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  1. Spacehost

    Alan Wake: Tramp gamers, take a hike!

    For me it was the combination of 90s TV inspiration (X-Files, Twin Peaks, The Outer Limits reboot), Stephen King storytelling and that perfect episodic structure. Having Poe on the soundtrack didn't hurt either.
  2. Spacehost

    Nintendo Mobile : Nearly 3 years have passed

    Nintendo own part of the Pokemon IP and an undisclosed amount of Niantic so they probably got value from it, if not directly.
  3. Spacehost

    Spending a year developing a game that sucks

    I know exactly what you mean.
  4. Spacehost

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I like the fact this is secretly the biggest Kirby game ever.
  5. Spacehost

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I just picked this up today. I don’t understand the controls, the single player mode is some French New Wave horror story cinematic followed by some guff where you collect knock off repaints of other game characters, and I keep losing. I punched a giant ROB the Robot off a cliff and as Mario I got challenged to fight Sonic to the death and kicked him into space. This is great.
  6. I did not start this game expecting it to be a love letter to Half Life and Quake with the movement and combat of the best bits of CoD. I just did Effect and Cause. Aww yiss.
  7. Spacehost

    Spending a year developing a game that sucks

    I’ve never had the pleasure of working on a total turkey, but I have been on a project where it was clear the external studio working on it didn’t have the desire, staff or experience to deliver what the hotshot US exec who had been flown in to “rescue” the project wanted; probably because they wanted to, you know, make the game they wanted to make. It was 12 months of agonising chaos that I consider my personal career low, where everyone factionalised and eventually we had to take deliberate steps to try and stop every pub night out after work from turning into a four-hour bitch session. In the end it got handed off to another studio who decided to rewrite it from the ground up, but last I heard it had been canned entirely. What is worse is working on something cool, but having management show zero interest in it, and seeing entire departments be transferred over onto some albatross the CEO is obsessed with instead. That thoroughly sucks.
  8. Thanks much to RaspPi Press for the free issues, although I think I'll regret my words and deeds once I blow another £100 on a Pi and various project bits off the back of it.
  9. Spacehost

    Die Hard

    Hello to Jason Isaacs.
  10. Whichever wag decided to replace the "Review" header in THAT review deserves a crisp handshake. Well done.
  11. Spacehost

    Better Graphics Spoil the Gameplay?

    Your whole thesis is fascinating and would make a great addition to this thread were it not howlingly wrong at a fundamental technical level.
  12. When you know the true reason for the Vega+ you will regret your words and deeds.
  13. Spacehost

    Heavy Rain (PS3)

    I think this has been a long time coming, they've been drifting apart for a while. Still, none years is a good run. We'll always have the failure of the game design.
  14. Spacehost

    Dark Souls Remastered

    I made it to Laurel & Hardie or whoever the fuck they are in Anor Londo, but I think I’m getting a bit tired of the game now. There’s just so much of it. So I’m doing the only sensible thing and doubling down on making a magic weapon of some sort and throwing fireballs at people to keep it lively.
  15. Thanks for dropping by @CrashedAlex. You'll always be the secondary Alex W on here to me but I've thoroughly enjoyed your output over the years and I'll get your next game for sure. I think Paradise was the last racing game I really dumped time into (the excellent Driveclub not withstanding).

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