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  1. I'll take a slightly modified version of the dialogue over the horrible compressed music of the XBLA version every time.
  2. Or just set your fake US address to Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon, and pay zero tax
  3. As much as I agree with you, and would love it to happen, I can't see it. Same with Jet Set Radio Future. Too much licenced music, and, in the case of Tricky, they may need to agree royalties for the voice artists (Rahzel, Lucy Liu, Billy Zane, David Arquette, Macy Gray, Oliver Platt, Bif Naked, Jim Rose, Patricia Velasquez), which seems like a *really* tall order.
  4. Exactly. I've got Demon's, Returnal and Ghost of Tsushima, and I haven't even got a date for collecting mine from Currys yet But I'll play them... iiiif I don't buy another copy of Titanfall 2, and just play that for another 3 years.
  5. I lost my Animal Crossing village after I upgraded to an OLED switch - I didn't realise there was a dedicated app you have to use to transfer the save between consoles - the regular cloud save is invisible to the new console because it's tied to the serial number. Contacted Nintendo yesterday via email. After a reply asking me to confirm my ID details, they passed it to another team. Got a further reply this morning and now I have my village back! Top marks for customer service
  6. The LB and RB buttons on Xbox controllers are notorious for failing or sticking. Something even the Elite controllers are not immune to, either, as I know from repeat experience.
  7. Aw, man. Is it really noticeable when you're playing? I'm going to be playing Demon's and Returnal and really don't want the atmosphere ruined by the behemoth kicking in over the atmosphere.
  8. Thanks both. @deKay is it loud, and how long does it carry on for? I generally prefer to buy physical because it gives me the option of selling/trading later, but I'd prefer not hearing the drive spinning over whatever I'm playing.
  9. Has the periodic disc spinning been properly fixed now, or is it still preferable to have the digital version? I've not picked up my PS5 yet, but I can get Demon's Souls digital for £30 from the US store, or £30 for physical from Smyths. If the physical disc spinning is going to annoy I might go digital.
  10. Well I've just successfully used @teddymeow's code (thanks again!), so hopefully I'll be playing Demon's over Christmas!
  11. @teddymeow I'd like to take the code, please. But before I do (because I don't want to waste it), is there something I need to do to avoid it being wasted re: the ordering email? Do they verify the email that obtained the code, or is it just a case of not leaving someone else's email on the print out?
  12. Maybe the team that worked on the unlocks were trying to offset the effects of the challenges on teamwork Seriously however, having challenges that encourage people to play badly/poorly/selfishly shouldn't have been included. Hopefully they'll be removed, and 343 tie XP gain to actions that contribute to positive participation.
  13. Of course, in the massively unlikely event this happens, I'll then be faced with attempting to buy an Xbox...
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