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  1. Evil Steve

    GTA Online: Gay Tony is back!

    Was that the one I kept burning the bodies? I finished it by driving along the train tracks? I did that mission again with a random, who decided to let me do all the work. I got the first van out and to the marker, and he hadn't fired a shot. so went for a drive around los santos taking in the sights till he quit. I managed to get the last van by sniping the rest of the dudes from up high. 2 van's 1 life.
  2. Evil Steve

    GTA Online: Gay Tony is back!

    I did wonder why you didn't shot anyone. lol
  3. Evil Steve

    GTA Online: Gay Tony is back!

    That was all me . After you killed both of us, you took my car, then we rob a store (you pistol whiped me) went on the run from the cops (you pistol whiped me again ) then had a last stand near the junk yard. Good times
  4. Evil Steve

    GTA Online: Gay Tony is back!

    Was nice to be on with a crew member. Went on a rampage with the dude you killed (sorry cant remember youre gamer tag). I need to unlock some better weapons soon, if I want to do that again.
  5. DangerM, you sir are a genius. I've watched this a lot trying to remember what story each head is from. Which in turn has made me dig out my books to reread them. Also was the music from the cartoon?
  6. Evil Steve

    The HD/Blu-ray Thread

    Tesco are selling it at that price as well. its part of a promotion.
  7. Evil Steve

    Lego Harry Potter

    Nope. Wasn't looking at the bottom pictures. Got it now Thank mate. 1000g's got
  8. Evil Steve

    Lego Harry Potter

    I have 1 gold brick to get, but dont have any idea how to get it. its the one at the top of the main staircase (with the moving stairs), right next to a moving picture of a dog chewing a bone. Its starting to piss me of now, as its the only thing i have left to collect.
  9. Evil Steve

    Battlefield 1943 XBox Live

    1. tarules 2. Little Joe II 3. Y0D4uk 4. Rockstarjez 5. EightHours 6. Yonezzz 7. Stevo TEH EVIL
  10. Evil Steve

    Cemetery Junction

    Nope, not at all Shame really. This is the real one
  11. Evil Steve

    Cemetery Junction

    This is named after Cemetery Junction in Reading, which is just down the road from my house. Hope he bases the sets on it.
  12. Evil Steve

    Post your 360 Avatar

    Stevo TEH EVIL
  13. Evil Steve

    Saints Row 2

    You can get a leather jacket from the mall (the biker shop) I've done all the mission's in co-op about 3 times now, but still have 4 missions not showing up as being done in co-op. I'm up for some co-op if anyone is on this weekend, still have the some diversions and races to complete.
  14. Evil Steve

    GTA:IV Official Thread

    You get 10,000 for a Comet. If you have one drive around (near the safehouse by the garage) till they start appearing parked on the streets, park your comet at the safe house, if you have space for one more put it there. Steal one more and take it to steve's collect the extra one from the safe house and you have 20,000. Ive done this many times and it works quit well.
  15. Evil Steve


    I found the main entrance to the quary on the second island to be the best place to do it (driving out through the high double doors). Its best to do it with a friend, so they can keep the road clear so you dont hit traffic coming out of the quary. I did the triple flip first time from this location with the buggy.

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