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  1. Bloodborne is hard-coded all over the place to 30fps. Quite recently someone heavily edited the BB code, splicing in code from the PS4 DS3 engine and demoed it running on a hacked PS4 Pro in boost mode, reaching up to 60fps - so it can certainly be done. However I doubt FROM would do it - they never cared enough to fix their frame-pacing - so it would need Sony to sort it out.
  2. Sorry, my comment wasn't aimed at you at all, apologies that I came across like that - it was absolutely not my intention. It's all interesting stuff, but it gets twisted in some quarters. Please don't change your posting habits on my account. Anyway, I was referring to the inevitable tidal wave of fanboy nonsense the news that 'only Series X has the full RDNA2 feature set' will fuel more widely. We'll get a comparatively small amount of that here, but it's still tiresome none-the-less.
  3. Oh good, more fuel for the console-warz fire. I can't wait for however many more pages of concern from the people who spent most of the last generation insisting that it was all about the games, and not resolution or power or performance. EDIT: For the record this isn't to criticise you @Robo_1, I just expect that this difference in specs will result in more fanboying from people desperate to prove their piece of plastic is better than another.
  4. This is essentially a form of force-feedback and/or resistance provided by the triggers, as opposed to them just vibrating.
  5. No idea I'm afraid. SUWI appears to be an installer for the Squid proxy software, so perhaps it's an unsigned package (I'm guessing at this point, I'm in Mac-land) and Windows Defender doesn't like it. Apparently you can also achieve the same thing on a Mac, using Squidman. Might try it later; I played through P.T. with my wife, and one of the jumps made us both shout out, waking our daughter who came downstairs to check we were okay and hadn't been murdered.
  6. From reading a guide, the original P.T. files have been removed from PSN, but have been uploaded by some enterprising people. SUWI sets up a proxy IP on your PC and you change your PS4 proxy settings to point at that. Then you tell the PS4 to download P.T. - it's retrieved by your PC from the non-Sony host and piped to the PS4 which doesn't know the data hasn't come from Sony's servers.
  7. FTFY. Just nuke it all from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  8. Can you not just change your PSN password? That should require the buyer to re-authenticate if they attempt to use the account when they receive the PSP. Also, make sure you have the ‘require password for purchases’ option enabled. So even if the first suggestion doesn’t help, they won’t be able to purchase anything.
  9. I think you could do that with CoD4 and MW2 on the Xbox 360, but I'm not sure if that's rose-tinted glasses and it was actually a little less elegant than I recall.
  10. Isn't a game effectively feature-complete when it leaves Alpha? If so then presumably it hasn't been developed from scratch in 18-24 months, but has required all the content creating, polishing, debugging etc., all the stuff that doesn't exist as part of a fixed-scope presentation?
  11. I see that blocking abusive people on Twitter is now also confirmation of your supposed bias, and not simply a means of reducing your exposure to abuse and toxicity from awful people. SureJan.gif
  12. You can back up your PS4 saves onto a suitably formatted USB drive, and I assume you'll be able to copy them onto the PS5 just as you can another PS4 now. Alternatively you will need an active PSN membership now and when you get a PS5 in order to transfer them via cloud saves.
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