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  1. I like that despite the show officially ending, we're all just sitting here quietly confident that we'll get some sort of news about a continuation. Yep. Any time now.
  2. Can’t be a problem if you never have to do it :tap forehead:.
  3. I think they very deliberately planned that, if they got another run after SyFy quit, that they’d adapt up to this point. So it’s not like Amazon has killed the show; they’ve made all the show they had plans to do. They’ve had core cast signed on this for eight or nine years, they’ll be wanting to go do some more stuff. I think they deserve a break. Maybe not 30 years but…
  4. I fucking told you all!
  5. Well, they stuck the landing.
  6. Usually if you make it to the end of S1E4 and still don't like it, you're not going to change your mind. A few people on here who found it slow and plodding became superfans after S1E4 though.
  7. I think even with the STALKER Complete mods they'd feel pretty janky but there's few games out there that manage to make night time legitimately terrifying as opposed to, well, a sort of mildly annoying twilight.
  8. Keon Alexander (Marco) has some solid Twitter game this season
  9. This was a good Spider-Man movie, and had more than a few surprises in it.
  10. Oh my fucking god. Quality casting of a certain motherfucker at the start too. Spot on.
  11. I gotta come back to this. Arnie, the fucking hero, shoots the guy who offers him the Red Pill in the head! It's a film where taking the Red Pill is fucking stupid and you should shoot anyone who offers you it then fuck off to save the world!
  12. Well, that's what a rich guy is trying to convince him of, anyway. It's actually deadly poison. Those fucking dumbasses.
  13. Remember what the Founding Fathers of the Great British Republic of Freedom said: "If you can't say anything you want everywhere all the time to everyone, you're being oppressed".
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