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  1. Ah, yes. This is the episode where Doctor Who experimented with corporate sponsorship: Companion: 'Ere, doctor. 'Ow do I put up this shelf? Doctor: I've got something that can do that. Companion: Wha's dat? I thought the sonic screwdriver couldn't do this type of fing? Doctor: It's my No More Nails gun. Available from all good retailers for just 19.99 union credits.
  2. Not this time. As a minimum, you'll need to watch "Fugitive of the Judoon" (series 12 episode 5) that introduces a major character. It's also useful to watch "Ascension of the Cybermen" (series 12 ep09) and "The Timeless Child" (series 12 ep 10) which introduces new backstory.
  3. Too right. There should be a "Halo: is it Master Chief you're looking for?" pun on the cover!
  4. They were at war with the catkind of New Savannah?
  5. It was a bit, wasn't it? There were also aspects that reminded me of later 7th Doctor stories (series 25-26 & New Adventures book series). It may have been the potatohead's* resemblance to their Shakedown predecessor or the Nitro-9 reference at the start. * Is this a spoiler? Based upon the trailer for the next episode, I'm guessing that the Doctor will...
  6. I thought the agreement was motivated by rising tension between the 3 Sinclair mags, which were under pressure to increase the number of games each month (Sinclair User may have won this competition with an astounding 12 titles on one issue!). However, a 1999 Gamasutra article on PC Games Action giving away the full version of Earth 2140 suggests Amiga Format was the primary culprit. Did they give away free games in the early years? There's a RLLMUK 2008 thread on this topic, where @Ste Pickford mentions the agreement prevented Official Playstation magazine giving away a PS1 conversion of AquaAqua on their coverCD. I hope this game still exists!
  7. Watch Universe, except episodes where they use the Stones to go back to Earth. But don't watch Stargate Infinity.
  8. 16/48 and Spectrum Computing must hold the record for lowest 'page' count - they were just an A4 backing card with a tape attached. I still recall my amazement at the discovery of a box of these tapezines at a car boot sale in 1993. I had no idea there had been Spectrum mags beyond the big 3, never mind that they were on tape. The editorial give a fascinating insight into the early ZX Spectrum scene and the games were charmingly rubbish simplistic.
  9. Gunther has left us
  10. Don't read the latest issue of Retro Gamer! Let's just agree that everything pre-pandemic is retro.
  11. What is their opposing argument? I assume it has something to do with the rate of change. Manic Miner felt distinctly primitive in 2003, whereas the core gameplay of Animal Crossing, Burnout, etc. has changed only slightly during the past 15 years. On the topic of The Games Machine, I'm amazed that the Italian edition continues to be published. I wonder if there's anyone who has bought it for the entire 33+ year run.
  12. I stumbled across a trailer for a new TV series based upon Dan Brown's Lost Symbol book. I recall various announcements about it being adapted as a movie screenplay a decade ago, before being abandoned in favour of Inferno, but hadn't realised it had been adapted for television. Initial reviews are fairly poor, with a Rotten Tomatoes audience rating of 62% at the moment. The first season consists of 10 episodes, with half already aired in the US. I compared the book's plot to a guide for episode 1-6 and it looks like they're covering the key plot points of the book in these 10 parts, though there are notable differences between the book and TV show that could allow it to be extended and blended with later books in the timeline. (If there is a season 2).
  13. Did Archer have a catchphrase in Enterprise? I recall "Let's go" in the pilot, though didn't notice it in later episodes.
  14. https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/quantum-leap-reboot-conversations-scott-bakula More reboot rumours.
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