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  1. I used to love the Leeds Gamestation. My fondest memory was asking if they had any Snes games, maybe around 2004, and this chap, maybe you?, gets a large suit case out from under the counter filled with Snes carts, some absolute gold in there. Secret of Mana, Terranigma, LttP, Metroid, all the best ones. Gave me them for a fiver each Around the same time I popped in and they had some Mega CD games just come in. I ummed and arred between Sonic CD and Snatcher, both a fiver. Picked Sonic, then thought why not buy both! Went back half and hour later but Snatcher had gone. That was always the one that got away
  2. I decided to buy a broken Walkman to see if I can fix it. I’ve been keeping my eye on the DD series as they are supposed to be the best ones going but some of the prices are eye watering. I’ve done a load of Gameboy refurbs so hopefully it shouldn’t be too difficult, not sure what’s wrong with it yet though…. It’s gorgeous though!
  3. I’m currently eyeing up a Sony WM-D6C A legendary player and recorder that out performs most decks, apparently the BBC used to use them to record sound out of the studio. The trouble is getting one that works well and has been serviced recently, although not too hard a job to diy, plenty of tutorials out there. I want to try and make some mix tapes, so I’m after recorder functionality. If anyone is after more info on cassettes and the tech then Techmoans YouTube channel has been really informative to me.
  4. Can you share the article?
  5. There are a lot of bands, quite big bands, and record labels putting out a lot of new releases on cassette, so there must be something happening. The minefield of second hand cassettes and actually trying to find good stuff is part of the fun for me. I’ve found the more effort I put in to try and get stuff, this goes for out of print cd releases as well, the more time I invest in the music. I’m listening to so much more now that I’ve ditched streaming. I’ve likened it to getting a hacked console with 1000s of games on and not playing any for more than 5 mins vs when you had to buy something from the shop and read the manual on the home on the bus. I just did a sound comparison of my iPhone with Bose QC2s vs the tape player with some SoundMagic earbuds and the tape blew the iPhone out the water, seriously. It was crisper and had far more space and was dynamic. The iPhone just sounded 2D and slightly muddy
  6. I managed to capture some audio from the WM-F28 if anyone is interested https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjZclcb7C4OulvkpW20GWQltKSORtg?e=An6EBW The slight audio blips are not on the tape and I think came from the minidisc I recorded it onto, will need to look into that!
  7. It was just in a bag, No box unfortunately. The foam is replacement that I had from some knock off replicas that came with another Walkman I bought. The headphones came without the foam, probably disintegrated as you say. You would be surprised at the sound quality out of this thing. My previous experience was with the cheapest of the cheap cassette player and terrible headphones from when I was a kid. If the tape is in good condition then the sound quality is close to cd, probably more akin to vinyl. I might try and capture the sound and put it in the Cassette topic I made on the music forum.
  8. Love Asterix and TinTin but don’t see too many in charity shops, would love a full set. My 4 year old daughter loves reading TinTin with me, so it’s always a highlight if we can find one, Asterix seems even rarer, great find!
  9. I used to find loads of retro gaming stuff but it’s become so rare and hard to find that I’ve pivoted in what I now look for, otherwise a charity shop trawl or hunt ends in disappointment. All the charity shops google everything to the eyeballs now and often games don’t even hit the shelves. There’s a few people in the area who seem to hit them each day when they open asking what new stock they have. There is even a guy on YouTube who records himself doing it! The car boot sales still have good stuff but you have to beat the traders which is exhausting and turns my hobby into a chore. Anything not a sports game gets bought instantly. I had good luck a few times at the Nine Elms boot sale, it seemed unpicked which was nice. To get things vaguely back on gaming track, this was a nice find - adventure game books - a very rare one! Mint and complete!
  10. We have a CD thread but my love for cassettes has gone into hyperdrive. My first device as a kid was a Walkman, but it was, in hindsight, a rubbish one from Argos, and the lasting memories were that it didn’t sound great. This was largely due to terrible cheap headphones and cheap electronics. Fast forward to now and after much soul searching with Discmans and MD players, I have finally reached my retro music techs final form - Cassettes. I went in pretty hard and got decent player to start with - a refurbished TPS-L2, the one famously used in Guardians of the Galaxy. I thought it looked the part, was the first Walkman released and was meant to sound good. It sounds amazing. I never knew tape sounded this good! A lot of bands are releasing their albums on tape again and I picked up Ghost’s new album, Impera. I genuinely have a hard time telling the difference between it and the cd version. What’s crazy about the TPS-L2 is it has two headphone sockets, so two people can listen at the same time which is pretty cool in itself, but it takes things further and adds a Hotline button which activates a microphone the the unit so they can talk to each other without removing their headphones, this also works with one person if some else wants to talk to you. I’ve now been trying to find some of my favourite stuff on tape, and it’s a real hunt, which makes it fun. But a lot of them are less than £10 which makes it relatively cheap to collect for. Sadly, most charity shops don’t sell them anymore so it’s quite hard to come across them in the wild. Today I found some nice thrash metal in a music shop, great selection, and randomly went into the junk shop next door and asked on the off chance if the ever got old Walkmans in. She said she normally doesn’t but walks over to a cubby hole and pulls out an absolute mint WM-F28. It has the works, radio, auto reverse, Dolby noise reduction. And it works flawlessly! The sound quality is great and she only asked for £10 for it, it also came with the original on ear headphones, that actually should be matched to the TPS-L2, which was a great surprise. So, anyone else collect tapes?
  11. An incredibly lucky find down the local junk shop. A WM-F28, it’s mint, has original headphones and sounds fantastic, close to cd quality sound.
  12. I’ve gone down the cd rabbit hole after finding a ‘broken’ Sony Discman on a portabello road market stall for £4. It wasn’t broken, he just had the batteries in the wrong way found. It was a D-11 model and I gave it a spin a home and was completely amazed at the sound quality, it far surpassed my airpod pros. Since then I’ve picked up a variety of Discmans culminating in my favourite one, the D-777, one of the pinnacles of Discman design. I found one with a broken lid hinge on eBay for £20 and fixed it in 5 mins with a small hobby drill, toothpick and super glue. It sounds glorious and has decent uncompressed anti skip protection, one of the only ones to offer it. I’ve been like a pig in shit lapping up cheap cds, pivoting from vinyl that is now laughably expensive. CDs for a few quid each. My best purchase was a job lot of 122 Power/Thrash/Death metal from a reviewer in the 98-04 period, all promos. I’d heard of a few and loved them but many bands were new. It’s great to listen to random stuff. I find due to having wife and kids, the hifi doesn’t get much use at the moment, so the D-777 comes out in bed at night when I usually listen to an album in the dark, it’s wonderful.
  13. Can’t find anything really online but these are the pics it looks normal at first, but note the TST in the barcode means Test, and the very low serial. The firmware running on it is where is has the s, denoting the show variant. If anyone knows anything else about it the give me a shout. I have no attachment to them so if there is interest then I’ll look into it but difficult to price.
  14. I’ve got a couple of ‘test’ slim PS2 consoles but I can’t find much on them. They don’t say TEST on them, they look normal, but they have an S at the end of their model numbers, I believe indicating them to be Show models, meaning they were the ones on show at gaming events like E3 etc or the UK equivalent. They are region free and can play backups without modification, although require the backup to be patched to a master disc version. That’s all I could find on them, no idea of value, but cool curios. Even better, their serial numbers are the same bar 1, so they must have been used on the same booth. I think the reason for them was so they could demonstrate prerelease versions of games, and needed CD-R compatibility
  15. The closest I could get was Guerrilla Strike, it looks similar, but when seen in motion it is a scolling shooter
  16. Under a year. I was surprised given Amazon’s normally decent customer service
  17. It looked and smelled just like a vape cloud, maybe even berry flavour. It might have been the coolant frying
  18. My PS5 just exploded! It wouldn’t turn on and I could hear this weird faint noise coming from the bottom of the back end. It sounded slightly like coil whine. It then made a loud pop and thick white smoke that smelled like candy came out of it. I unplugged it and put it outside until the smoke stopped, it felt pretty hot. Luckily no fire. Has anyone else had this? I looked into Amazon returns but it’s a return to Sony job. I’ll start the returns process on Monday. Has anyone experience of returns? Do I just need to return the console itself? Do I need to pack it in a specific way or is it just picked up as is by the courier. Elden ring is inside it, will I see that again? Any way to get it out? I hope my saves are on the cloud…
  19. I've had a few good finds recently. A mint Gregory Horror Show with memory card in the box from Oxfam for £2, a lovely battery powered Sony condenser microphone from a car boot sale for £1, and today a PS3 slim from a skip that works fine!
  20. I’ve got really into minidisc recently. What a wonderful music format! I had a junked up MZR55 turn up today sold as faulty for a few quid, but brought back to life with some isopropyl and vinegar and a new battery. I’ve bought some new minidiscs being released as vaporwave which are fun and hunted down some original releases like Bat out of Hell. I adore the look of the MZE10 but they are hard to find, does anyone have one?
  21. NES Classic if you can find one. Hard to go wrong with two buttons!
  22. Thanks! I thought I had but it hadn’t worked!
  23. Edit: I can’t seem to get spoilers on my phone!
  24. I see this get asked a lot and you will get a lot of different answers. It seems to be based rather upon the individual’s own exposure to games during formative years, normally to early twenties. For me this was PS2/Xbox/GC
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