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  1. I'd be interested to hear what you make of it. I've not tried particularly hard, and I've also only been going round the south area, Disbury and Gatley way so I have no idea about Bolton Apparently Chelford is the 2nd biggest in the country but whether that's actually true remains to be seen. Going to try and check it out tomorrow if the weather holds.
  2. You've got PM, but basically: we did, and then we moved again Gonna give Chelford boot a go this weekend I think, it's apparently quite large. Or at least it was a couple of years ago :S
  3. Can anyone recommend any good car boots around Manchester? I've been to a couple so far on the south of the city but they're all shit :-(
  4. yay, a list thread! mine used to be MPH which is my initials, but tends now to be SHR
  5. Anyone heading out this easter weekend? I'm going to give it a go tomorrow but got to drive for miles as the nearest ones to me (Ahsford and Canterbury) are shit, full of pirate dvd's and broken tools Also is it me or has it got harder to find info on decent boots these days.
  6. for me it's prolly: Metallica - Master of Puppets, Weezer - Weezer, or Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar. All of which have been on some serious rotations since childhood.
  7. no one's mentioned the Game Gear yet? I've only seen one or two that actually have working speakers. They seemed to die really quickly
  8. anyone in the Canterbury area up for coming to the beercart on the 7th August to see my thrash band storm the place? flyers are here: http://www.theshadowaspect.com/flyers/flye..._live_print.jpg myspace is www.myspace.com/wretchedsouluk (I know the demos are not so good quality, they were recorded during a rehearsal session using one room mic )
  9. got the new Deicide album for my birthday anyone else heard this yet. I thought it was aces, and Ralph Santollas leads are awesome, much better than his work in the last craptastic Obituary album!
  10. This series is probably the most random thing ever I love it.
  11. I didn't say I got that much out of acid, merely that it's a damn sight better than portable ops. Portable Ops should have been really really good. Instead it's got a craptastic camera, craptastic controls and crappy bitesized levels instead of a decent continuous story (like earlier entried in the series). I'd rather put MGS1 on my memory stick instead.
  12. Personally I thought 4 was shit and overrated. Give me any of the other ones any day. Also Gears of War. Gears of Snore more like. Agree with Metal Gear Solid >= 2. Portable Ops especially the Ac1d series were better.
  13. Cobra Triangle. I wasted so many hours on that as a kid. Seemed really hard at the time. Although when I played through it again recently I managed to complete it in an hour or so still awesome though
  14. hopefully not driving the prices up too much...
  15. WHSmiths have a similar policy with books. My other half used to work there and they would have a clearout of old stock periodically which involved staff, under the managers watchful eye, ripping up old books that hadn't sold. Nazi's all of them
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