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  1. It was the same with the PS3, depending on which factory you it came from you got different numbers of blades, with 23-blade ones being highly sought after for their mythical inability to YLOD. Frankly it’s probably a load of old shite, and they’ll be rated for the same cubic centimetres per second of airflow, I’d just like the quieter one.
  2. That’s wild. However I’ve never solid a PlayStation in 20 years, and don’t plan to start now. It’ll go away in the store cupboard like Captain America, awaiting my hour of need.
  3. I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions.
  4. I understand from a technical standpoint why it's like this, but Sony's cross-gen situation is very 2013, and largely down on publishers doing a lot of leg work it seems. It's like their digital Vs disc setup- the version of Fallout 4 on the UK PSN, for instance, is the EU mainland version, so it won't work with saves from a UK disc version.
  5. Yeah, you own both. Think the PS4 needs to be set as the primary PS4 for your PSN account, but the neat thing is you can have a primary PS4 and a primary PS5 and they both work perfect.
  6. It would be pretty impressive of Sony to start nickel and diming on console features before it even launched, usually they give it a few months.
  7. Sony have asked me to send them my console to look at. In #fangate news, here's a French site finding that their retail-purxhased unit has a fan with less blades than their review unit, and is noisier; they apparently tore down five units and no two had the same fan model! So maybe the noisy fan issue will be resolvable with a simple swap to a 23-blade fan instead of a 17-blade one. https://www.lesnumeriques.com/console-de-jeu/labo-playstation-5-et-bruit-toutes-les-consoles-ne-sont-pas-dotees-du-meme-ventilateur-n157521.html
  8. Papa Sony got back to me about my noisy console, but just a request for info. Will update when I receive a resolution or whatever. Expect about a week for an escalation to go through, I guess; not bad under the circumstances.
  9. I'd love to pick some specific era of amazing titles and unbeatable investment products, but I'd probably drop into CA Games in 2002 and buy lots of weird import XBox and PS2 Japanese shit. Including that plastic guitar they kept saying would work with Gitaroo Man. It doesn't work with Gitaroo Man!
  10. All this talk of deciding your build early and focusing on specific loadouts has got me shiting it, but then I realised I could just start over and probably rinse the first 10 hours of this in three due to experience and knowledge. Am I doing myself a disservice cheesing all the bosses though? Am I going to wind up absolutely deadlocked because my scrub skills won't let me beat a boss?
  11. Check weapon stats- you want one that gets a bonus for one of the stats you want to dump into, eg a Magic bonus weapon will fit a magic user, high Dexterity for people wanting that sort of build etc. TBH just try them out, I'm pure rapier daft me.
  12. Personal high point of the last 24 hours: stopping to read a message on my first walk up to the 3-1 boss.
  13. Whereas I thought, “why have the people who made Armored Core made this Knightmare game”. I don’t think it did any sort of numbers. You know what, fuck Metal Gear Solid. There’s only one game more deserving of the Bluepoint reassessment than Demon’s, and that’s God Hand.
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