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  1. He never claimed to have the moral high ground. I've decided to take up smoking, like my hero R2-D2. i.e. hold a cigarette with metal tweezers at arms length.
  2. New CG short of a Tie Fighter vs. X-Wing duel (spoilered for size). Sometimes I forget how far CGI has progressed during the past few years. This is really good stuff! Edit: Just realised it was produced to promote the new Squadron game (I'm so out of touch). It's still fantastic.
  3. Are you interested in paper copies? The Retro section was reprinted in 'bookazine' form each year. There's several copies on ebay at the mo. The most recent issue (Vol 10) can still be bought from the publisher. https://www.magazinesdirect.com/az-magazines/6938434/retro-volume-10.thtml
  4. My mind was intact after listening to it. I was probably too young to understand the humour though.
  5. A Mel Croucher Fun Line recording was put on the Crash #78 cover tape. I can't find a copy, though recall someone (presumably Mel) doing strange voices.
  6. The twitter thread on his mediation between Atari and Internet Archive to help the latter make Atari games available online is particularly interesting
  7. I've just seen various posts on twitter that Curt Vendel of Atari Museum fame has died. Curt has been working to collect and preserve Atari history since the late 80s, often working with courts and former employees to obtain information that would have otherwise been lost. He has been an unfailing supporter of Atari preservation efforts and always had time to help other collectors and fans. I was fortunate to speak to him several times in the late 90s when I was researching the Atari-Amiga deal and found him unfailingly cheerful and helpful.
  8. Has anyone interviewed Hannah Smith on a podcast? I'd be interested to hear about her experience at Newsfield and what she did afterwards. I remember being embarrassed when buying Computer & Video Games #128b/129 (the final fight cover).
  9. The Lore & Borg team-up is a little weird. Picard/Locutus describes Data as a primitive android in the Best of Both World, yet Lore & Data are considered perfect beings by this Borg faction. Coincidentally, I popped into the thread to mention the TNG blu ray sale on Amazon. There's at least 5 good episodes in S7* so this is a bargain! Season 2 (£5.95) - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Trek-Generation-Season-Blu-ray/dp/B0095H9F8M/ Season 7 (£7.99) - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Trek-Generation-Remastered-Blu-ray/dp/B00M821UQG/ * Er... Possibly. Y
  10. I didn't like TLJ at the cinema, but it's easily re-watchable on the small screen. The slower pace, fallible characters and compact story arc seems to work better on TV. I enjoyed TROS, though agree it has faults. There are peaks and troughs to any franchise: early fans had the original trilogy ruined forever by the Ewoks, fans who grew up watching Star Wars had the prequels ruined forever by Jar Jar Binx & mardy Anakin, and the current trilogy has been ruined forever by the final film. We'll get over it, and better movies, TV shows, and comics will always be within our reach.
  11. The Commodore Format fan site also has a good article on the covertape wars. Crash introduced a regular covertape in June 1989, while full price commercial titles were still commonplace. The machine may have been in its twilight years, but there was still a large market for it (I only received a +2 in Christmas of that year). I always preferred the Crash cover tapes, even when the YS 'Magnificent Seven' and SU '12 Pack' tapes appeared. My early 90s obsession with Dizzy games started as a result of the demo on Crash 72 and I never would have discovered great 80s platform
  12. Intriguing. What type of freelance work did you do? ST Review 1-12 mention EMAP on the cover, with the Europress Enterprise logo appearing on the cover of issue 13 onwards (the Europress name is replaced by IDG sometime afterwards). The ST Review#13 editorial mentions the mag was selling 30,000 issues on average each month, but the publisher had decided to close it and Europress made an offer to take it over. I realise I made a mistake in thinking the mag being swapped was ST Review - the dates don't match up. It's more likely to have been The One for ST Games, which s
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