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  1. So I now have an email from Klana confirming my direct debit, and a second one saying my application has been declined. What a mess.
  2. So I got so far on Smyths. Completed the Klana application and then the site crashed. Have an email saying the direct debit is set up
  3. Gah. Got through the Game queue but they are only taking orders from customers with existing Xbox All Access purchases.
  4. Yeah. I haven't seen any evidence yet that Smyths had any. Just kept saying none available :(
  5. Wow, was it really 10 years ago when I last did this
  6. Some of my favourite moments. In spoilers just in case people haven't finished this yet. EDIT: How the heck do I post in spoiler tags?
  7. Yeah, my only minor niggle is the slight pause between levels in album mode. Would be great to have it as one continuous thing. Do scores in album mode count towards medals?
  8. This really is excellent. Not really a rhythm game as such, more that the action is choreographed with the music (apart from a few rhythm sections) But the soundtrack, visuals and variety make this really special. Could be my favourite experience of the year.
  9. This is excellent. Are the lane changing bits allocated to fixed lanes or is it free movement? Sometimes finding the steering a bit twitchy to get through gaps..
  10. Really struggling with the CM in the village. I've learnt his move set, and can pretty much parry everything. But it's the red symbol attacks I can't deal with. I dunno if my reactions are just too slow, but right now it's pot luck if I go for a jump or a mikri counter, I just can't react fast enough to the wind up which is almost non-existent. Any help appreciated, this is the first time it feels a little unfair in terms of what's expected.
  11. This has finally clicked. Loving it.
  12. Ah ok. I've hardly been blocking. Maybe that's it....it doesn't really make that clear. I am making progress slowly. It feels like playing Souls for the first time again, maybe I've forgotten what that was like.
  13. Thanks that helps. But what about all other standard attacks. Should I be trying to parry everything? This is where I get confused as some enemies you can break their stance just by attacking, but some it feels like a parry is required.
  14. Yeah it's not all parrying. The ogre went down via some standard dodge and counter techniques Felt more like a bloodborne boss. In fact that's my biggest headache at the moment...knowing when it's applicable or expected to parry.
  15. Oh wow. The first proper boss is amazing.
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