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  1. It depends on the game. Recording a clip in Titanfall 2 multiplayer requires you to wait while the OS fights for resource from the game which can take 20 seconds. Unless you record 15 minute blocks between matches and then edit them down later, and I cannot be bothered with that.
  2. Phil

    Titanfall 2

    Definitely. You later:
  3. You can download the game in its entirety via PSNow; you don't have to stream it.
  4. The best use of 'X' in the last several pages of this thread.
  5. Hellblade 2 *cough* ;) I loved what they showed but at the same time couldn’t help thinking how Phil Spencer was breaking his own (newish) rule about showing things early. He even said it was “very early in development”. I hope they don’t make that a regular thing as I dislike the multi year hype cycle for games and it inevitably backfires sometimes when titles are delayed, cancelled or simply changed from earlier showings.
  6. Doesn't Forza allow you to spend real money on cars? And certain cars can only be purchased with real money rather than Forza moon bucks?
  7. Game design is constrained by the older/slower hardware on PC. The game might boot faster or have prettier graphics on a higher spec machine, but it'll still have slow walking sections, and traversal or world streaming will be limited to a certain speed. Developing for a more advanced baseline means those constraints are lifted, but it seems that at launch XSX first party games will still have to design around the current hardware's limits.
  8. The question I have is whether a game developed exclusively for next gen can use the hardware to provide tangible gameplay differences over a game that has to scale to run on older hardware. Will developers of XSX games still include the sections that mask loading on the slower machines (such sections typically being used to deliver narrative) or will they find ways to avoid that on the much faster hardware without going to the extent of creating separate versions of their games? World streaming speeds will be limited by the mechanical disks in old machines, multiplayer games will have protracted waits in lobbies whilst the old hardware is loading in. I’m guessing that on fast PCs those things still occur because of needing to support lower specs. So we’ll be waiting for games that are exclusive to the new hardware to see the technology being used to do neat stuff beyond moar graphixs - unless developers are going to do more than just fine tune sliders and frame rate caps.
  9. Which are all ‘just’ about graphics and density of the environment. Can we expect tangible gameplay enhancing improvements from the new tech if the games also have to run on old hardware simply by scaling rather than being purposely cutdown?
  10. Are there any examples of PC games where having an SSD or much faster CPU significantly alters the gameplay experience? I doubt MS are going to build separate versions of games like they did with FH2 (developed by Sumo). So demonstrating meaningful differences between current and next gen (beyond graphics) is going to need to rely on scaling gameplay enhancements across the different hardware specs. So excluding initial loading times, crowd density and maybe AI (although we've been saying that for how long?) what would those differences be?
  11. Yeah I think I had to provide the Argos receipt - I paid something like £90-100 in one of the promotions that ran a couple of years ago and that was what I got back from MS.
  12. I had a similar experience, twice, when I returned my faulty Elite pad. MS do NOT have any 'new' pads available - I was advised that they are *all* returns and in my experience are nothing like the refurbished type you would expect. I ended up using the EU Dispute Resolution portal to secure a refund (which arrived in the form of a cheque from the US). The chap I dealt with in the US confirmed that the service centres are unable (for whatever reason) to ship out new controllers - they will *always* be 'refurbs'.
  13. Phil

    Xbox Game Pass

    If I don't currently have Live *OR* Game Pass, if I buy 12 of these (giving me 36 months of standard Game Pass) can I then do the £1 ultimate conversion (which is on my dashboard) to give me 36 months of Game Pass AND Xbox Live? Or is this only good for those who already have an Xbox Live sub to which they want to add Game Pass?
  14. Phil

    Xbox Game Pass

    Not sure it warranted a more detailed response.
  15. Phil

    Xbox Game Pass

    FFS the state of this.
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