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    I like it! The size reminds me of a chess board for visually impaired children that John Lewis on Oxford Street used to sell ages ago. A mate of mine and I played a game on their demo model in the toys section once - I was really tempted to pick it up at the time but just didn't have the space for it at home.
  2. Well despite my focus on blacksmithing, I haven't been that lucky with salvaging components. I've gone through millions of items, including the DLC stuff, one-off items and set items and it's been pretty rare for me to get anything decent from them. My longsword has developed pretty well (it's up to 75 or so) but I'm still on the same bow I've had for ages (23 - though to be fair, it's got decent modifiers). Neither of them are anywhere near the most powerful weapons I've come across so far but they both look lovely and are my own work (complete with funky names) . I'm about 23 hours into this
  3. A note for anyone who may be just starting out with the game and is worried about breezing through it. I'm about 30 20 hours into my new game on hard difficulty now and it's starting to put up a decent challenge, even when I'm loaded with health potions. Up to now, it had been quite easy, which I put down to having already played quite a bit on normal difficulty. 1-on-1 encounters are still pretty easy but groups are getting a lot harder to take out as there always seems to be a decent mixture of distance and melee attackers in most parties. I have taken my character in a completely different
  4. So...does anyone feel guilty when they are sneaking up to assasinate a boggart and it starts innocently chasing a firefly...? Er...yeah...me either...and I certainly haven't aborted various kills just so that it can get on with playing...
  5. I'm guessing a lot of games are going to have optional CCP controls anyway. I don't think it's a huge problem having a twin-stick 3DS (from a developer or consumer point of view) given that it's just a way to save people carrying the CCP around. As long as a one-stick control option is always included in games as the default control option I don't see a problem. But surely it doesn't really matter if any present games need a second stick? Nintendo decided to release the CCP and so now the second stick is part of the 3DS vernacular. Offering customers the ability to use a second stick without
  6. She kicked my ass thoroughly the first couple of times until I started shoting potions like tequila on cinco de Mayo. I only had one big and small health potion though (there was no way I was going to trek back for more). What weapons did you beat her with out of interest? I had a 42 dagger and 41 longbow both with with fire modifiers. Might be worth just taking the plunge and starting a harder game? I played the game again for the first time in four days yesterday and it struck me that (with the exception of a couple of enemies here and there) nothing was really hurting me much. Not really s
  7. I don't have it to hand right now to check but I'm pretty sure the manual says only healers can cure curses. Edit: Just had a quick look at the manual on the EA website and, yeah, healers only for curses.
  8. I hope you got her a ring with some decent modifiers... (Sorry.) Good luck! I got up to level 15 yesterday after beating the Maid of Windemere who was easily the hardest boss I've come across so far (killed me six times!) and required me to have something stupid like twelve potions on the go at once. After reading the posts above I'm wondering if I should have worked on my blacksmithing a bit (I've pursued stealth, persuasion and dispelling so far).
  9. I've now picked up a 50+ dagger and longbow and am caning pretty much everyone I meet (I'm a level 12 scout). I am getting slightly worried that I'll be a little overpowered when I get back to the main quest but am loving this so much that I'm already planning on playing a new game on the hardest difficulty as soon as I get through this playthrough.
  10. I opened this up this morning and am now exactly fifteen hours in... I haven't touched the main quest since the point you get into the village at the start as it didn't really grab me but I'm loving all the side-quests (particularly all the fae lore stuff).
  11. I live in Singapore and have had two Streetpasses only in the last year or so. I managed five in Sydney over Christmas. Been in Tokyo for about 20 hours now and I've had 32 hits and my Plaza is getting nice and busy. My wife thinks I'm mental whenever I get overly excited about the green light flashing on my 3DS Incidentally, all the boys are playing Monster Hunter and all the girls are playing Mario Kart.
  12. It requires basic katakana comprehension but nothing too in-depth. Once you know where everything is, it's pretty easy to play. I wrote a short FAQ for it for a mate of mine many moons ago so if you do manage to find it somewhere, and want a little help, PM me and I'll send that on to you.
  13. I thought I was pretty much the only person in the world who had played that! What a great game it is too - I'd love to see an update
  14. If it helps, CVG has a positive review of the Japanese version here: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/317935/reviews/tales-of-the-abyss-review/ It got a healthy 31/40 from Famitsu: http://www.1up.com/news/japan-review-check-tales-abyss And you can find a 3DS vs PS2 screenshot comparison here: http://nintendoeverything.com/52267/ Edit: Beaten to the 1UP link by shynra!
  15. I played Zombies with my six year year old, eight year old and a ten year old nephews a couple of months ago and they loved that. Their mother wasn't too sure about the cards (they are a little violent) but they loved it and picked the game up pretty quickly. They weren't very tactical but they thought it was great fun killing zombies and griefing each other. (I should say that I didn't actually take Zombies to play with them, they just saw the adults playing one night and wanted to play as well.) Not sure about board games for a three year old. Maybe one of the Lego board games?
  16. Some shots from a weekend jaunt to Hong Kong: Untitled by isogashii, on Flickr Untitled by isogashii, on Flickr Untitled by isogashii, on Flickr Ying & Yang by isogashii, on Flickr 328 GTS by isogashii, on Flickr
  17. Woooo! Two of my favourite things come together at last! Will definitely be playing through this
  18. Apologies if this has been asked before (did a search but it came back with nothing) but do either of the Crysis games on the 360 have southpaw controls?
  19. I used to be constantly surprised at the number of people I've come across in London and San Francisco who had bought "one of those R4s" for their kids during the lifetime of the DS. People who have no idea whatsoever about games (the kind to call a DS a PSP), or torrents, or anything remotely techy, will somehow have got all their kids a flashcard (not necessarily an R4 ) and a boatload of games. Moving to Asia has taken it to ridiculous proportions though. I mean, you always have an idea about the piracy here but to behold it is something else. All the kids I've met have flashcards for thei
  20. Great stuff rumblecat! Particularly like these three:
  21. That place was great when it first opened up - had tons of Japanese curios back at the beginning. Plus they bought my knackered NES disk system for a fair bit of cash, which I was rather thankful for at the time. I remember the dude who ran it, Ash, to be quite an amusing fellow due to his highly opinionated chat and his intense hatred of Edge. I also remember thinking him odd for never having played any Zelda game through to completion.
  22. After lurking here for so long, your first post is one complimenting yourself??
  23. A couple more panoramics from Sydney which I'd forgotten I'd taken: Avalon Beach by isogashii Lookout Point Panoramic by isogashii Also, not exactly random but...I got married!
  24. Tototo's lovely panoramics of Tokyo reminded me of a couple I shot last year when I first moved to Singapore: Untitled by isogashii Untitled by isogashii
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