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  1. The only jankyness I've noticed it the strange laggyness I sometime get at the start of a round. Usually only lasts about a minute max though. What structural problems are you seeing?
  2. Yeah, they definitely contribute towards the trading stats / rank, but I was wondering if they help the station recover, or if that only applies to bringing in repair commodities.
  3. Does anyone know if doing Evacuation missions from a damaged station contributes towards its recovery in anyway? I've done an absolute tonne in my new Space Bus 'conda, but not sure if I should flip over to shipping materials instead.
  4. Hah, I do this in almost every game I play! In GTA I used to call this The Horn of Excitement I had a match with randoms the other night which panned out really well as both the other players actually started playing as a team, sharing resources and working together, which was a real nice surprise. It also escalated quite quickly as I became kill leader and everyone seemed to rush in to where we were! (That bit where I'm watching an enemy after they use the balloon I was mashing R1 trying to ping them unsuccessfully).
  5. Almost, it was this I was looking at before: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yo1iHP9KUXpoBaIzJsRsDxfAcQa7cBq0YUIFy3m2NII/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Yep, a bit of heat management at the expense of some extra mass and its all good now. Long range Pulse Lasers are pretty sweet as is the corrosive / overcharged Multicannons combo. Need to gather some materials to round things off fully though. That reminds me, I used to have a link to a Google doc which listed where / how to get all the different materials, but can't find it anymore. Anyone able to help me with that?
  7. Nevermind, I found a bunch of things (including the Full Spectrum scanner) which I didn't have bound to anything. Bumbling my way through it now.
  8. That's the bit I seem to be missing. I've seen that I can do the honk as usually (although it had been remove from my fire group) but how do you initiate the scan for frequency mini game?
  9. I have a question about the exploration scanner changes. I noticed that the Ads has disappeared from my ships, and I'm guessing that is because its is now included in the basic scanner (using scan mode or whatever it's called). Do you need to have the surface scanner to go into Discovery Mode? Does the basic scanner automatically show up all signal sources in a system now?
  10. I suppose that gives me an excuse to play through it all again!
  11. If I'm halfway through Hitman 1 and I do this export / import thing, will my progress carry over?
  12. Have the Crime and Punishment changes made much of a difference to the lelevs of griefing in game? I never really encountered many hostile players, and those that I did I always managed to run away from.
  13. I don't think so, although I haven't tried comparing anything. Anyone know how to tell which clothing items are 'warm' in online? The text which tells you doesn't seem to appear when in the shop, which is really annoying :/
  14. I know this is a Beta, but bloody hell is it buggy! My horse keeps disappearing and getting replaced with the Scrawny nag (annoying when I have pelts / carcasses on the horse). My horses affection level keeps resetting when it does hang around for a while. I keep getting a bug where I can't interact with any shop npcs. Mission giving Npcs sometimes give you a mission that doesn't actually start and you have to talk to them again. Invisible npcs and players. Stuck animations. I appreciate all the work that's gone into this, and it's quite a feat, but on top of all the (somewhat baffling) design decisions in online, it really feels unfinished at the moment.
  15. I got into the final DLC area, and I've got my completion up to 110% now. The Pantheon of the Sage is absolutely wrecking me, not sure I'll be able to do it. I'm dreading the final Pantheon!
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