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  1. NE did me over. Only had the second and third letters, and couldn't for the life of me make a word with the remaining letters, tried a load of random combinations and found a word I'd never heard of and went for it.
  2. I played Return of the Obra Dinn after finishing Elden Ring. It was a real pallete cleanser, and a full-on obsession for a week or so while I absorbed myself in the mystery and intrigue. The music still haunts me!
  3. Quite please with getting another 6. NE was a total guess, but there were only a couple of words I could make with what I had left. Daily Quordle 106 quordle.com
  4. Thanks, that sound right based on the letters I had. I fucked it again today. Poor guesswork on SW, shooting straight for the solution instead of using the attempts to whittle down the options. Ended with a 50/50 and got unlucky Daily Quordle 99 quordle.com
  5. What was NE on yesterday's? I got stuck and forgot to go back to it
  6. Apologies if it was already asked and answered, but did anyone figure out how to get to the structure due West from stormveil Castle?
  7. I wouldn't worry about it, you'll get your next character back to him in less than half the time anyway
  8. Can't believe no one mentioned this classic, with its weird AF intro:
  9. I think it's down to the region of the console (which will also determines the region version of the digital game you can buy).
  10. Technically impressive, sure, but where is all the joyful and colourful Disney stuff that makes this series interesting and distinguishes it from other dour JRPGs that try to be serious and cool? I'm glad I bowed out of this series after KH2, the direction it's gone in is really not for me.
  11. Gold ones are always a boss door. Edit - however, there are some boss rooms / arenas that don't have a fog door, and you can just stumble into the fight without warning.
  12. It depends on the base damage too, as that is what the scaling bonus(es) are being applied to. Generally, you will get more out of scaling in a single stat, as you can focus more levels into a single stat than multiple ones, but it does depend on what the base damage is too (also, it depends on the speed and move set of the weapon for DPS, but that's a whole other topic). Edit - I believe the scaling bonus is split between all the additional stats it scales with, so with quality it's 50/50 between str and dex, with keen it's like 90/10 and heavy is the same the other way.
  13. I agree, it's an absolute mess, but I don't think Rockstar have any motivation to tidy things up or streamline anything in the game as none of that will improve the profitability of the game, and that seems to be their only driver these days. Edit - see also, GTA+
  14. It is better to use an MC for a Bunker / Nightclub goods sale if you have associates as they will get a much bigger payout. Easy to forget about that though. You can use the Master Control Terminal in the Arcade to manage all your other businesses (except for the Agency). Heists preps have to be done in the respective building though (apartment, facility, arcade, kosatka).
  15. Got another 6 today. That just about makes up for cocking up the normal wordle a day or two back.
  16. No, they get periodic wages instead (every 10 mins, I believe). If you run an MC instead, they get 10% of the total sale of any goods (upto a max of 35k). This doesn't come out of the leaders cut.
  17. When you apply the Ash of War to the weapon you should get the option to determine the scaling. It's likely it was defaulting to Holy but you should be able to select Heavy (assuming you have the iron whetstone),which will change the scaling to focus on Strength.
  18. Aasuming you mean the hand lantern, it shows up in the same usable items menu as your estus and consumables. It has be equipped on the item belt menu, or the pouch (on the right when you bring up the menu in game). If you mean the torch, that is essentially a weapon and can be equipped into the left or right hand slot and must be held (currently selected in that hand slot) for it to light up the area.
  19. Generally you want to be adept at fighting with and without lockon. There are some very mobile enemies in this which lockon makes tracking a lot easier. Also, try fighting something with a piercing weapon (rapier or spear. E. G.) without lockon - that's a real painful experience!
  20. Not sure if someone has answered this in the mean time or you've figure it out, but here:
  21. Got my first six today. I actually spent some time thinking about the guesses instead of just firing things in. Daily Quordle #35 quordle.com
  22. Oh man, if you do a light attack them hit the transform button instead of hitting light attack again (as if it's the next hit in the combo) you will do a transform attack, this will do a hit that does bonus stagger to the enemy and transform your weapon into tmits trick state. You can hit light attack again to attack in the trick form, or, you can hit transform again to do another transform attack. You can chain there hits indefinitely. These attacks are especially good for building the beastial meter activated when using beast blood pellets, but dramatically buff you incoming and outgoing damage. Unsing this attack chain and the pellets allows you to absolutely wreck bosses if you are speed running etc, but it is very high risk / reward.
  23. Quoth can go and do one. I thought it wasn't a real / current word. Disappointed to see whore isn't in the dectionary of words.
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