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  1. My heart fell out my arse when so God knows what else it would do to me!
  2. It's not a question of buying one really, I just can't really do full immersion VR right now. I'd be in the dog house!
  3. Only just started this, after finding out i) it's a sane length at about 10 hours and ii) it's in the PS+ Collection and plays like s dream on PS5. It's a bit intense isn't it? It's like everyone is fucking Hat Motherfucker from Resi 2 all the time, except also on meth. I will enjoy not enjoying how stressful this is. Wish I had PSVR now.
  4. If you don't have enough room to install a game it'll prompt you to uninstall some stuff and give you some options (apparently).
  5. Yes, with an few exceptions, eg Control Vs Control Ultimate Edition.
  6. Wait, is Moaning Mertle an anti-trans allegory
  7. I think someone rolled a couple of cannisters of CN-20 into the artist's nest when they were working on those, if you get me. Laymen's terms...
  8. So yeah, completely deleting and reinstalling it got the disc version working. So hopefully in four months I can play it in glorious 60fps and not, y'know, get told to fuck off.
  9. No, but also yes; the way rights management seems to work on PSN is a complete mess, so stuff like this happens all the time. You certainly can't install the digital and physical editions at the same time; it simply said "Installed" because I had the disc version on the external drive, so despite nominally "owning" the game, I need to delete it and install the digital version instead if I don't want to use a disc. Simply "owning" the PS+ edition of Remake partially erased the existence of the disc version from my console, so they're in some way linked with the same game ID. But del
  10. Did you try to install the demo? Demos aren't back compatible.
  11. If were a cynic, I'd say this is a deliberate move by Square, so if you like Remake on Plus you can't just go out and buy it on disc cheaply after Intergrade is released to get the free PS5 upgrade.
  12. So I've managed to get it to delete the disc version of the game by putting in my disc and selecting "Delete", I'll try reinstalling it again from scratch. I expect it'll be the same; if you "buy" the free version, you can never play your disc copy again, and have cock-blocked yourself from the PS5 upgrade. I suspect Sony will work out how to fix this but come on...
  13. It's always been playable on PS5. It was one of the first PS4 games I booted up.
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