just done 300mg of codeine.
  10. I'm trying to remember I think you just got a box saying Success or something along those lines. I can't recall any grading as such. To be honest they were more extended tutorials. They formed part of the Tutorial menu and you gradually went from the basics into those missions. I mean seeing as this new one is coming to Xbox as well they may stick something in there to attract the more casual (no offense intended to anyone) crowd.
  11. Personally I'd give it a miss if you don't enjoy straight flight sims. The 'missions' are (or have been) simply preplanned flights. One of them in FSX was literally taking off from a farm and landing somewhere else which I get the impression isn't what you're looking for. There were some third party add-ons for FSX that let you simulate running an airline similar to Euro Truck Simulator so maybe in future you might get something like that.
  12. Cancelled my order this morning. The whole tech around it in general interests me but this is looking so half baked its unreal. Just bought some LEGO instead.
  13. This was probably one of the biggest surprises for me at an E3 conference in years. I grew up spending HOURS on MS Flight Simulator 3.1. It blew my mind at the time. I had the conference on the TV last night and turned to my wife during that melee 4v4 game and mentioned how I feel old watching these types of games now and not feeling any excitement. Minutes later I was screaming "FLIGHT SIMULATOR!" in her face. Top stuff.
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