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  1. Tried that, the mechanism pulls the draw in and out but seems to jam when opened and closed. Any ideas?
  2. Another great little find today. My heart almost skipped a beat when seeing them. There is nothing quite like an unpicked charity shop! Games £5 for all xboxes £35 for both, apparently working but need to check, maybe they are modded! Edit: one works fine but the other has a jammed disc drive, will need to look into this.
  3. They seem to have gone up in value a bit recently, was surprised to see CeX offering £43 credit on it, they seem to be going for less than that on eBay!
  4. The battery is dead but it came on for a brief second. I’ve got a charger somewhere so I’ll check later
  5. Just popped into one next to my house that wasn’t open earlier and the streak continues!
  6. The charity shops have opened! I went around the ones local to me this morning and there was a lot more decent stuff than usual. I picked up: Megadrive Mini - New £40 DSi - £8 400 game nes handheld thing £5 Corsair K55 RGB (New) and ADXM0519 combo £20 Also found loads of good books for my daughter. The pickings were rich today!
  7. @Paulando It really hooked me so definitely give it a go if you can.
  8. Gargoyle’s Quest Review I’ve been really getting into GB games in the last month and after looking at some best of lists decided to start with Gargoyle’s Quest. What fantastic game! It has aged well due to tight controls, solid level design and a good difficulty curve/sense of progression. It came at a time when Capcom were on top form and is themed within the Ghosts n Goblins universe. You play as Firebrand the Gargoyle who needs to save the realm and does so over 5 main levels, some smaller bits in between and a very basic RPG/town section that allows you to generate pa
  9. I’ve successfully rescued the previously posted gameboy. I had originally hoped to save the original case but upon opening a lot of plastic bits fell out and half the stumps that hold the screws in place were broken. The rest was fairly easy, got a RIPS V3 IPS screen and CleanJuice battery pack from RetroSix and replacement case. Saved all the buttons and silicon which were fine. Overall really happy but they sent me the wrong CleanJuice battery (not the XL one) so waiting on that replacement. Time to give it a whirl!
  10. @MikeBeaver This is what I have to work with. I’ll be going with an ips backlight mod and usb c rechargeable battery. Lots of different options though, so I’ll try and choose the most bomb proof options! You are welcome to any left over bits. It appears that vertical lines can be fixed so I might see if I can get the dot matrix screen working again.
  11. @MikeBeaver Not at home at the mo, but I think I saw them arrive on my Ring doorbell! I couldn’t resist GQ and DK at the prices they had them for so I guess I’ll have doubles. For modding, anything really, screen/case/battery/speaker just something to tinker with. I did a GBA screen and case mod before and really enjoyed the process (I think it’s earlier in the thread somewhere!)
  12. I found a random shop yesterday that was selling gameboy games way too cheap so picked up a few. Getting a nice collection together - currently on Gargoyle’s Quest which is excellent. I just picked up a beat up and broken DMG GB but internals and buttons okay apparently so going to use it as a modding test subject. Any tips or guides people have followed? Best website for parts (deadpanrobot?)
  13. I was going to say gotta be £1000+, noticed the sealed stuff. I don’t understand where these bundles come from? It’s clearly from a collector, so for a bargainous price it’s either deceased/mother clearing out/disgruntled partner What’s the story?
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