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  1. £15, I’ve been after it and it seems to be a bit less than it normally goes for
  2. I popped into a game shop today and they had a large cabinet of ‘spares and repairs’. This stuff was dirt cheap, NESs for £10, PS2s £5 etc. I picked up a GBAsp with a non working screen for £12 and two DMG game boys, one wasn’t turning on the other had horizontal lines for £10 each. GBA just needed the ribbon cable reinserting. One DMG just has dirty contacts and works fine. The other I’ll just fit with an IPS screen and have a go at fixing a horizontal line and see what the fuss is about.
  3. You have just described most shooters! Anything else to help such as when you played it? What was the ship like? Any memorable bosses? Parody post?
  4. Another little scoot around this morning Buffy comics £3 Mega Drive Collection 20p GBC and Tetris £20
  5. If it makes you feel better I completely ballsed up a Gameboy Pocket screen last night and had to chuck it. Ended up with vertical lines after removing the foil and polariser. Damaged the ribbon cable whilst doing it. Tbf for the price I paid I’m happy just for the main board to put an IPS screen on. It might have already been broken but didn’t check before I started. Doh! Poor quality photo from eBay listing
  6. Backlight and bivert finished! I’m really happy with it, went for the yellow/green backlight to mimic the old pictures. I’ve just seen a spec of dust on the inside of the lense so back apart it comes! In the pics the camera seems to be doing some additional polarisation, the screen in real life is lovely!
  7. Found a few things today Everything works apart from the Dual Shock 3, which is official. The USB port looks a bit battered and a pin out of place so I’ll see if I can fix that. Was only £2. Other things GBA sp £15 with game and charger DS lite £4 Leap Pad ultimate and game £10 (for my daughter!) DS and GBA chargers £5 for 3 Boss tuner £1 Overall, not too bad
  8. The arches are also too big, they shouldn’t over shoot the label, but again hard to tell with such blurry photos. A good question to ask is if they have indented numbers on the label
  9. Hard to tell but the probably are. I’d expect to see shiny labels and batteries poking out the top right of the label, which I can’t see
  10. I attempted a backlight and bivert mod on a DMG last night. Boy is it fiddly! I thought I was going to break everything removing the foil and polariser from the screen, and the bivert mod was a lot harder than I anticipated. Solder got everywhere! Right in between the pins. I’ve not soldered much before so learnt a lot, especially how important flux is! After the first attempt there was a lot of noise on the screen, so I went back and removed some solder and refilled a few bit, eventually got it working. Annoyingly the backlight didn’t seem to come with the required 100ohm resistor so I’ve got
  11. Some kind of acrylic polish? Never tried anything but seen it recommended a few times
  12. If you are near London then the Nine Elms market in Vauxhall should have restarted last Sunday. Huge place with an area for traders and random car boots
  13. If anyone is interested, I picked up a book on Game Boy Modding on Amazon and it’s really good. A proper passion project by the author with lots of insights and Game Boy facts thrown in along the way. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Game-Boy-Modding-Greg-Farrell/dp/1718500149/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=game+boy+modding&qid=1619647682&sr=8-1
  14. DuckTales Review Im working my way through the classics and up next is one that seems to pop up in a lot of top 10 lists - Ducktales. Unless I had been informed, I wouldn’t have known to give this a shot. A licensed Disney game by Capcom, it controls really well. Scrooge McDuck bounces around on his stick across 5 levels spread around the world in search of treasure to cement his place ever more firmly as the world’s richest duck. Released on the Game Boy in 1990, Ducktales was an early release and was ambitious in its scope. Each level needs to be carefully explored to
  15. Actually on that topic or rechargeable batteries, I picked up a cheap GBP with backlit screen and USBC charging on eBay (£50!). The USBC mod is really interesting in that you put in batteries as normal, either standard or NiMH rechargeable ones and you can just plug in the USBC cable to recharge the batteries directly in the GBP. You can get up to 1100mah AAAs, so a total of 2200mah and interchangeable as well. I can’t find any info on the mod but it seems awesome.
  16. Had a go at fixing the dead lines and way hey! A lot easier than I was expecting!
  17. Opened up a DMG to fix some dead lines. Urgh!
  18. Kid Dracula Review I’m a big fan of Castlevania so decided to pop Kid Dracula into my gameboy next. This is nothing like a Castlevania game and only exists as such with a few small references here and there. What you get instead is an incredibly varied platformer with big sprites and an enormous sense of fun. This game is dripping with charm! The game is split into 8 levels, each of which is split into 3 sections and a Boss. At first the game is super easy but quickly gets challenging in the sense that you have to learn the level. Every sub stage is different and I was
  19. Those look great, all stuff I want to try as well. I’ve become pretty obsessed with Gameboys in the last few months and have a few different versions to experiment on including another one with a broken screen which is my first thing to try and fix. I’m keen to do a birvert backlight to preserve the original gameboy screen. Currently we are in a small flat and I have no room for tinkering but just had an offer accepted on a house with a massive garage which will become my fortress!
  20. It looks pretty cool! I really want to do a backlight/bivert mod on a spare I’ve got. Perhaps £90-100 for the package. The parts are a bit cheaper than the ips screen but the work required is more, so I guess it’s what you value your time at? Nice selection of games.
  21. It’s always worth having a friendly chat with them and ask if the have anything they are still waiting to put out. The charity shops around me get picked daily by multiple people, so you have to be lucky to find something on the shelves that’s worth anything. I have been insanely lucky in the last few weeks, found more than I have in the last few years!
  22. Another decent find on the way home from work. Asked my local if they had any other games and he brings a huge bag of Wii games up from the basement. £15 - there’s also a disc only Mario galaxy and Wii sports in the blank case.
  23. Tried that, the mechanism pulls the draw in and out but seems to jam when opened and closed. Any ideas?
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