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  1. All the reviews of this are, "it's got lavish production values that make you really feel like you're having a miserable time travelling around Callisto and you will want to dump it to Easy mode to just get on and enjoy the sights and it's only 10 hours long", and I gotta tell you guys, as a father of two who liked Dead Space and hasn't finished a game in two years, that's basically an Edge 10.
  2. It's a great way to hide geometry while you load out the old level and load in the new one.
  3. Stop ruining this thread, you know none of us have any time to play videogames and need to experience them vicariously through reviews.
  4. It's going to be a 6 and also my Game of the Year probably.
  5. I think the show had an inevitable hiatus added into it by the huge time jump they chose to do between books 6 and 7. That hadn't been decided when the show was greenlit. I'd rather they waited to be honest. They could probably get away with a bit of grey hair dye and make-up wrinkles on Steven Strait in ten years' time to make him look like he's in his magic-future-healthcare 70s but it'd be fairly ridiculous rolling into S7 right now claiming that Dominique Tipper's character was the same age as Helen Mirren.
  6. Yes, the only exception to this is if the disc version and the digital version are a different region (this affects Fallout 4 in the UK, where the version on the store is the pan-EU version and the physical UK version is a UK-specific version so the saves don't work together).
  7. The game I've been working away on for the past six months got featured today as it drops its first new season of content. Probably not going to win a lot of gamer cred but I'm pretty proud. https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/dead-mans-phone/id1389763112 Oh yeah, and a trailer:
  8. Incidentally a lot of the merch is a bit meh, but this shirt is 1000% being bought
  9. Silent Hill Respects looks interesting at least.
  10. Who the fuck is this, Darth Vader?
  11. This is the real exciting reveal, I am hype.
  12. Ah good, they’ve been sent to the hell dimension, AKA Glasgow.
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