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  1. It'd make sense if he saw Bran as the latest Ctrl+Z, but how many Ravens can he undo? Hey, remember Royal Raven? 'Cause I'd forgotten about it until I typed that. Another reason why the early seasons were better at betrayals.
  2. I'll take Pod's version over Flo's warble any day. Upcoming episodes: As for Bran, I think we're all hoping for an unexpectedly good resolution, but as I can't really think of one, I'm ready for the worst. I do hope the crypt's a semi-bluff, and it becomes dangerous in some other manner. Else you're retconning along the lines...
  3. Gwen might be the most-improved actor in it, though; she's been getting better as it goes. Yeah, I asked for a list of post-S4 deaths the other day, and I've had a gander... I've omitted lots more because they were very minor characters. I think some of those deaths were mishandled, while others were so belated they'd lost their impulse. Almost a case of ‘Oh, we haven't killed off so-and-so who screwed over whatsit years ago yet’. And I think the biggest names from that list all had disappointing endings, but that's a personal thing. Talking about THE CRYPT...
  4. They are making it obvious now with the callback to her golden bro. Yeah, I think that's a good point. I'm far more invested in the human conflicts than the undead ones, so my preference would be to sort out NK in E3, but then like you say, we'd be shortchanged. I'm expecting... The problem with Walkers killing off a bunch of characters is that there'll be no ‘game’ in those deaths. The Walkers' role ceases to be political once they attack.
  5. Set your hopes up way too high, living's in the way we die?
  6. Those invincibility frames are about to run out.
  7. I can imagine: That was Melisandre's demon-jump for me, when she became a common-or-garden witch and lost a lot of her fear-inducing mystery. She's still my favourite character, just for those very early scenes when she was a terrifying enigma. Rather than just Sexy Bran.
  8. A major benefit of coming to the series late was that I was able to blitz through that saga. And it started so well, because “What Is Dead May Never Die” has my favourite ending (tremendous lure of the unknown), largely thanks to: I'm finding this recent Dany-is-bad writing really hamfisted, as if her tyrannical mah-dragons behaviour and frying non-kneelers was nothing much. And yet somehow she acquired Friendzone, Tyrion, Varys, Barristan and Jon as cheerleaders. I still feel that condemning Xaro and Doreah to a slow, anguished death in his vault was one of the cruellest killings in the series. A punishment far heavier than their crimes.
  9. Tales of the Expected I hear the crypt went through several rewights.
  10. You're not the first person to say that, but tell us, have you heard about the crypt?
  11. Plus E5, so we're now looking at battle > aftermath > battle > aftermath.
  12. Along the lines of... I've twice misjudged an episode's runtime because those two show up after the credits. I gave 'em a go first time, but never again. One of them in particular does that vocal fry affectation, like a 15-year-old trying to buy booze. I'd say...

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