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  1. It took 17 years of daily posting on a videogame forum but I've been rumbled!
  2. Probably- the Sony virtual surround headsets on PS4 were all compatible with Switch/ PC/ whatever over USB, but only for stereo sound.
  3. FRIENDSHIP ENDED WITH anxiety over buying a £500 phone last year Anxiety over preorder of £500 console IS MY NEW BEST FRIEND
  4. The next book is called Leviathan Falls, and it'll be out next year (if all goes to plan).
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/orbitbooks/status/1305573666172940290 New book announcement tomorrow night, excite
  6. Well wherever he’s from, he deserved better than Morpheus going HAM on him with a roll of wrapping paper while looking like he’d tried to pick something out of the oven without oven gloves.
  7. I would dearly love to hear that argument, although I will accept that Blade Runner has neither The Prodigy on the soundtrack nor Lawrence Fishburne beaning a beloved Australian character actor done up in Hellraiser makeup with a cardboard tube in the finale.
  8. I’m trusting the recipe here, but I’ll be doing a “quality check” tomorrow night to make sure nothing weird is going on. It’s a very clear but pleasant coffee taste, which should become more of a background note. One definite issue: the beer is unspeakably, unfathomably dark, to the point I couldn’t see the bottling want in the carboy and if you shine your phone light on one side of the bottle you can’t see it on the other. So there’s a lot of crap hoovered into the final beer and thus he bottles when I racked it into my bottling bucket. It should drop but it’s definitely one for a gentle pour, swig from one of these and you’ll not enjoy it.
  9. They don’t warn you how much of this is just cleaning, sanitising, cleaning, sanitising, do they? On the plus side my coffee beer will be amazing if it tastes half as good as it is already, and my saison looks smashable. See you in two weeks.
  10. I only know one person with a 4K TV and they got sent it to review. I think the majority of average people with a 4K TV don't even have anything 4K to push to it, so I don't think a console being 1080p only will be a big deal.
  11. The average gamer probably still has a 1080p TV. This isn't about getting early adopters to buy into the next gen, it's about getting the millions of people who aren't thinking about the next gen at all- including a lot of kids who have an original-recipe Xbox One hooked up in their bedroom or whatever- to stay with Xbox. And it'll work.
  12. Just to expand on my monosyllabic comments above: games are exponentially more complex than they were 20-30 years ago. Programming teams are not exponentially larger. You could micro-optimise every line of code like in the early 90s but it would take hundreds of years to release a game. For the "Switch port bad, because PS4 port not optimised" idea- not really. "Optimising" the PS4 port may yield next to no benefits to the Switch port, each platform has its own specific optimisation areas. More importantly, Unity Switch support is relatively new Vs PS4 and Xbox One. Maybe, the engine lacks Switch-specific optimisations.
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