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  1. There aren't many OG Xbox games though, and what's there is hugely skewed to stuff owned by Disney - it must be 80-90% Star Wars. So I'd say that the rights issues, licensing etc. remain very real obstacles regardless of the engineering side and having a dedicated team on the case. If they can't get the rights to the JSRF music or car licensing for PGR4 the games aren't coming to BC no matter how dedicated MS are
  2. @Kayin Amoh, @Alan Stock I've played a stupid amount on the PS4 Pro since last weekend (80 matches when I last checked) and I've not had a single crash.
  3. @Down by Law ND have confirmed they're working on *a* multiplayer experience, emphasising their love for Factions. They just haven't decided how exactly they're going to release it yet. I imagine there'll be a separate Factions-style release, maybe F2P. EDIT: Here's the tweet - it refers to "the evolution of our Factions mode"...
  4. Agreed. I saw mention of Turrican when this was announced for Switch and got super-excited only to be horribly disappointed.
  5. Phil

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Thanks! You should be able to see your order in the pre-orders section further down the navigation. Not sure why they need to segregate orders and pre-orders, mind.
  6. Phil

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    @Strafe Let me know if you hear back from them. The order confirmation email said the code would be available within 12 hours but seeing how hopeless they are I guessed that they haven't accounted for pre-ordered digital items within that. I did check CDKeys who say they release digital codes for pre-orders 24 hours before release, so it's probably the same for Shopto. Won't use them again though because their customer service is terrible.
  7. Phil

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Is that for Overwatch on the Switch? I ordered a couple for my kids and haven't had them yet, I'm guessing because it's a preorder and the codes aren't available from Nintendo until nearer release.
  8. I'm not saying it's binary, rather that our gradual acceptance of DLC, MTX and season passes has fuelled and normalised them to be the only choices. Post-launch content could be free, but we've shown publishers that they can charge for it and now in the worst cases they strip it out during development so we can pay again for it later. But one thing is certain, we will pay for it in all but a small number of cases, because as you say, that's capitalism. Gears 5 isn't only available via Gamepass and made viable by MTX. It's available for £50 or so if you want to own it or don't want Gamepass. It's up to the publisher how much money they want to make on top of the initial sale price - all the extra optional costs aren't just keeping them afloat, they're literally swimming in cash at Activision and EA. They absolutely could do additional content for free, but they won't, because profits.
  9. Gears 5 is still available to purchase at full price though. Gamepass has been billed as a move to a Netflix-for-games model, it's not sold as a hybrid of monthly subscription plus micro-transactions to make it viable for the publishers. The real alternative is to pay for the game, and for the publisher to support it with free post-launch content - no season pass or micro-transactions. Microsoft can afford to do that, especially if the goal is to encourage player retention, "engagement" and goodwill toward their platform. Season passes, DLC and micro-transactions have become so normalised that gamers seem to think there is no reasonable alternative and that the only choice is the lesser of N evils. It's the same with paying for online play - why is that "normal" when it's not the norm outside the console walled-garden? What exactly do we get for the money? Free games? What if we don't want them, can we play online for free? No - because the free games are just there to justify the ongoing pay-to-play online nonsense that Sony and Nintendo have now aped. On the Xbox you can't even play free-to-play games online without Gold, like some terrible hangover from when you needed Gold to use Netflix.
  10. They did show combat... A couple of examples: 24 mins; 30 mins.
  11. Phil

    Gears 5

    As someone who hated the scrap system in Gears 4 which took ages to earn modest amounts, this post quite literally ensures I never both with Gears 5 multiplayer. Fucking micro transaction systems are the bane of modern gaming. Microsoft could release all the post-launch content they want to "drive engagement" *for free*. Literally no-one will stop playing the game because they DON"T have to spend money or sit through a grind designed to justify the real-money prices. But that's leaving money on the table so we get more over-complicated systems pretending to be somehow better than the terrible systems in other games. And I'm not looking to single MS out here, many publishers are just as bad, but as a platform holder they have the deep pockets and the incentive to keep people coming back to their game without riddling it with tiresome grinding or paying money to avoid it. All Gears 1 post-launch content was free. I put hundreds if not thousands of hours into Gears 1 multiplayer and it ensured I spent most of my gaming time using an Xbox 360, paying for Gold and picking up other games that interested me before going back to Gears again. Just a solid game without any bullshit - unless you count that host-shotgun advantage
  12. Phil

    Gears 5

    Gears 3 was the same - the AI constantly pushing forward while you were swapping weapons or investigating a corner of the area.
  13. Phil

    Gears 5

    There's nothing stopping them writing the metrics locally and then uploading them when you're next online. I'd imagine MS could devise a way to do that even if you're not online in Gears.
  14. If you purchased the season pass you need to have then 'bought' all of the individual DLC items it includes. Apparently on PSN season passes are just a token that after purchase allows you to buy the associated content items for free. So if you haven't done that in the past, the individual items won't be in your purchase history and you won't be able to download them. The season pass in your purchase history apparently does nothing.
  15. Yup. And half of them are driving around in cars!
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