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  1. I watched episode 4 again after first viewing it a few days ago, and I have mixed feelings. My worry that this could go a bit directionless got a little closer, in all honesty. I laughed a lot at the general acting class set-up, but the pace of the switch made it feel like it could all be a bit of an indulgence - not that it isn't an incredible, often hilarious concept being performed for us, with us being an unwitting part of the experiment just as much as Kor or Angela. The theme, if you had to pin it down, seems to be that controlling social interaction (mostly) only really works when done for laffs. I'm curious as to how much Nathan was going off-script himself when making the show, but I still cannot wait to see more.
  2. Well, I think this is like no other 'comedy' I've ever seen. I struggled with Nathan For You; I'd seen plenty of clips that were absolutely hilarious, but I just assumed that it was all actors - I honestly could not believe it was the unsuspecting public he was roping in to these schemes. I watched a few episodes and did some enormous LMAO'ing, but knowing people weren't in on the joke it just felt too mean-spirited to me, but I've felt that about pretty much all prank shows over the years. There is a discussion online at the moment about whether or not this is exploitative. I think I'd say NFY is, and I'd struggle to say that this isn't, despite the different context. This is much more 'positive', in that it's ostensibly about teaching people about life, but I had to pause it a couple of times throughout episodes 1 and 2, and I'd say the exploitation was most apparent in episode 3. However, I'm sure it's not a coincidence that the biggest laughs were the points I wondered whether it was a bit too much for me to carry on watching. I think the 'exploitation' is a little different in this. It's still about people acting uncomfortably with their guard down, but that includes Nathan now. Where before the control was pretty much a neatly framed, one-dimentional affair, now that that structure is nowhere as rigid, or for a lot of it removed, it throws up questions that Nathan talks about of where control begins and ends, do life's stage directions help or restrict, and can we just accept meaning from social interaction or can we make our own. I hope this doesn't completely lose any kind of direction as I cannot wait to see more.
  3. Daily Quordle 156 quordle.com So close to glory! Just not enough letters to narrow NW down enough. Ah well.
  4. Kramer from Seinfeld is in the first Terminator
  5. Was it just me who found LBA almost undeciphorably hard? I think I got quite a way in, but could just never tell if I was in an area I shouldn't be at yet, or if the game was just punishingly hard. I should go and watch a playthrough, I think.
  6. Anyone know how the database is curated? There's loads of old, obscure games but then some huge new series aren't in it at all. It surely can't be manual, individual additions. *edit* I got 0/5 today.
  7. https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/i-think-you-should-leave-season-3-tim-robinson-1235195504/
  8. 🕹 High Score Day #36 - https://highscoreday.com One almighty guess in there. Also...
  9. Straps

    The Boxing Thread

    "e's a big chavvy, have ye got a big corey?!" Not great was it, and I'll be honest barely looked like he connected it was so fast. But down he went.
  10. I'm on episode five now and think it's pretty great. Some naff moments/extras, and contrary to those here I think Jessica Hynes is a little wasted in her role to be honest, but the leads carry it all off very well. I find it never ladles on the 'weren't times funny back then' which would have ruined it.
  11. Daily Quordle 77 quordle.com Might be a few streaks ended today.
  12. Daily Quordle 75 quordle.com So near to glory, yet so far. Maybe one day.
  13. Must have woken up on the right side of the bed this morning, got the luck again. Daily Quordle 74 quordle.com
  14. Wordle 282 X/6* The sinking feeling on the second guess very much justified.
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