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  1. Phil

    Splatoon 2

    I chose team Time Travel. I hadn't realised there was a Splatfest until last night so started this morning and managed to reach Queen rank within 2 hours. Played most matches with the same 2 or 3 players and we won a 100x battle along the way as well. You're welcome It was a totally fantastic gaming session - no annoyance, just pure colourful fun and "hell yeah!" moments. Every time I pick this game up I kick myself for spending any time playing other multiplayer games. Sorry Titanfall 2 I've met someone else (again).
  2. Phil

    Nintendo Switch

    We are talking about ? Edit: Ah, that's the Octo Expansion...
  3. Phil

    Nintendo Switch

    I don't think I'd describe the as "pretty easy"
  4. Phil

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Will this work on a UK account if I change my region to Japan?
  5. Outside of lengthy load times in some games (AC Odyssey, RDR2 etc.) an additional benefit is that you can load content faster in-game. This can result in less pop-in in open world games when they're streaming the environment as the player moves through the world. Cerny cites Spider-man in the interview, where they couldn't increase the traversal speed further on the PS4 because they'd reached the hardware limitation of the drive to stream the world around the player. Funnily enough there's been discussion about slowed traversal speed in the AC Odyssey thread, with people finding that the speed of their horse in a chase sequence is limited until the game's streamed the world ahead of them and then they can ride fast.
  6. Phil

    Xbox E3 Briefing | Sunday June 9th 9pm UK

    I imagine the problem with a GaaS real-world racing game is the perpetual licensing required for the cars. We've seen how multiple Forza games (and all of the PGR titles) have been delisted and aren't available on BC.
  7. Phil

    State of Play - Video added to 1st post.

    Why not provide the source* instead of being needlessly cryptic? * ZhugeEX of resetera, an industry analyst with some inside info
  8. Phil

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Boost mode is only for non-enhanced games. Sekiro will be enhanced, so no chance that Boost mode is going to fix anything. The DF performance analysis from the recent preview event has it running variable 40-60fps at 1080p, with drops into the 30's at times. Hopefully there's a 30fps cap option (which will have a higher res too). Variable frame rate is meh. Hated playing the DS3 DLC on the Pro after completing it on the base machine.
  9. Just get one of these and continue as you were. http://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/84585951/
  10. I was completely carried to victory the other day by a guy who got 18 kills. Best I've done is 5 or 6.
  11. I've had three wins in the last couple of days, 2 this morning, including one where I got my randoms to sit in a tree line with our backs to the trees and facing into the circle, another other squad ran past us and fought the other remaining squad for us and then we finished them off The other day I was absolutely not carried to victory by a guy who (after our other teammate dropped solo and instantly died and we'd dropped onto the Dropship and I was killed) proceeded to respawn me, then saved me from death on at least two occasions while I had no gear by taking out the enemy squads solo, then guided us around the map before finishing off the last three players by flanking them while I wondered how he'd climbed the wall so I could join him. He got 18 kills and 2,500 damage. I did revive him mid-way though, so he owed the whole thing to me, really.
  12. Most of the TF weapons don't feature bullet drop, they're hit scan. I know the Kraber sniper rifle does (it's projectile), not sure about the other sniper rifles. It's one of the reasons why to me the shooting in Apex, while mechanically smooth feels quite far removed from Titanfall. Guns like the Alternator don't feel the same.
  13. I shot an ejecting pilot out of the sky with Scorch's thermite launcher the other day. And killed two pilots with a single Kraber shot. Titanfall
  14. When are you playing? I've been playing (Attrition) for the last 10 days on the Xbox and no bother getting into games - I certainly never wait 10 minutes. Unless... you have multiple modes selected in your Mixtape? Most modes other than Attrition are poorly populated now and Mixtape only searches for one mode at a time. So if you choose say Attrition & Hard point & Bounty Hunt you'll most likely wait a lot longer than if you search for Attrition only.

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