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  1. I've just seen this thread. Will it be possible to order the mag at a later date?
  2. No one seems to mention it, but CVG's artist-drawn covers really were amazing. Each cover is striking, often enhancing upon their source material, yet there is a consistency that makes it easy to recognise the mag as CVG. I'm less fond of the 2000AD-influenced covers of the late 80s and early 90s, though it's still better than the publisher-provided renders that we often get in the 2000s. https://archive.org/details/cvg-magazine?sort=titleSorter I wish there were an artbook of these covers!
  3. The Space Invaders book is probably one of the first books to treat videogames as a culture rather than a fad. In the spirit of sharing, I want to buy We Love Atari Vol 1 & 2 at some point. The author is well regarded in the Atari world and has put a lot of effort into research, though they're a bit expensive at £50 each.
  4. Don't tell us what happens. I want it to be a surprise!
  5. I notice The National Theatre are busy promoting their previous-recorded plays, including a 2012 production of Antigone that features Christopher Ecclestone and Jodie Whittaker. The trailer is a bit rubbish, only showing the back of Ecclescake's head, but it's probably the nearest thing we'll get to a 9th and 13th Doctor team-up.
  6. But not the 3DS though! (Unless there's been a breakthrough of which I'm not aware)
  7. A terrifying cover that depicts the silent horror of 4 ghosts surgically joined to make a 4, in honour of their mortal enemy. It's too horrific for WH Smith! I've only had a quick flick through so far, though I like the Amstrad homebrew special. It was an interesting read and a nice change of format to the normal review section. @jdanddiet Can I ask how you disinfected the mag? I just took it out of the bag, used an anti-septic wipe on the cover & back, and placed it in a drawer for 24 hours. Anything else that should be done?
  8. Interesting to see the pre-production work on Star Trek TNG. I'm glad they went with physical models for this series. The CG is impressive for 1987, though would look out of date almost immediately. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjJDrDSUH8I Edit: I'm getting a Youtube message saying this video can't be embedded. I'll try to update this post
  9. It started on Syfy UK a few weeks ago, apparently. Has anyone watched it? The trailers remind me a little of early Farscape and Red Dwarf.
  10. A new podcast approaches! Star Calls reviews Spots RotS tRoS .... Star Wars 9! https://www.thecomputergameshow.com/podcast/star-calls-16-star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker/
  11. This is great news! However, I can't help but think that Hasbro have dropped the ball slightly in terms of timing. The transformers franchise has been obsessed with the early war on Cybertron for the past two years. We have a Siege toyline that was announced in mid-2018, went on sale in Oct 2018, and is currently being replaced with the Earthrise series; a IDW New Era storyline that has explored this era for the past year (in a very boring manner) and is likely to move off-world in the next few months; and a Netflix series that will be exploring the same era in the near future. Given the importance of the early Cybertron war, a more coordinated, cross-media approach could have been taken, similar to the Armada relaunch.
  12. I hope there's an Enterprise mini-series/continuation at some point. I doubt it will ever be funded - the show is fairly obscure and the theme tune still inspires hatred, but it would be great to see the establishment of the Federation done properly. The recent broadcast of Star Trek Beyond inspired me to lookup how the USS Franklin fits with the Enterprise timeline on Memory Alpha. It kinda works, though you have to make a few assumptions to make the dates and NX designation tie together.
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