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  1. knightbeat

    Rare TV & Star Fleet

    I'd forgotten the sheer magnificence of this show! And that theme tune! It astounds me that Brian May (Queen), Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen), Alan Gratzer (REO Speedwagon), Phil Chen, Fred Mandel and Roger Taylor (too many bands to count) collaborated on a space rock anthem, and yet it never appears in the playlist of 80s/rock channels.
  2. I hold Regeneration - the Borg episode from season 2 - in high regard, though I may be in a minority here. The showcasing of a TNG baddie doesn't help Enterprise's efforts to establish itself as a prequel show and requires... effort to fit it into established canon (we have to assume the incident was classified or recordings were lost so that Q can introduce them to Picard), but I found it to be a tense & well-written episode that works well as a follow-up to First Contact. Oh lord! I just realised we're bound to see the Borg in Discovery season 3. I'm expecting a name-check in episode 1, liberated drones to appear by episode 5, and full-on Borg to appear by the end of the season.
  3. knightbeat

    Sinclair QL

    Surprisingly, Sinclair QL World outlived Your Sinclair by several months, though I can't say I ever saw it in shops (I'd guess it was subscription only if if wasn't for the barcode). I recall the QL community latched onto the Amiga as an QDOS-compatible in the 90s. There's a QDOS emulator that re-implements several OS components to allow use of Amiga hardware (most notably the 3 1/2 floppy drive). Simon Goodwin (familiar to Crash & YS readers) promoted it a lot in his writing and would ensure freeware QL software were provided on the Amiga Format coverCDs as part of their emulation series.
  4. knightbeat

    Retro gaming magazine scan archives

    Anyone interested in Sinclair QL magazines? I can't remember seeing them on sale in WH Smith so assume most went subscription only in the late 80s. Most issues seem to consist of type-in listings and the occasional product review, but I was fascinated by the sense of community communicated in the letters page. You see the same names appearing with questions, answers, comments and corrections every few months (many of whom still participate on QL forums). I was also surprised to discover that Sinclair QL World magazine outlived Your Sinclair by several months. http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/mags/index.html
  5. knightbeat


    The latest Postmodern Jukebox is an unexpected choice
  6. knightbeat

    Collecting old magazines

    Anyone near Oxford? A near complete collection of PC Zone could be yours (no, I'm not the seller). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PC-ZONE-Magazines-job-lot-issues-2-225-includes-18-inserts-posters/273695465985
  7. knightbeat

    Collecting old magazines

    PC Zone was at its peak in the late 90s, which might explain the ebay prices of some issues. In terms of Dreamcast titles, DCUK, Paragon's unofficial Dreamcast magazine and the official Dreamcast mag were all excellent during the short lifetime of Sega's machine and are well worth a purchase. I rarely bought PS2-dedicated mags (despite owning one throughout its lifetime), so can't make significant recommendations. The final issues of the Official PS2 Magazine (#90-100) have an NGamer-esque charm that I enjoyed at the time.
  8. knightbeat

    Collecting old magazines

    Forbidden Planet sell the 2000AD bags if there's one near to you. The 'new style' 2000AD bags have a green logo on the packaging, whereas the old/original 2000AD packaging have a brown logo. As @Loada mentions, the new 2000AD are the one to go for. The 'old' 2000AD is only needed if you have A3 magazines, such as 1992/1993 issues of CVG or early issues of NGC (circa #60-69).
  9. knightbeat

    Quantum Leap

    I discovered my old & very battered copy of The Making of Quantum Leap, which contains interviews with the showrunner and actors at various stages over a few years. It's interesting to see ideas being ruled out in the early days that formed the basis for the more memorable later episodes: Questions raised during a panel session at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, March 17, 1990: Q: Are there any plans to expand the time-frame window? To go any further back?" (p106 in the book) "Bellisario: No. No. No. I did not want to go back beyond his own lifetime, because once you start to have him popping into the Civil War, and on a ship with Christopher Columbus, and all that kind of stuff, it loses - this is really gonna sound weird - it loses credibility! I could buy when he leaps into 1953, 'cause I was there. I can't buy back beyond that." During the final episodes, the Leap Between States (s5e20) would send Sam back to 1862. "Q: Is there a line you draw as far as the extent he can change something, say prevent the Kennedy assassination?" (p110) "Bellisario: Yeah, there is, there's very definite. The show does not deal with events that you know about that can be changed; for example, the Kennedy assassination. Nor will it ever deal with that... The only way you could do something like the Kennedy thing is to have him leap into a situation where he was able to know about the Kennedy assassination, was on Kennedy's staff or something, and was trying to tell them. "Don't go to Texas. Don't go to Texas." Finally he convinces them and so somebody says, "Okay we're not going to Houston, we're going to Dallas." But then he's responsible for it! And he's caused it! Bakula: Think of the letters! Bellisario: So we don't wanna do that. Of course, Quantum Leap would also deal with the Kennedy assassination in season 5, taking a slightly different approach.
  10. knightbeat


    Let's watch the Winchesters, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over.
  11. Used Xboxs (xboxes?) are selling for £20-30 on ebay at the moment, many with games or mods, but the only sealed unit I could find was one for £900 that is frequently relisted . You'll make your money back and probably a small profit.
  12. knightbeat

    Retro Gamer 189 - Sonic Adventure special

    Good idea! It sounds like the next step with RG's pushing the limits feature. There's a danger it could become too technical and abstract for the reader. How could it be done? Selected interviews with past developers and homebrew creators, perhaps?
  13. The Mac may have other bootable OSes installed which are hidden from MacOS. You can find these by holding the option key (or 'Alt' key if you're using a Windows keyboard) for a few seconds when you power on the machine. This will take you to a startup menu. If you see more than one disk icon onscreen, the machine contains other bootable partitions that can be selected. Disclaimer: I'm not a Mac expert, but this is what I do to boot MorphOS on my Mac Mini G4.
  14. Wow! That's astounding. If the owner was an Amiga fan, I'd bet the Mac contains an installation of MorphOS as well. Do you know the name of the gentleman who has passed away. It could be someone who was fairly active on Amiga forums.
  15. knightbeat

    Doctor Who

    I assumed it was a reference to the 2010 UK quango reforms, which many newspapers obsessed over during the early days of the coalition government, though can see the brexit angle as well. Story-wise, it's a convenient method of preventing established characters from commenting on the new doctor (I'm still expecting a Captain Jack appearance) and allows the Doctor's team to act independently. It was good to see a Dalek vs. tank face-off, even if the explosion effect was a bit rubbish. I was surprised that the UK Security force (or whatever it's called) were able to mobilise the tank to Sheffield so quickly. Do they have them placed in strategic locations around the country, or did Sheffield Council decide one was needed for local security (Well, we can't buy water cannons. What's next on the deterrent list?) I wonder if this is the same tank that Peter Capaldi played his guitar on a few years ago.

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