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  1. Oh, I've had the game crash a few times on me (probably 3 or 4 times in my 50 odd hours), but it doesn't matter much as I'm back in within 30 seconds and you don't lose any progress.
  2. @moosegrinder yes, if you go back to previous areas with the new abilities you have.
  3. For me, it's the switch controllers as they are just ridiculously small and I get cramp in my hands after about 10 mins. Also, shout out to the PSP for just being awful in terms of controls right across the board.
  4. Returnal is absolutely worth 70 quid. Destruction All Stars, no.
  5. Your next runs should go better now that you have the lava/underwater traversal mods.
  6. As Floshen has said there, keeping the right thumb on the stick is critical in a game like this, so jump and dash (and melee) being available while using both sticks should be the default mapping imo. I haven't changed the pickup controls, but didn't know you could do that so I will be looking to it.
  7. Despite getting to the credits the other day I still feel like I've barely scratched the surface of this. Easily my GOTY; I didn't think anything could beat Hades, but this is just so sublimely balanced and beautifully paced, it controls perfectly (once jump / dash / melee are remapped) and keeps surprising me with new things. I'm absolutely hooked.
  8. So, here are my thoughts after about 5-6 hours of this (approaching the 4th boss). After the opening section which immediately throws you into a fight lifted directly from SotC, it introduces you to the survival / crafting mechanics and drops you into an area where you can experience the combat with small enemies. This gives you a really bad impression of the game. The bow is awful; difficult to aim and with very short range it's wholly unsatisfying to use. I believe this is due to it being the starter bow and higher ranked ones will be easier to aim and have better reach, however I haven't tried the higher ranked bow yet. The melee combat is just as bad as everything just has too much health and the hit reactions arent very good, dodge windows are very unclear and as is the range and tracking of enemy attacks. This can make the melee combat a right mess. The first proper boss after the intro didn't make a good impression either and required a bit too much leg work on repeated attempts after falling off and had some attacks which would randomly hit you when doing this same thing at other times would successfully avoid getting hit. At this point I was worried that the game was just shit and I'd backed a duffer. But, there was something making me want to come back. I wouldn't normally give a game more than a couple of hours if it wasn't doing something right and it took a while for me to realise what it was I was enjoying here. The exploration and gameworld are spot on; being able to climb, glide and hookshot around really gives you a sense of agility and helps you feel that you can get anywhere if you just find the right approach. There are plenty of things to find and little secret totems that you can use to bump up you health or stamina guage. Crafting starts out as something that feels really limited, and constrained by the tiny enventory size but I quickly found myself sacking off the hoarding approach I usually take to items and just using everything. This works well as when exploring you will find many caches of crafting materials, and pieces of equipment which can be used or dismantled for their components. The third boss really bedded in the game for me, while I wasn't particularly taxing to figure out what to do, taking it down did feel good. So far, this isn't the game I was expecting, but has turned out to be something which I am very much enjoying, despite the jank.
  9. Couldn't do it through the app, but found it eventually on the store on console.
  10. There are performance and quality modes, not sure what they entail though.
  11. Rockstar have patched the game now so you can play all the new Contract stuff in a private lobby.
  12. It seems to be a lot more survival focused than I expected, with element lifted from BoTW (weapons wearing out etc). The movement feels a little rough edged but the boss battles are really smooth feeling, somehow the camera doesn't seem to have the same issues it did in SotC when scaling a bit moving creature.
  13. This is out now. Just got the ps5 version (keys on the humble store), and about to dive in.
  14. I don't think anyone is saying it looks shit, just that stylistically it's a complete lift from BB, and there is a (justified) worry that a lot of developers ape the From difficulty without getting the gameplay balance right.
  15. Juts watched the last episode and the Educating Grado section had me in stitches. Easily the best bit of the show!
  16. I can't find anything official confirming this (blog / twitter etc).
  17. Yes, the story continues. You should get some new prophecies around it.
  18. Aaaand that's the 32 heat run completed: This only stuff left now is to get the spear and exagryph up to 20 heat for the remaining bounties, then unlock the last couple of themes, and I'm completely done. Oh, and get the anvil a few more times for the complete entry in the codex. I still haven't figured out the trick to getting it to spawn.
  19. I got to the final phase of EM4 on heat 32 with a zeus shield setup. Got done in by a trap (150 damage!) while dodging a flurry of things going on. I was hoping to get Sure footing from athena at some point but didn't get the chance Honestly though, I didn't expect to get that far anyway, so quite chuffed with that. In other news, I ended up doing no boon runs with all the weapons:
  20. So, I've spent a bit more time on this and managed to tick off a few of the items on my list: Complete all prophecies (1 left, gloves hammer upgrades) Max all weapon aspects (3 or 4 left to do) Complete a no boon run: I've got all the journal entries now, I just need to get the anvil a load more times to complete that entry. Also, I've bought all the contractor upgrades now except for the themes. Got a few of those left, but I'm at the point with a few weapons where I have no more bounties, so I'll start to earn loads more darkness now. I'm dreading doing a 32 heat run! No idea what kind of setup on the pacts will make it even close to manageable.
  21. @Uncle Mikethe pact you turned on for attempt 35 (Extreme Measures), each rank of it affects a single boss fight; so rank 1 is just the Tartarus boss, rank 2 affects the Tartarus boss and Asphodel boss, etc. You can go back and do the initial no heat run with each weapon. The pact screen will show you for each heat level (including zero) which rewards are available on the left. Give everyone nectar until they no longer accept it.
  22. Wow, they were only in 3 or 4 systems last I checked in (I think there was a war going on at the time?). Anyone know of a good guide for building a ship for fighting Thargoids?
  23. It's funny looking back at my post earlier and seeing how off the rails I've gone. I've bought about 5 games since them, and preordered Deaths Door which is out this month, and completed 1, I think? (Technically I've finished Hades but haven't stopped playing it, and Death Stranding DC I had already completed but I haven't done the new stuff yet). Anyway, jokes on me I suppose. Still haven't offloaded my PS4 yet either. I did play PT finally though (great stuff).
  24. Despite not having played it yesterday (probably the first day since I bought it that I haven't played while I've been home), I'm so incredibly addicted to this. I got the platinum trophy at the end of last week and thought that might stem my interest in continuing to play, but that isn't the case. I've decided to set myself some extra tasks to complete, maybe once they're done I can park this and play something else: Complete all prophecies (1 left, gloves hammer upgrades) Max all weapon aspects (3 or 4 left to do) Complete a 32 heat run (up to 17 with a couple of weapons) Complete a no boon run (eek) Buy all the upgrades from the contractor Finish all journal entries That last one is a bit tricky as I have a couple of things missing which are proving tricky (1 fish and one item on the artifacts tab).
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