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  1. Thanks, that’s really useful, me and my wife were going to experiment over Xmas, me on the dice, her on cast objects etc. As I thought, it gets pretty complex hence the price of these finished dice sets. I’m off to Dragonmeet tomorrow, so hope to see some custom stuff
  2. @Dr_Dave Do you have any advice with where to start with making your own dice? I see lots of kits advertised on Amazon but a lot get bad reviews. I want to avoid but cheap buy twice. I’m also keen to get rounded edge dice moulds but these seem rarer than sharp edged ones. Are the moulds reusable, or do they have a limited number of uses? In essence, I’m sure you went through a process of finding decent materials, do you have any starting tips to avoid any issues you had initially?
  3. Don’t forget covered in jam. It’s happened too many times for it not to become a thing for me. Discs covered in jam.
  4. I paid about £84 for pocket, dock, hard case, Game Gear adapter and screen protector. So it should be a bit less if it’s just a pocket. What’s annoying is paying tax on the value of the order now vs a year a go, where it would be about £10 less
  5. So this arrived today, I went for the full package with dock, protective case, screen protector and GG adapter. I’m reticent to open it though based on the eBay prices, it seems to be a grand+ for this bundle and I could do with the money. But the fpga and different cores make it a pretty good device for running most things. Arrrhg decisions!
  6. I experimented with a load and found the dirt cheap synthetic brushes were fine. I did most of my work with a size 4 or even a 6. Going small, such as 00 and 000 was such a faff and I found the tips on even the size 2 were good enough for fine detail. I used these https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B006YSZJQM?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title And did these mostly with a size 6
  7. I took it upon myself to run an introductory RPG session with some old friends who play a lot of Warhammer. I eventually, after much research, decided to go old school after a recommendation from a Games Master I know. I’ve played D&D 5E and whilst I enjoyed it, I found it fairly limiting, or certainly in the games I played. Everything was played on a grid with figures, and combat was quite methodical, often with little threat. Enter OSR, or Old School Renaissance/Revival. A bunch of systems that have taken D&D 1E and reinterpreted them. But they are brutal, and simpler. The combat is so stacked against you that you are forced to be creative, targeting certain body parts, blinding, knocking over, all through the descriptions of your actions. If you just slug each other, then you will probably die. An example being, if a demon enters through a portal, then a character can attempt to push the demon back through, if he succeeds then bye bye demon. I have looked at 3 OSR systems, Basic Fantasy Roleplaying (The books are so cheap on Amazon, about £3 each), Whitebox, and Dungeon Crawl Classics. DCC is certainly a meatier book at 500 pages, but it has so many tables you can consult for random effects. The adventure I have decided to run for my friends in a ‘funnel’ adventure, where each player gets 3-4 peasants, level 0 characters. The funnel adventure is designed to kill off the weak ones, due to randomly assigned stats, 3D6 for each attribute, and random occupations (enter the beekeeper with his smoke stick weapon (staff), and jar of honey). At the end you are typically left with the stronger characters, who then reach level 1 and choose classes. The adventures are typically dungeons full of traps and unfair situations where critical thinking is imperative, something I found generally lacking in 5E. Does anyone else have experience with these systems?
  8. Sony Trinitrons are the ones to look out for. Another piece of advice is to check eBay and sort results by distance. You might find someone nearby with one for a bargain price. Most people won’t post them so if you keep an eye out you can get a good deal. You can also try gumtree as well
  9. Unfortunately not, everything is in the pictures. I’ve just played Traveller recently and had a great time with the system, so wouldn’t mind running my own campaigns with what is here
  10. I thought this was worth sharing as it doesn’t happen every day. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a deeply buried FB Market place advert for a large amount of old fantasy books. It was a joblot from a chap who does house clearances with not many photos. I decided to take a chance, and a massive shout out to @Vespa Alex for helping to collect it and package and post it to me. I managed to look through it last night and it was a treasure trove of 1970s and 80s RPG books and materials. We are talking first ed D&D, MERP (Middle Earth), RuneQuest, Traveller etc, over 100 different items. It was like going back through time, the musty smell, old character sheets embedded, old hand drawn maps. I love the old monochrome fantasy art and amateurish type faces of these old books. There were even some hand made fanzines. I attend a wonderful RPG club in London called Hobbits Hole, in Bromley, so if you are near definitely check it out and I’ll be taking it all down for the club to have a trip down memory lane as some of this stuff is very hard to find. Anyway, take a gander, if there is anything you want more info on I can take more photos or even scan some of it in. I’ve not had a chance to fully research it all yet
  11. So, my favourite fantasy book dealer dad was at the car boot again. He’s basically the dad of someone probably on this forum selling his Son’s worldly possessions because he’s now married and living in Canada. He had some pretty rare PS1 stuff out today and he told me he had left the ‘manga’ stuff at home, he name dropped Suikoden II… I’ll be back next time for sure! Anyway, I got a few more game books from him today, I was actually after these which was nice
  12. Oh my….. I went back to the same car boot sale that I got the adventure game books from last week. The chap was selling his sons stuff that he didn’t want anymore. There was some nice stuff, a bit of Warhammer, some White Dwarf magazines etc. Last week he told me he had some more fighting fantasy. I asked if he was local but it was hard for me to get to without a car. I offered to swap numbers and if he could send me some photos but he said he didn’t have a phone, it felt like he kept trying to block me. I asked if he could bring them this week and he said he would try. What a collection. I was staggered, this stuff is late number fighting fantasy, some of these books go for £80+. I’ve always wanted these so badly but couldn’t bring myself to pay the eBay prices for them. I will be keeping these proudly in my collection and hopefully work my way through them.
  13. I’m picking up a lot of stuff like this in charity shops. I guess our generation are all having kids and needing to make space, or parents have dumped all the stuff they left behind at home at their new place and down to the charity shop it goes. They are so cheap, sometimes 5 for £1. The other week I picked up some Offspring, RatM and Green Day
  14. So I picked up a Saisho Ghettoblaster at a boot sale last Sunday. This thing looks the part. It turns on but the spools don’t move. I took it apart to investigate, it’s pretty user serviceable, the good thing about these larger cassette players is there is space to manoeuvre. I had to disassemble the whole mechanism and was greeted by 2 completely disintegrated belts. They had gone like tar, never seen that before. I cleaned it all up with isopropyl alcohol and have ordered a large pack of replacement belts of varying sizes. It’s difficult to know the exact size so I’ll probably have to guess and get somewhere close enough! Hopefully it can work once more…
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