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  1. So I've just played RS3 online for the first time since getting PGR2, and it's still fab. Must play this more, but......PGR2....XIII......GR:IT.....argh! My Christmas holidays can't come soon enough. Roll on the 19th!
  2. KimPossible

    PS2 online

    The only game I play online on my PS2 is Amplitude. It's superb. Definite purchase if you loved Frequency. Beware the finger strain though
  3. I got mine from here. Don't know if it's the cheapest mind. http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-28-70-lm-4-7.html
  4. So did you guys play tonight? What did I miss? I'm downloading the new content now.
  5. Cmon guys, where are ya Cosina/Neferti? Bungle/Lord Monty? Katchoo/midge/Chiba-nef? Let's get the team back together. We're on a mission from God
  6. Substitution, CurryKitten for BraveStarr. CurryKitten, feel free to take my space for tonight. I cannot make it so do me proud
  7. Should be ok for me. I have a Top Spin match scheduled for around 7:30ish but apart from that....
  8. I'd be up for more wolfy action, although I'm not sure anyone will want me in their team anymore I've only played this a few times (does it show?) as GR:IT came out soon after and I joined the mass exodus.
  9. Cool, I'd be up for GR:IT on Friday. It'll let me stretch my legs after being stuck in that Focus for the past few nights. As for XIII, I should be free anytime after 8pm. Anyone else has got this (apart from xbox-less elmo)?
  10. I was gonna suggest a GR:IT meet on Thursday (after the success that was the RTCW meet last week) but that would clash with the Unreal sesh.
  11. This Sunday, you say? XIII shenanigans? Count me in. Can you squeeze GR:IT into your schedule
  12. You seek Uxorious Add him to your friends list now.
  13. Send me an invite if I'm on. How do you actually get the Nurburgring (apart from winning the race online)?
  14. Lobby of Arcturus 9. What's your characters name, Stroker Ace?
  15. Yay, I'm back on Ragol right now. Do you guys still meet on Arcturus 9? What level are your characters now Zakalwe? BraveStarr is a lowly 102 at the moment
  16. It was good fun. Sorry Hitcher and CurryKitten for killing you so many times
  17. I'll get it setup during the weekend. I haven't played since I got Xbox Live (apart from the DC meet) but I've been missing it. Especially the c-mode! I was tempted to get it for Xbox but then I wouldn't get to use my dinky keyboard My characters are called KimPossible and BraveStarr. See you soon
  18. Let me know when you guys are going to be visiting Ragol. I finally got my BBA today so will be renewing my license within the next few days. Hope to see you around. cheers
  19. Feel free to invite me on the night if you need another player. This was the first Live game I played with you guys
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