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  1. Is a hacked Wii U the best option for playing GC games if I don’t currently own any GC discs? It's cheaper to pick up a Wii U than a Picoboot GC and Carby HDMI, with the added bonus of being able to play Wii U games. If I go the Wii U route, is there likely to be input lag using Nintendont to play GC games compared to using original GC hardware?
  2. So the pre-order for the final Super NT run has opened, and shipping to the UK is $80 - nope, that's just too much. $280 upfront + VAT + Duty and I might get it this time next year. And then Analogue will likely replace it with something running Analogue OS that can run other cores. At that price and as someone without a cart collection the MiSTer makes far more sense. Edit: Apparently they're charging $75 shipping to Canada from the US. Crazy.
  3. Which makes Q4 next year less attractive if those units won’t receive Analogue OS and the Duo does. Unless you have lots of carts.
  4. Are you mad for combining all your films? No. Were you mad for separating all your films? Yes.
  5. Ha! I was referencing my failure to properly read what folk here had posted previously. Think I must have been over excited at the prospect of getting a Super nt and failed to consider that we’re already in Q4 of this year I’m not up for loaning Analogue £200 for a year. Feels like they could take preorders for a small deposit and then take final payment when they’re ready to ship - like Valve do with the Steam Deck. Especially as I think it’s inevitable they’ll eventually release a v2 or multi format model that runs Analogue OS to compete with Mister. Might just put the money toward a Mister that I can play now.
  6. Do Analogue take payment up front? Clearly I need to work on my reading comprehension because they’re not shipping until Q4 next year, but I’m not happy giving them £200 twelve months in advance.
  7. When I used it, PowerTools applied system-wide, you didn't configure it for individual apps. So for Gamecube I was disabling 5 cores, and then re-enabling them after using Dolphin. It still wasn't enough to get a locked 60 fps from F Zero GX.
  8. Aye, I did it a couple of times on my kids consoles before it was possible to send them to Nintendo. I got some that looked externally identical to the original sticks, from an Amazon UK seller. They weren't OEM (unless the original base design had been revised by Nintendo), but they worked perfectly - and looked identical once fitted. These are the ones I bought from Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07S61YG4D It's straightforward enough to install them, it's just a bit fiddly reattaching the ribbon cables and putting everything back into place.
  9. Cxbx reloaded is probably a better bet now. It has good compatibility and runs stuff like jsrf well whereas xemu can’t.
  10. Yeah, but twice a the price and I’ll mostly use it for SNES. That and the case I want from misteraddons is never in stock. Also, I DO want one so thanks for making me think about spending *even* more money I do suspect as other have mentioned that there’ll be a V2 nt that supports multiple cores and I’ll be kicking myself for buying the Super NT. Sigh.
  11. Awesome, thanks. Now I have to decide which colour to buy, if I find myself at point (5). I quite like the black version, but it also looks a bit odd in some pictures. Might just go with the SFC.
  12. That’s me missing out due to scalpers or the analogue site being overwhelmed then.
  13. Yes. But I recently learned that you can improve Dolphin performance by: 1. Use PowerTools to disable all but 3 cores in Steam Deck OS 2. Install Batocera, and create a shell script to disable cores 1, 3,5,6,7 via the command line I found option 2 to be best as you can leave specific cores enabled (apparently the even numbered cores are those with hyper threading). Option 2 gives me a locked 60fps out of F Zero GX at 2x resolution, using the Vulkan renderer, and no additional AF or AA. Tested the first 5 tracks, including one of the sand levels, and it didn't seem to have any problems.
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