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  1. I was pleasantly surprised, it’s actually fair dinkum and much better than I expected no fucking jedis or sword fighting bollocks, decent story, amazing effects it gets a rogue one/10 from mr h
  2. I fell in love with this game. A true gem. Great news.
  3. awesome book, awesome film whether true to the book or not or standalone sci fi I really liked it. Another 30 mins and it would have been perfect (done well, of course) the bear - to me - wasn't "nightmare fuel". A bit shit I thought. That last 20 mins though were gold dust
  4. not sure if anyone remembers this, but if only it could be remade for modern consoles/pc and lose none of its spellbinding brilliance http://www.mobygames.com/game/captive truly a remarkable game - every playthrough different, with randomly generated levels, all on a single floppy disc
  5. god help you. edit: i just read the thread title: "Why is Fargo a staggeringly original milestone of cinema" its not. its just a brilliant, film.
  6. Fargo is so good. so, so good. it's a grower though, and needs repeat watches. Same as Big Lebowski which is a stone classic. perhaps OP should watch it again a few times.
  7. watched this some weeks ago and utterly loved it. feels like the cinema that aronofsky used to make, and will hopefully continue to do so - in-between the crowd pleasers like black swan
  8. good lord this is going to be utterly spellbinding
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