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  1. Pretty close, yeah. I found BotW fine in shrines and those ‘brown mazes’, but whenever the horizon opened up I felt I was missing out. I'd really like Nintendo to merge the best of U and Switch for their next console: a 1080p handheld with HDMI-out, alongside a 4K homehub with an optional gamepad. Prime 4 with PS4.5-gen graphics on a home screen and/or gamepad, or a still-class-leading 1080 for portables that can plug into screens. Maybe Ryzen could fill that role when the time comes?
  2. For what it's worth, I found the current screen way too small for Breath of the Wild, which is about as ‘home’ a game as it gets, but lots of others have no trouble playing it handheld. A 10" screen is probably as small as I'd go before feeling that I was losing some of the experience. Dead Cells was also much harder to play, with edgescreen baddies getting closer to me before I noticed them. This is ultimately what turned me off the Switch: I felt visually handicapped in most games that weren't designed for handheld, and the dock's up against the other consoles and PC if you have any. My main complaint with the Lite is that they've kept a big bezel when they could've made it significantly more portable. The JCs are already uncomfortable.
  3. Isn't there an argument that it's less portable? Remove one JC and it's about the same; remove both and it's larger.
  4. Escaped

    Nintendo Switch

    Ninten No Switch I had a Switch for a few weeks until I realised I was only playing inferior ports at home on it, so it's always been a handheld to me. But losing the ability to continue on a bigger screen at home's pretty huge, and it could've been way more portable.
  5. Escaped

    Nintendo Switch

    I think they should increase its height a couple of mil to retain their 6.2, or else take advantage by making the Lite smaller. And I know it'd be 720p, but I could still imagine lots of people using an HDMI-out occasionally. Like if you want a portable for commuting that you can plug in at work or whatnot. If you're staying somewhere with a TV overnight...
  6. Escaped

    Nintendo Switch

    The Switch is perfectly sized for a 7" screen, but bezelled to 6.2, and this one's bezelled to 5.5 when there's room for 6.
  7. Do you have RoboCod? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts if you're able to compare it to FS-UAE's emulation. It doesn't help that I've not had a CRT for years, because I know that some of my memories are bound to be wrong. Although I remember most A500 games feeling somewhat laggy, even at the time. Also, I'd pay £3 for a weekend pass. Lots of us would. The trouble is that few would stay. But still, you'd get more people paying for a few weekends each year as new content came in.
  8. Shame they haven't released SL2 with Gb support. I don't know about the complexity of video conversion for streaming over given bandwidths; how it varies... Google seem to have a decent handle on it, but their testing's all been best-case scenario. I'm hoping for virtual mirroring in future, with games pumped as-is down our lines. Performance'd be terrible for that right now.
  9. I think the SL's 100Mb and not taking full advantage of your homewiring, but yeah, that's surprising. I've no idea why it doesn't perform really well in that situ. Can you disable mirroring to your PC (you said about hearing the speakers upstairs)?
  10. Unreal Engine 4's typically laggier than UE3, and TVs generally have the same input lag as they did ten years ago. It's an inherent weakness of their tech. Motion's improved a bit since then, though, and 120Hz strobing's helpful for some people if it's not overly aggressive. Playing games at high framerates is also much nicer (Free_G-Sync unless you've a 120fps-capable PC), because the outcome of each input is drawn in half the time of 60fps. There is tech that can marry CRTs to flatscreens, but FED yields were poor and it was deemed too expensive versus LCD and later OLED. Controller latency is low, like maybe a frame at 60fps, but UE4's lag often ranges from 50-150ms, and TVs from 30-70 in their game modes. Tekken 7 now averages about 80ms (runs on UE4), and I use a Brook PCB that adds hardly anything. My screen adds another 20, so for me I'm looking at ~100ms. A good online connection doubles that, delaying my inputs by 1/5 of a second. Rollback netcode feels more responsive by removing the online delay and drawing your updates locally, and then if the connection falls out of sync it rolls back to the last sync point. This is better over good connections that only experience the odd hiccough, but it can get loopy over bad connections. Obviously Antstream can't provide rollback netcode because their game instances aren't local. A Gb connection, but SL was over Wi-Fi unless you ran an Ethernet cable from your PC to your box?
  11. You ran a cable all the way downstairs with ICS? I don't know anything about SL because I've never used it.
  12. Define laggier, because if we all had gigabit lines with servers around the corner, I don't think we'd be having this convo. Machine lag will always be higher, but human perception isn't that sharp. (Nor Pat.) Wireless streaming, though. Tons of potential interference there. When you run a long HDMI cable you worry about signal loss, not increased latency, because you're not Data. The problem is that Google and MS are talking about Concordes and delivering Airbuses.
  13. They are the first steps (y'know, since OnLive tried), but there's no sight of anyone with the material for the rest of the stairs yet. It's a horse-and-cart thing because latency-dependent services are hobbled by infra, and the investment in infra isn't viable until those services are going great guns. There are maybe some early signs of growing dissatisfaction with BT's FTTC bodge, which has been so poor in my rural area that we're close to hitting the threshold for the building of a replacement fibre network. As for compression, that's not the main problem below very high bitrates unless you've low bandwidth. If you're running Windows, open Command Prompt and type “tracert bbc.co.uk”, and then count the hops. Now imagine if Google provided a serious network in the UK with those hops contained within it for optimal performance, hooking you up to their best available server. I don't know much about who owns what in UK infra*, but it's not unified and our data's potentially subject to a bunch of Achilles' heels. Routing tables sometimes send packets the long way around because it's the fastest, for example. * https://www.geoip.co.uk/ipwhois.php?ip= appears as a hop for me, owned by LINX.
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