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  1. One of the Nightdive devs has been responding to questions on resetera as Edward850. They posted this in relation to Nightdive's own tweet about being "aware of known bugs..." GOG bundled both versions of the game (ScummVM and Enhanced Edition). While Steam never had the ScummVM version, Nightdive have now arranged for it to be added to Steam as a launch option. And they are actively working on patching the game:
  2. Thanks @Fallowsand @ulalathat’s really helpful, and very much appreciated.
  3. What Mister components do I need to buy to be able to run any core/game? I'd want a proper PSU, case, switched on/off, ethernet (if that's a thing for this?) and so on. I don't have a CRT or PVM if that makes any difference to which parts I need, although if it's not too much more expensive I might consider keeping my options open. And I'm in the UK if that makes a difference on the best places to pick up things from.
  4. I'd buy a 1 year sub, upgrade it, then try to extend it further - if the process appears to allow that then you could buy additional 1 year subs and upgrade them without risk. It's unclear what happens if your existing online family membership value (calculated as days remaining * £0.08) exceeds £59.99. The excess must either become normal Nintendo credit, or some unique type of subscription credit. The latter sounds less likely.
  5. Yeah, that's a fake twitter account. Move along etc. @moosegrinderthis is the 'real' account tweeting...
  6. People have created a new client to support player-hosted servers now, although they lacked the AI bots when I last read up about it (but they were working on that). This was to overcome the constant DDoS and the fact that EA/Respawn didn't care to bother fixing their broken code.
  7. Oh absolutely - I was primarily responding to the real money speculation by @carlospie
  8. OW1 has had 'priority passes' for ages - they're tickets you earn playing in-demand roles that you can redeem to speed up queue times. They're not available to purchase now, and this new version would likely be the same.
  9. Apparently it was discussed at Blizcon, although I can't find a source outside of a panel interview on Youtube. However, assuming that things have stayed the same, the existing game will be updated to v2.0; OW1 will cease to exist and existing owners can buy the campaign mission packs if they want them. If you don't already own OW then I assume you'll be able to buy the base MP-only and buy the missions if you want them, and there'll probably be a bundle containing all of it.
  10. I'm pretty sure it's always been the case that MP will be a free update for OW1, and the OW2 campaign is paid-for.
  11. For anyone who prefers digital, Returnal is down to £36 on the US store - buy 2x $25 top-up cards from CD Keys, and redeem on a US PSN account - you can't buy it using a UK PSN account. Beware that the UK and US saves are not compatible, but you wanted an excuse to restart anyway, didn't you https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-PPSA01284_00-RETURNALGAME0001
  12. And you can play the best console version of Elden Ring - PS4 version on the PS5
  13. If you have a PS5, buy the digital game and then install the PS4 version - I've played a couple of hours so far and haven't experienced any frame-rate issues, even with multiple enemies or during boss encounters - it's been smooth 60fps all the way. No network problems either. I downloaded the PS5 version to compare, and apart from some extra grass (which pops in quite close by so actually makes for a worse visual experience) I couldn't see anything missing from the PS4 version. It's not like the PS4 version is devoid of foliage either. I'm quite sensitive to framerate issues, and the PS5 framerate in resolution mode was sickness inducing, presumably because it's somewhere in the 40's. The PS5 framerate in performance mode was less juddery but still all over the place.
  14. Started playing this morning, it's just... good grief - the scale and sheer design that's gone into this world. Small touches like the Grace path subtly pointing you in the right direction without needing to press a button or set a waypoint. Also, running the PS4 version on a PS5... seems like a rock solid 60 fps
  15. I did consider mentioning it, but thought it might seem *too* pedantic.
  16. Quite. That OLED is dangling off the edge of the unit. And it's not parallel with the front edge. The cables looks like they could use some attention too. The good news is that you've still got some time before ER releases to get it sorted out.
  17. I am also ridiculously excited. More-so after watching that 6 minute video. Looks incredible.
  18. The listing on the webstore (haven't checked the PS5 store yet) says PS4 & PS5. Will this allow me to choose which version to download on a PS5?
  19. Discovered I have £40 credit on my PSN account, so I might have to spend that on a digital copy of Elden Ring
  20. FFS. I know it's a running joke with From at this point (PS4 & Xbox One network test STILL had frame-pacing issues at 30fps), but good grief - most people just want a smooth frame-rate - feel free to ditch some shinies. I don't even mind if it's 30fps - even frame-pacing and a (mostly) locked rate aren't exactly major technical asks.
  21. Scream 2022 0/5 Soulless, pointless remake (sorry, Requel). Attempts to preempt criticism of it being a remake by actually having a mid-movie scene where a group of characters criticise fans who object to remakes. So meta!
  22. I mean, that's one way I guess, but I'd rather have the option of playing the PS5 version with a consistent frame rate, even if that means 30fps. I don't hold out much hope though, given that Dark Souls 3 (on PS4 Pro), and Sekiro (on Pro and OneX) both had unlocked frame rates.
  23. I just want a locked frame rate on PS5.
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