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  1. The youngest is 12 and the oldest is 70-ish (and to clarify, we're not watching it in the same house at the same time). There's an episode guide somewhere that gives time codes for segments that may be frightening or inappropriate for younger audiences and offers suggestions to mute/skip forward. It's off topic, but I looked up the UK broadcast time for Enterprise. I was surprised to find Channel 4 aired the early episodes on Sundays at 6.30pm. I thought it would be later, given those cringe-worthy decontamination scenes.
  2. I think the classic music played at the end of season 2 as well. I assumed it was Disco's thing. I'll be sad if it is cancelled. It's been one of the few TV shows that different generations of my family have been able to watch and discuss during the past few years.
  3. Would an 8-bit micro cover work as a subscriber exclusive, perhaps? I'm not particularly bothered about it myself, though it may offer the best of both worlds (a song that is almost 15 years old and also retro at this point). Can we agree that it's now 2021 at least?
  4. Keeping up with the Cardassians spin-off announced in 3, 2, 1....
  5. However, they do seem to have an issue with Klingon representation in non-combat roles. We've seen a Klingon defence lawyer, but where are the counsellors, dentists, and hairdressers?
  6. I found the Geekerific car example to be useful in understanding the difference between Classic and Retro. I'm not sure I'd fully agree with your point about old (classic) games not being retro. Sega's strategy for the past 20+ years has largely been based upon selling remakes of their older titles for new platforms. If a classic game can't be retro, even if perceived to be at the time of release, there needs to be something that triggers it being re-classified at a later date. I.e. What caused Sega Ages Outrun on the PS2 or Llamatron on the Amiga to stop being retro an
  7. A Firefly reboot may be in early development for Disney+ (Don't hold your breath though)
  8. The latest issue (Turrican cover) arrived today. The envelope arrived in good condition, with the exception of a 10cm cut down the side. Many year ago I was told that dodgy postal workers do this when looking for cheques sent in the post, though it's probably nonsense.
  9. Speaking of which, the TV Century 21 Dalek comic has been reprinted! And has already sold out. Boo!
  10. I was going to post a witty comment that I'd subscribe to EDGE Spain if anything happened to EDGE, but it closed last year.... I bet it was awesome.
  11. I've been looking at my Lords of the Rings, Indiana Jones trilogy, and Star Wars DVD boxsets for the past few months and trying to decide if they're worth keeping. The custom cardboard case are amazing to see on the shelf, but it feels like a waste of space to keep lower-quality versions of mainstream films when the UHD versions are available. On the other hand, there are films like Shawn of the Dead that turn the DVD into an interactive feature. There's lots of little animations and 3 minute snippets that help to create the world in which the film exists. It's great to navigate ar
  12. Did anyone buy import consoles in their local indie shops? I lived near Stoke in the early 90s and visited Console Concepts in Hanley. I remember seeing a Neo Geo in action and have a vague memory of seeing various PC Engine game boxes at the back of the shop (which was a rather smelly cellar underneath a carpet shop for the most part). I didn't take much interest at the time, since it seemed to expensive at the time, but wish I'd bought one now. I was an Amiga fan during the late 90s and often had to visit tiny shops around the country to buy supplies. I remember walking around B
  13. Or... The Walking Dead: Miami - zombie surfers The Dead have invaded the West Wing - The president bites people, but he's a republican so that's ok. The Walking Dead: Celebrity Edition - Big Brother, but with zombies The Groaning Singer - Can you guess who is under the mask?
  14. Are you referring to the A500/A2000 mouse? I recall the standard A1200/A4000 mouse being an RSI-nightmare (though do have large-ish hands).
  15. Even the BBC can't believe the news: Why is TV drama Dexter back after eight years? (asks an exasperated work placement student) I am amused by the blood spatter though. It looks like it was added in Deluxe Paint.
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