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  1. People are still making new PSOne games though, and PSOnes are still on sale, new, in some stores. It makes the definition all the harder to clarify really. I go with the 'not current gen' thing, its the easist way to specify it.
  2. Funny they should say that, because I consider rumours to be unfounded lies, unless proven right. How odd.
  3. Dunno Sprite Machine, me and my mates always play Crash mode or Pursuit (which has intense catch-up enabled).
  4. Will GT4 have second hand cars? Thats one of the things I hated about GT3. I still dont get why they took them out :/
  5. Dunno, it depends on your definition of 3D. Wild ARMS was just as '3D' really, and I believe it came before (iirc). On topic though, its a tough choice. I preferred the PSOne era, there were more games I really enjoyed: MGS, Driver, innumberable (is that even a word?) RPGs, Resi games, the Tomb Raiders, Gran Turismo, Silent Hill, and thats just the first few things that come to mind. Whilst teh PS2 has built upon those defined gaming formulae, its offered relatively little in comparison, Rez, Ico, and GTA3 are among the most outstanding titles so far. If I had to pick, I'd say the PSOnehas it. But I think it might swing eth other way if we took a look at both consoles once the PS2's run has ended.
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    Sweet Jesus, the position / lap times dont even fit in the display box. Thats poor man, really poor.
  7. Polmon

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    Oh My God. Anyone got a Gamespot account? I really wanna know what those vids are like....
  8. Done with Mario Kart: DD now, I've done everything upto 150cc All Star Cup, but I seriously cannot be arsed with it anymore. All that happens is I get hit continuously for 3 laps on each course - no thanks. I'd like to exchange that with Brave Fencer Musashi, if you please edit: Just completed Serious Sam 2. I'll replace that with Beyond Good & Evil, please edit 2: I was in town today, and discovered that Game have a sale, so I picked up Project Zero and True Crime for quite cheap (almost got Shadow Hearts again, but I remembered I'd accidentally deleted my savegame a while back ). Ho hum :E
  9. Gyronoug (spelling may be off) - was a guy with wings flying and shooting, bloody solid game. On the MD, by the way. If you can find it, gimme a bell
  10. Terribly OT, but Square announced ages ago that they were going to remake FF7, 8 and 9 for the PS2
  11. The problem with SH2 (havent played SH3 yet) is that the place didnt go all gammy chains and grating at the end like it did in the original. Kinda impacted on the horribleness of it all, for me.
  12. I got the 'secret' (and awfully impressive, I might add) ending without even trying, unfortunately, so I just want to mop up Seph (Im determined to beat him, I just need to figure out how to stop him killing me straight away after his first phase), the two other bosses (Agrabah and Neverland) and get the Ultima Weapon (wont take long). I'm still trying to figure out how to get the top level of some magics (I think Im onto it though). And I managed to miss the only Trinity in the game which is temporary too
  13. Just completed Kingdom Hearts \o/ Can I replace it with Mario Kart:DD please Im not entirely done with it, there are some optional bosses I want to beat the hell out of (will require some powering up first, however) but it will be largely finished the tomorrow night.
  14. Harr, spent the best part of the last two days battling away at Kingdom Hearts, only to discover Im nowhere near the end of the game !! Ah well, Its bloody good fun anyhow. Im putting it on hold for the next few days to revise for my exam, then I'll continue the (extremely enjoyable) battle :E
  15. Heh, I was thinking pretty much the same thing as the thread starter. Got a few games lying around that need to be dusted off and finished: Kingdom Hearts (I think Im right at the end, just need to fight the last few bosses) Wild Arms 3 (I was really into this while I was actually playing it, then that whole uni work / christmas thing happened and I shelved it. About halfway through - I'd guess) Xenosaga (bought this the day it came out in the US, Ive no idea how far I am - the characters havent all met up yet, so Im guessing Im a ways off finishing it) Burnout 2 (purchased more for the multiplayer, but I still havent done all the 1 player stuff there is to do) Serious Sam 2 (Ive had this so long its just daft, Ive been playing it in drips and drabs, I just need one big session to finish it, I think) Time to get to work, I think. Ive got until the start of Feb to get through my backlog, only 1 exam between now and then edit: Is Project Zero really that good? I thought about picking it up ages ago, but never really heard much on it at the time.
  16. Lazyness factor. You can reconnect it without getting out of your seat (providing the Xbox side wire didnt shoot across the room).
  17. Almost every sports game ever :/ Particularly 'extreme' ones such as THPS
  18. The costume design and dungeon settings in a few shots look reminicient of Vagrant Story, but thats as far as it goes. Awful quality shots though.
  19. Bah, I wish you'd all shut up. I cant afford this until the new year And now I really want it.
  20. Thankyou, you just made me laugh while I was focussing too hard on figuring out how to code some nasty maths I needed that. Back on topic though, Skies' random battles almost put me off too, at about the 3/4 mark in the game it seemed to get a bit overwhelming when I was trying to search the skies, and get from A to B. I perservered though, and finished the game. Im glad I did too, it turned out to be a worthwhile inverstment of time, and I think you should also push on through it.
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