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  1. Blimey. Is that all in the same venue or are you travelling the UK I never actually saw them the first time round. It was Cinerama that brought them to my attention. Seen them twice and loved their John Peel sessions. Anyway, have fun tomorrow night.
  2. I'm off to see The Wedding Present tomorrow night I doubt I'll be back until after 11pm I'll be around Wednesday and probably Thursday if that's any good? Or you can try and get a sub for tomorrow (jcafarley?, sniper guys?).
  3. Not sure there is a random option. If not, why don't we just start at the top and play once each way before going to the next one.
  4. Well it's all kicking off tomorrow. I've booked some tickets for the Game Screenings events. Not too sure what to expect. If all else fails I'll have a few beers and head for Singstar Popworld
  5. KimPossible


    I certainly had to pay for them again when I switched to a new xbox. I had hoped that since I was using the same gamertag I could just download them again for free. I think Hitcher(?) mentioned in a post that the download content was linked to the serial number of the HD and not your gamertag (although I may be wrong).
  6. I noticed a few people mentioning Resident Evil 2 and 3 on GC earlier in this thread. If you want them, play.com are currently selling them for £15 right now (and Code Veronica).
  7. Damn! Ended up in the Edinburgh equivalent of the Clansman and missed it Hopefully it will be repeated next week. You request more Sanjeev Kohli. Did you ever hear BBC Radio Scotlands Shredded Week programme broadcast on Sunday nights. Pure Genius. Unfortunately they tried to turn it into a tv show and it died a death (they even had a video game review section). "And finally...HollyOaks...Wipe them out...All of them!"
  8. Yeah, again some good fun games. master gray, I think that last bloke was called? That was me you got with the split jump kill I was tracking you on the spy trap and assumed you had gone underground. During the end of that last game I ran out of ammo and was chasing you with a tazer before you hit my proximity mine
  9. This Friday, 10pm on BBC2. From the Radio Times website:- Kill Wullie Cardigans, custard creams, chronic constipation.... the world of Glasgow pensioners Victor (Greg Hemphill) and Jack (Ford Kiernan) may not boast the scope of other sitcom double acts, but their philosophy is unhampered by the limitations of their frankly rubbish existence. In the first episode of the latest series of this forthright comedy, the high-rise-dwelling grumblers find themselves bedazzled by the local greasy spoon's glamorous new waitress, a situation that leads to ruminations on everything from the NHS to Judy Finnigan.
  10. I really enjoyed those games. It was good to play it for a few hours straight and begin to appreciate tactics a bit more. I'd like to play it again but this time myself and themomentbefore should swap our merc positions (I always guarded one side of the map and themomentbefore the other). I need to practice my grenade lobs and sniping skills
  11. Sounds good (except the Halo 2 bit )
  12. The "what your friends are playing" bug is still present for me. God damn, there's loads of exploding barrels in this new map
  13. I'd like to play more of this again soon. Perhaps over the weekend.
  14. Cool. See you tonight. PS: It's good that they're free. Didn't you have to pay for the downloadable maps on Pandora Tomorrow?
  15. themomentbefore/tobert/sideshow, you guys around tonight for some spy sunday? I just tried playing with some randoms and got my arse handed to me on a plate
  16. Well, I cracked and bought this today. Anyone around tonight to show me the ropes?
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