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  1. On a different note, look at this!
  2. I'm clearly swimming against the current here but I disliked the episode. The Scorpion Queen just didn't work for me - the hissing, shouty voice limited proper conversation with the rest of the cast, and the OTT performance didn't fit with her goal as someone trying to hide from the wider population. I felt terribly sorry for Anjli Mohindra, who must have gone home with a sore throat every day during filming. Given Tesla's Mars connection, I'm not sure why they didn't go for the more obvious choice of her being an Ice Warrior who somehow reached Earth, woke up in the 19th century, and is calmly manipulating inventors, the patent office, and assassins for hire to get the components and skills she needs to construct a ship and get home. Plus, they missed an opportunity to play the Dr Who theme tune using Teslo coils!
  3. The TV Movie and Turn Left shows time being reversed and events changed within the episode itself. Inferno, Rise of the Cybermen, and Doomsday also depicts parallel Earths where different events occurred. On a different note, Wikipedia claims 2020 is the year when Rory Williams is erased from existence in the Chibnall-written Cold Blood episode.
  4. Forbidden Planet also sell magazine sleeves, if you have one nearby: "New style 2000AD" bags work great for super A4 mags, like Retro Gamer. "Old style 2000AD" bags can be used for A3 mags. I'm using these to store some old issues of NGC and C&VG magazine. I have to admit to using standard A4 wallets for EDGE and GamesTM magazine. OK for the short-term, but they're starting to degrade over time. I'd be interested to find archival sleeves tailored for mags of this height/width/depth. How are you storing the mags? I've been keeping them stacked in a cupboard for years, which makes it difficult to get to issues at the bottom (and puts extra weight on them), but bought 5 extra-strong magazine long boxes for around £20 on ebay last year. These hold the mags vertically and are sufficiently strong to allow box stacking.
  5. Are we we talking about the 32x add-on game, or some rom hack that replicates it on un-enhanced MD hardware (if there is one)?
  6. I was impressed by the Spectrum version of Danny Duster in Crash magazine, only discovering it had been an April Fool joke around 1999/2000. https://live.worldofspectrum.org/infoseek/magazines/crash/98#52 https://live.worldofspectrum.org/infoseek/magazines/crash/98#54
  7. Another Star Wars prototype discovered! https://hiddenpalace.org/Star_Wars_(Jan_25,_1993_prototype)
  8. Future have posted the digital edition on their issuu page. You can also get the print edition for free from the Nintendo store with the offer code 'nincat' Incidentally, Nintendo Gamer just called and said it's the ultimate guide to the world of Nintendo. I have no idea how it got my number. Or can speak.
  9. Lots of shops sell false moustaches at this time of year.
  10. The plot should involve an android from the future being sent back in time to protect George Kirk.
  11. Jeremy Corbyn is going for the Dr Who fan vote. He was photographed holding a copy of the new Sil blu ray earlier today, while he gave a speech at the National Mining Museum in Scotland. I have no idea why. There's a close-up on today's Mirror news feed (at 15:52) (direct image link) and a less obvious photo on The Guardian website.
  12. I recall being impressed by the Slipstream tech demo when it was released (not now obviously). It runs smoothly on my 68040 A1200, but looks glitchy on every Youtube video I can find (there's also some terrible game play skills on show). Pity it wasn't developed into a full game. It's a shame the Amiga technology was never licensed to a Japanese manufacturer for sale in their market. We might have some amazing titles for the machine if Sharp had manufactured Amiga compatible hardware instead of their own X68000 systems.
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