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  1. I think for me it’s what you played at a certain age, during your formative years. Maybe up to 18. For me, anything past that age, and I’m 36 now, just doesn’t feel retro. But as others have pointed out, that’s pretty much when the 360 was released and games haven’t really changed since then, only got more shiny.
  2. Really enjoying this but having to pretty much narrate for my Wife. I can imagine you would get lost pretty fast if you haven’t read the book. Heading over to IMDB is a seething hate fest for it. Maybe someone takes it when it’s finished and edits it into a linear order!
  3. What the hell is even that?!! It looks like one of the free movies I skip past on Plex. I’ll give it a go without the dub just because it’s Ghibli, but this is from the same guy that did Earthsea so I’ll go in with low expectations.
  4. Bump! I found some FF books in a charity shop and relived my youth. I took a disciplined approach, no cheating! Mapped out the path I took and it was fantastic! I defeated the warlock but didn’t have the right keys for the true ending. I started with Warlock of Firetop Mountain, and now need to decide if I rinse and repeat and map it out fully, or move on. Also, any advice on mapping, mine quickly became a mess!
  5. I completed The Warlock of Firetop Mountain last night, although not fully, need another key! Really enjoyed it but the goddamn maze of Zagor was arduous. Had great fun mapping it out!
  6. Not video games, but I found a stack of fighting fantasy books in a charity shop. I loved them when I was younger so looking forward to a nostalgic trip. They aren’t the original ones but the most recent reprints I think. I got the first 10 of what is called ‘series 2’ which isn’t the same order as the originals. I used to have a decent collection when I was younger, and some of the original ones fetch a high price! Alas, they all went to the charity shop at some point
  7. I’m gearing up for this year’s street photography competition at work. There are 5 rounds, each with a theme, but they haven’t been announced yet. I have been practising trying to spot out of place things that perhaps have a story. I’m not that confident yet with just shooting randoms, but perhaps I work towards that. These are my interesting shots from the last week 1. Empty frame. What’s the story here? Did someone like the picture so much they stole it? Or maybe it’s deliberate, or maybe someone just never put one in. 2. Burst Hose. This was poetic,
  8. We have a street photography competition every year at my work (I'm a teacher so it's open to a number of schools and separate competitions for staff and students) and I really enjoyed it last year. It makes you look everywhere for potential shots and can give focus to mundane walks through town. Last year, I came runner up with a picture I got whilst travelling in Japan (Nagasaki) for the theme 'Structure' So, I went into it not know anything about street photography, and still don't really. Any tips for this years competition that is just about to start? Not
  9. That’s a great call and certainly fits the brief but I don’t remember controlling multiple goblins
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, and they were some of the first ones I checked out, even scanning through entire playthroughs to see if I can spot the scene in case it’s not from the start of the game. They are certainly on the right tracks and with a similar feel but none have that talking gate. Perhaps my memory is making it up!
  11. This has been bugging me for years and despite searching I have never figured out what the game was. I remember I went over to my Mum’s work colleague’s house as a kid and she let me play some games on her PC. One was Simon the Sorcerer, so we are talking that era, and the other I just cannot figure out and I’m big into my point and clicks. I have a strong memory of descending a hill towards the start of the game and coming across a large locked gate with a talking head or something in the stones above the gate that wouldn’t let me through. It seemed like a fantasy worl
  12. I got a bit caught up in collecting stuff. It was just like any form of retail therapy. I noticed how the games I seemed to gravitate towards always increased in value so I started collecting sealed stuff, trying to predict the market, and you know what it worked! I also played the games by getting unsealed versions. I have largely stopped now but not quite sure when to cash it in, or even to try and take it further. Take Digital Devil Saga on PS2 for example. It can be had for £11 sealed. I think new stock is going to dry up as it just did for DDS2 and prices for that are now £50+
  13. Hang on, is B Everiss the same Bruce ‘Trousers’ Everiss who used to frequent here?
  14. It was £8, I almost glanced over it but saw the Citadel Logo and then the light bulb struck!
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