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  1. Either way, Palpatine fucks, which is the only piece of information I’ve retained from the movie.
  2. Spacehost


  3. Spacehost


    I've just started it. I've been finding the English dub hysterical for its complete earnestness but I'll switch to Japanese now. It's not what I thought it would be at all.
  4. I’ve been forcing myself to watch this. I made it through most of the party planet where the most famous admiral in Star Fleet who was literally on TV a week ago and made all the news puts on a silly accent and an eye patch and it almost killed me, I had to stop. I don’t think I’ve seen a show go from promising to outright bad so fast. It’s like someone dropped a ramp and a shark tank in front of Patrick Stewart as he was rolling down hill in his wheelchair, and four episodes in he’s just launched clean over the shark and is going to land in a dumpster.
  5. Just watched this. It's a triumphant performance trapped in a thoroughly mediocre and self important movie that ends with the main character literally shouting the supposed subtext at viewers at home. The score and production design are the only reason people mistake it for a great piece of art.
  6. Is that from when they reissued the movie with the videogame’s artwork to try and make some money off people who bought the game but had never seen the film?
  7. Fucks sake guys, label book spoilers as such or go to the dead thread for open book spoilers and leave this one alone.
  8. I think they did a good job of turning the most rote and predictable of the books into a solid enough ten episodes, but it's telling the best stuff came from the Belter plotline.
  9. The show is absolutely back to the sort of slow build that made the first season so divisive. Rest assured, it will all come together.
  10. Hot damn, this show is really firing on all cylinders. Some MAGNIFICENT casting too.
  11. That green-black colour scheme from the point in the early 2000s when we were stuck between vapourwave and whatever came after vapourwave... Oof
  12. It was definitely an educational experience. Got you back when I bought DMC instead of... whatever shitshow we had planned to get, anyway.
  13. He's their mechanic, anything physical Naomi decides needs fixing, he does the fixing. He hits, well, just about anything with a wrench until it does what they need it to.
  14. I did get around to playing it, it was great.
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