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  1. Yeah, the Gillie suit level is fantastic which is really odd considering you kill so few people. Just the look, feel and atmospherics of it. There is a sense of death in the air from thevery start. Lovely!

    Just played that level. It's awesome! I'd love a whole game like that. C'mon Rebellion, do an updated Sniper Elite :(

  2. All I want, is it to capture what was so special about PGR 2 online. :)

    Amen. I remember playing PGR2 online almost every night back in the day. Some of my fave online gaming moments were racing in PGR2 with the RLLMUK gang. I remember some classic racing with virtuapimp and spacedog uk around the streets of Edinburgh in the wet. Bliss. I really hope PGR4 is a return to the glory days. PGR3 just felt flat in comparison. PGR2 was almost perfect. Awesome tracks, superb/fun handling model, and excellent online integration. Edinburgh, Sydney, Stockholm, Moscow, Hong Kong (like a rollercoaster). All individual yet brilliant tracks in their own right. The tracks in PGR3 were just...uninspired and forgetful in my opinion. C'mon Bizzare Creations. Let's have another belter!

  3. There was no DLC when I looked this morning. Maybe that was the car given away with Play orders?

    I stuck in my play code last night and got the Lamborghini Gallardo, Nissan Skyline...and another that I can't remember.

  4. I went to pre-order this today and saw this:-

    PLAY.COM EXCLUSIVE! Pre-order Test Drive Unlimited on XBOX360 today and receive a code to download the stunning Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe in-game car - This car will only be available to PLAY.COM pre-order customers!! Codes will be dispatched to coincide with release date and will enable players to download car from XBOX Live Marketplace.

    Isn't the Lamborghini one of the main cars. It seems strange to limit this to play customers only.


  5. Add me, and be sure of a spot in a 16 player game. B)

    I'm probably online tonight, people! (if I'm not going out, that is.)

    I tried to add you but your friends list is full :)

  6. I've never understood why there isn't a SingStar disc every other month. Ok, sure they need to integrate each one into the Singstar universe but they'd make a killing. Doesn't Sony own a lot of music/bands these days? A few current (popular/chart) tracks in amongst some classics would go down a storm, wouldn't it?

    Similarly, this game is crying out for a new songs disc every month. I'd sure as hell buy it.

  7. lo m8,

    i did send one days ago but sent it to Bravestarr not Bravestarr UK - i didn't notice/know about the UK bit - sorry bout that -

    i'll see you online soon then m8, it may be a bit tight for me to play the rest of this week as im working nights and have to get the kids off to bed and asleep beforehand :D - so how does sunday night sound for ya?

    Finally, I've managed to get this forum to load :P

    Yeah, someone else had BraveStarr by the time I signed up, so I added the UK.

    I'm away Sunday but should be back in the evening. I'll pop on Live when I get home and see if you're about.

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