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  1. I was doing this during the Thargoid incursions a while back, it was a very intense experience docking inside a space port that felt like it was about to blow!
  2. Was that on the SGI workstations that had like 64GB of RAM? I remember playing a fair bit of Unreal Tournament there, and some Quake (Arena, maybe?).
  3. You can call the Mechanic on you phone to get a list of all your cars grouped by garage, and see if there's something g you don't recognise in the list. Other than that, you could go to each garage and see which car is unmodified. Even if you sell the car, you will only get back about 30% or its retail value, unfortunately.
  4. You can retry it, but the game has 3 endings; these depend first off on a decision prompt (with fairly obvious consequences), then whether you've consumed the three items (determines whether you fight one or two bosses). One thing to point out is that once you either make the decision or beat the boss(es) the game will automatically roll into new game plus, unlike DS2 and DS3.
  5. Yeah, there is an extra boss fight if you have all 3. Also, you need to use them all before starting the last fight.
  6. That one is so bad, every time I've done it I've grinded out all the enemies in the area first to despawn them all. Easily the worst boss run.
  7. Final Fantasy 6 Most of my top 10 has already been mentioned, so I figured I'd pick something from much further back.
  8. Polmon


    This is the one game from last gen that I always thought needed a remake most but would never get one; this is such great news!
  9. You can turn off the voice comms in the game options once in online, this will stop them from hearing randoms swearing. I don't recall there being as much swearing from the story NPCs in online, but the pedestrians and cops still swear at the player just as much as usual. Similarly a lot of the stuff characters talk about in online is rooted in adult themes: sex, violence, drug dealing etc. You will know whether this kind of stuff will impact your kid. I would say no, until they are about 15, but YMMV.
  10. You'll want to check that you haven't joined the champions Covenant by mistake; that disabled coop while you are a member. You join it from the big stone plaque at Majula (behind the path to Heide Tower of Flame). You can leave by joining any other Covenant (e.g. The one from the morose guy near the big monolith near the bonfire).
  11. Getting serious Berserk vibes from that armour!
  12. Armed and dangerous is really good. I'm enjoying it a lot. Managed quite a few wins on it already - one thing I like is that the characters specials / ultimates have a lot more impact on this mode due to the low levels of shields and equipment available. They can really turn the tide here.
  13. The newer heists are a bit more accommodating, as you can do them with just two people (and the second one is piss easy for the most part), but the initial outlay for the facility is quite steep. I would just run you bunker in the background while doing whatever else (import / export if you have it, or Ceo work, or races / missions), then sell the bunker periodically. It's still the best way to earn in this.
  14. The artwork is fantastic (going by those images above). Where can you get the comics?
  15. The nightclub is OK, but it takes a long time to repay the initial costs. Also, to get the most out of it, you need to have a bunker, a crate warehouse or hanger, and biker businesses for cocaine, meth and counterfeit cash. It passively generates cash, kinda like the bunker or biker businesses, but doesn't require any supplies. You just need to sell it periodically. The actual nightclub portion with DJs etc is a complete waste of time (albeit quite funny). It compliments the other businesses quite well, it sits nicely alongside the whole buying supplies / running import export car steals and sells, as it just accumulates in the background and can be sold whenever. Also, all the Sell missions are single vehicle and easily done solo.
  16. The only jankyness I've noticed it the strange laggyness I sometime get at the start of a round. Usually only lasts about a minute max though. What structural problems are you seeing?
  17. Yeah, they definitely contribute towards the trading stats / rank, but I was wondering if they help the station recover, or if that only applies to bringing in repair commodities.
  18. Does anyone know if doing Evacuation missions from a damaged station contributes towards its recovery in anyway? I've done an absolute tonne in my new Space Bus 'conda, but not sure if I should flip over to shipping materials instead.
  19. Hah, I do this in almost every game I play! In GTA I used to call this The Horn of Excitement I had a match with randoms the other night which panned out really well as both the other players actually started playing as a team, sharing resources and working together, which was a real nice surprise. It also escalated quite quickly as I became kill leader and everyone seemed to rush in to where we were! (That bit where I'm watching an enemy after they use the balloon I was mashing R1 trying to ping them unsuccessfully).
  20. Almost, it was this I was looking at before: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yo1iHP9KUXpoBaIzJsRsDxfAcQa7cBq0YUIFy3m2NII/edit?usp=sharing
  21. Yep, a bit of heat management at the expense of some extra mass and its all good now. Long range Pulse Lasers are pretty sweet as is the corrosive / overcharged Multicannons combo. Need to gather some materials to round things off fully though. That reminds me, I used to have a link to a Google doc which listed where / how to get all the different materials, but can't find it anymore. Anyone able to help me with that?
  22. Nevermind, I found a bunch of things (including the Full Spectrum scanner) which I didn't have bound to anything. Bumbling my way through it now.
  23. That's the bit I seem to be missing. I've seen that I can do the honk as usually (although it had been remove from my fire group) but how do you initiate the scan for frequency mini game?
  24. I have a question about the exploration scanner changes. I noticed that the Ads has disappeared from my ships, and I'm guessing that is because its is now included in the basic scanner (using scan mode or whatever it's called). Do you need to have the surface scanner to go into Discovery Mode? Does the basic scanner automatically show up all signal sources in a system now?
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