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  1. I’m trying some polystyrene upcycling
  2. @Nicky That looks amazing! Love the paint peeling effect. How big is it? Also need tips on your photo set up!
  3. Decided to work on a Noise Marine for something a little different. It was a tricky one!
  4. Indomitus has arrived! I was expecting it next week as chose the free delivery option, so keep an ear out for the mailman
  5. And the full Dark Imperium set
  6. Finally finished the Dark Imperium box set, the day before Indomitus. These larger characters and monsters from the Death Guard have been my favourite to paint so far, they really are fantastic. I considered griming/rusting/bloodying them up but was hesitant and quite like the clean feel. Bring on tomorrow and my next challenge.
  7. I had my first game of 40K today with a good friend. All the time spent painting paid off and we had a great time. There is a lot to learn, particularly what stratagems to use.
  8. I think the Blacklist Miniatures Fantasy pack was mentioned earlier but they have a late pledge open for another day or so. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blacklistgames/blacklist-miniatures-fantasy-series-1 I looked into postage and import tax and they state that it is shipped from their UK distribution centre so there will be no surprises. It was about $88 all in which seems a good price for what you get.
  9. I'd have put the value close to £800, not sure my marriage would survive that!
  10. Wow! Not often you see such a complete set. I’d be interested but bet it’s worth a fortune!
  11. Working on one of these as we speak! That’s some great progress, it was a fiddly model to build for me. With hind sight I’d have used superglue to stick the weapons on as there was nothing to hold them in place, they kept slipping down with plastic glue and I had to hold them in place for ages!
  12. I managed to get one but it was a struggle to navigate the constantly crashing pages. A few of my friends were not so lucky and got to payment but then told zero stock. Hopefully there is a second batch on the way.
  13. He’s tiny! Did you make him? I really want to try some of the custom stuff in the same vein as what you are posting. I’m too scared to venture away from the box art colour schemes at the moment!
  14. Been a bit delayed these last few weeks. But worked my way through these. A lot of new concepts. Focused on learning how to do faces, power swords and banners. Finished the Ultramarine segment of Dark Imperium and 4 more models to go on the Death Guard side.
  15. I’ve found I need to get the light very close to the tops of the models, facing forward towards them. I then get the camera in directly below the light and will play about with brightness/contrast etc in post. Great looking squad, I really want to do a yellow paint scheme but always hear about how difficult it is. How did you find the yellow? Something like this just using iPhone photo options
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