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  1. Polmon

    GTA Online: Gay Tony is back!

    Pretty sure you can invert look. You've looked in the menu / options tab, right?
  2. Polmon

    Elite Dangerous - Krait Mk II is excellent!

    In his defense, the layout of the engineering screen is fucking terrible and confusing. The bigger number shown inside the progress circle is the maximum, not the current value (which is what any sane person would expect). That can make it look like you aren't getting anything improvement from subsequent rolls.
  3. Polmon

    GTA Online: Gay Tony is back!

    Nope, the Ruiner 2000, Oppressor, Stromberg and Deluxo missiles all have absolutely crazy tracking and maneuverability which appears to be intentional.
  4. Polmon

    Elite Dangerous - Krait Mk II is excellent!

    Until you realise there is no stealth mechanic, and some bases are just passive until you aggro them.
  5. Polmon


    I would just roll a new character. It takes a lot less time to get through than your first play through, and you will also have the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with the game against easier enemies and bosses.
  6. Polmon

    Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    I'm amazed by how good this game still looks. The lighting particularly makes some scenes absolutely stunning. I should probably have been using the photo mode, but most of the time I'm just drinking in the awesome views instead.
  7. Polmon

    Dark Souls 3

    Yep, it's a very difficult fight solo.
  8. Don't thew grow from slabs or something? I'm sure the description for either the Demon Titanite or their weapon says something to that effect.
  9. It's not that bad, and it actually opens up another little side quest which results in some neat loot.
  10. Polmon

    Elite Dangerous - Krait Mk II is excellent!

    @Plums, the engineering screen is very misleading. The small number at the top inside each circle is your current value, and the big number in the middle is the maximum. That might explain why you weren't seeing a change. iirc 55% is the maximum for jump range increase at grade 5.
  11. Polmon

    Elite Dangerous - Krait Mk II is excellent!

    Ahhh, yes, if its a salvage mission you can go and pick them up again, they will respawn at the source.
  12. Polmon

    Elite Dangerous - Krait Mk II is excellent!

    I think the mission would have been a bust as soon as you died, but any other players would have been able to scavenge your remains (although I don't think all of your cargo appears as canisters). For future reference, compromised nav beacons are quite unsafe unless you are looking for a fight
  13. Oh, you need to pop back to Firelink Shrine first, if you haven't done that.
  14. Another thing going to the catacombs early can net you:

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