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  1. Why would someone tip them off to thousands of pounds potentially to be made. It sounds pretty fake to me. The games are clean surrounded by utter filth, it’s almost as if they have just been placed there…
  2. I stumbled upon this band starting out and was mightily impressed. That singer has pretty good control and the guitarist looks like he’s 13. Some good potential here! https://youtu.be/7j0oE6RiWng
  3. There should be options to buy the screen on its own or with a pre cut shell. You can modify an original shell with a craft knife but it can be fiddly and it’s difficult to get straight lines
  4. Sorry, it’s this one https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005001836773840.html it’s sometimes referred to as the Q5 as it’s the screen out of a BlackBerry Q5 The shells are pretty good, not quite as good as the originals. The aftermarket buttons are a step down in quality though. Try and use official ones if possible.
  5. If you are prepared to do some shell modification the a Q5 is great. You can normally get them with a precut replacement shell
  6. I just finished this and enjoyed it but it felt a bit Uncharted 3 where they designed the set pieces first and then tied it all together. Everything felt so separate. The individual characters/villains were good but it really blew its load on the first castle, I really enjoyed that part. It then became a bit derivative and whilst the 2nd and 3rd parts were good first time round, they are really one shots that don’t hold up much to repeat play throughs. I also thought the graphical quality varied wildly, as if the design had been done by different teams, the castle was again great and the characters within lifelike. But Some such as Ethan’s wife were poorly drawn and looked PS3 era. I enjoyed it overall but all it did was make me want to play RE4 again
  7. They have digital in stock
  8. Got one! Thanks! Randomly checked and got lucky, no pressing F5 for a week for me!
  9. Oh well, was hoping to get one but won’t bother now
  10. Is it just me finding stuff? Not bargains, but picked up complete boxed copies of Mario is Missing on SNES and Diddy Kong Racing on N64 for £15 each and also a slim PS2 with two controllers and a few memory cards for £25 yesterday. My first SNES and N64 finds in a charity shop!
  11. Popped back to my old haunt and found this DSi XL in mint condition for £15. They are so random, the other day they had a beat up PSP with no battery for £50. No idea how they get their prices!
  12. I have a large box of sealed Shin Megami Tensei stuff including persona. Pretty much a full collection, bar Persona 1, that I could never find sealed. It’s all skyrocketed and I’m tempted to cash it in but I wonder if it just keeps going up. I need the money though as have just moved house and need to do a million things to it.
  13. Moved house and now have fresh pickings! Board games all complete Blue Lagoon £4 7 Wonders £3 13 Ghosts £1 Exploding Kittens NSFW edition (not pictured) £1 Games all sealed £1 each I was surprised to find sealed switch games!
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