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  1. Correction: confirmed by Dorito Pope after Sony completely forgot to mention anything about launch titles. </pedant>
  2. For the whole of this gen, my Xbox One and PS4 lived in a large under-stairs cupboard, separated from the lounge by 20-30cm of double-brick and plaster. I never had any issue with wireless controller reception. I imagine you're only really likely to have controller reception issues with the consoles located behind the TV if something else is causing interference.
  3. It's not just when driving at speed - the on-foot stuff doesn't look anywhere near as dense as the video I posted earlier. That reminded me of Blade Runner, when Deckard is pressing through crowded streets just to get from A to B. The latest trailers feel like they have clusters of NPCs on street corners or in bars etc, rather than there being myriad people going about their everyday lives. As I said this morning, I think it looks phenomenal - I just hope it feels like that also... an overpopulated, overwhelming, neon-drenched, next-gen spectacular.
  4. The larger outdoor city scenes in the recent videos (both driving and on foot) don't have anywhere near the density of NPCs that were shown in the original reveal. Visually it looks absolutely incredible, but doesn't feel like the city is bustling with life like that first showing. Is this CDPR trying to balance PC versus current gen console performance for the sake of the trailers, or is the final PC version going to be like this too?
  5. 'Tis a shame about the load-screen artwork though. Maybe Bluepoint will add a gallery or something.
  6. The loading screens in Demon's are beautiful, but the loading times are really long. Personally, I think Bluepoint have done a spectacular job of building upon the PS3 version. It's had a lavish amount of detail created from scratch, built upon the original foundation. Watching the initial run through the tutorial area, it was both incredibly familiar and breathtakingly new.
  7. It may well come to PC, but as Sony own Demon's Souls I wouldn't hold your breath for it on the Xbox.
  8. That * looks like a screw up... Sony own Demon's Souls don't they?
  9. My Yamaha Aventage is about 10 years old too and absolutely fantastic, so I'm not thrilled at the prospect of replacing it. That said, if I do upgrade it (to something that does 4K/8K passthrough, Atmos and VFR) then I won't be upgrading again unless it breaks, because it'll be utterly diminishing returns at that point, until something truly revolutionary comes along to cause another upgrade.
  10. Neither have I, but without having each of my devices wired to a (future) 4K tv, I won’t be able to get audio from them back into the receiver. I guess I could use a switch but it’s getting ridiculous at that point. The 8k support on the new receivers should hopefully mean they last another 10 years.
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