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  1. cale

    Rock Band 4

    Hopefully this link will work. https://www.facebook.com/events/201428460206867/ There's a guy called MacMantis who posts on here who runs it I think.
  2. cale

    Rock Band 4

    So is anyone else going to the Rock Band Club this weekend? I'm hoping to go and awkwardly hang out for a bit before driving hours to get back home again. I'm really interested to see how it all works.
  3. This should be a thing. I hope this is a thing. I can't make it be a thing though.
  4. Way to throw me under the bus there! But for the wider audience there's no way I can pony up for a copy of the game, a PS4 stick and a subscription to whatever the PlayStation equivalent of Xbox Live is. But if I could use my existing TE on the laptop then that could be a goer. That being said, it looks like my laptop has gone all Lazarus and come back to life so it probably doesn't matter anyway.
  5. The Kickstarter page will be up by the end of the day.
  6. My laptop looks like it might've bitten the dust, which is sad but might just have presented me with an opportunity to eventually play SFV. Do you think it's possible to get a new laptop for around the £200-£300 range that would play this game? Is there any kind of minimum spec I should look for? It'd be our household laptop, not a dedicated gaming one at all. Bearing in mind I know little about this sort of thing is there any advice you kind folks could give?
  7. Flying. Amid. Noxious. Gas. I like the look of him. Hsien Ko sleeves are the best!
  8. cale

    Rock Band 4

    Any idea when the Feb Rock Band Club will be? I'm going to try and make it down for that one, date dependant. Let's do a thread meet thing so I can be as awkward in real life as I am on the internet.
  9. I find the overt t & a in what we've been exposed to so far in SFV profoundly disheartening and not a little embarrassing. I'm all for daft but daft and jiggling boobs don't necessarily go together. They do sometimes but I can't help but wish for an 'add t-shirt and a pair of shorts' option at the moment. I would be impressed if we had testicle physics though. It wouldn't make up for the female t&a but it'd be funny.
  10. cale

    Rock Band 4

    The formatting is a bit tricky to see on mobile but what I could see on those lists looks brilliant. Will definitely try and make it at one point. And a thread meet sounds like s lot of fun too.
  11. cale

    Rock Band 4

    Sounds brilliant. I've joined the Facebook thing and will keep an eye out. As daft a question as this might seem what music gets played? I take it you're all involved with the customs stuff - is there a good mix or is it all rock, heavy rock, metal, etc?
  12. cale

    Rock Band 4

    MacMantis, whereabouts do you hold your events? And how does it all work, broadly speaking? Do people nominate what song / instrument they want to play? I might have to try and make the trip from Bristol one time.
  13. Look at all those words from Jellum! I can't wait to read them. Also, how am I going to afford this game and a stick and a whatever the PlayStation equivalent of Xbox live is? Maybe I should just live vicariously through the thread.
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