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  1. Just to agree with everyone, hit and miss sums it up. But for me it got less miss as it went on. Also who played Billy? I can't find him on IMDb and it's doing my head in not being able to remember what he was in.
  2. Has there been any hint of FFXVI yet?
  3. Bloody hell what a header
  4. Is this a narrow pitch, or just long? Or both??
  5. Got a day off tomorrow so might try to find a stream. Last time I did that for a show was Lost, which was a disappointment, but this will be totally different as the disappointment was a couple of episodes ago.
  6. I hate Missandrie and Worm so this was a good episode. Also I'd forgotten the battle-hardened 10-year-old had died so it was nice to be reminded. Good stuff. The show died along with the Night King, for me, mind you. Eight seasons for nothing!
  7. Straps


    I see no one is yet to call it 'red sauce' and inadvertently own up to being poor.
  8. I had major problems with the darkness levels watching on a pirate stream. So I had a think and I realised it deserved to be watched in higher detail so I did the decent thing and torrented it.
  9. WTF! Was season one years ago? I thought it was like... 6 months?
  10. In the show?? Thought she was supposed to be like 13.
  11. Anyone got an Acestream for the Spurs game? I need to see this finish.
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