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  1. Future have posted the digital edition on their issuu page. You can also get the print edition for free from the Nintendo store with the offer code 'nincat' Incidentally, Nintendo Gamer just called and said it's the ultimate guide to the world of Nintendo. I have no idea how it got my number. Or can speak.
  2. Lots of shops sell false moustaches at this time of year.
  3. The plot should involve an android from the future being sent back in time to protect George Kirk.
  4. Jeremy Corbyn is going for the Dr Who fan vote. He was photographed holding a copy of the new Sil blu ray earlier today, while he gave a speech at the National Mining Museum in Scotland. I have no idea why. There's a close-up on today's Mirror news feed (at 15:52) (direct image link) and a less obvious photo on The Guardian website.
  5. I recall being impressed by the Slipstream tech demo when it was released (not now obviously). It runs smoothly on my 68040 A1200, but looks glitchy on every Youtube video I can find (there's also some terrible game play skills on show). Pity it wasn't developed into a full game. It's a shame the Amiga technology was never licensed to a Japanese manufacturer for sale in their market. We might have some amazing titles for the machine if Sharp had manufactured Amiga compatible hardware instead of their own X68000 systems.
  6. Even the trailers get trailers now
  7. Wil Overton cover! https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/issues/26
  8. WHDLoad and JST installers were (literally) game changers for the Amiga.
  9. Erm... Tintin? There's no brother and sister, but lots of travelling.
  10. Was it Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Edit: Maybe not. Carmen Sandiego is mid 90s
  11. Anyone recall this Cyberpunk TV series from the early 2000s? It was created & produced by James Cameron, starred Jessica Alba, and had an impressive budget, yet was cancelled after just 2 seasons and has largely been forgotten. Why have I resurrected this 15 year old thread? Because it was set in 2019 and we only have a few weeks to prepare for our post-pulse world. Did anyone else watch this back in the day? What did you think of it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Angel_(American_TV_series)
  12. Hmmm. A cover-mounted Raspberry Pi... fitted in a ZX Spectrum case.... made of sponge cake?
  13. Ashley Scott's Huntress - Batman & Catwoman's daughter from WB's Bird of Prey TV series - is back as well.
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