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  1. Yeah, Steam's a much bigger name than Valve these days. Commercially you'd think that that gives Half-Life 3 a clear run, but is Newell's ego in the way? That's what I've always suspected. For the most part they haven't, but on the fringes (such as here) it's hard to find people who still feel they've perfect records. From's a real edge case in fairness, where Dark Souls II, III and Sekiro aren't as widely praised as the other three, but they haven't made a game that many regard as bad in the past ten years. Bungie had fantastic PR in the Halo 2 days, when they talked about their afterwork multiplayer and whatnot. But after Halo 3 they started losing players to apathy. Rockstar had a glorious run on the PS2 with the three GTAs and Manhunt, and most of us had faith when they said they wouldn't number the next GTA until it warranted it. IV was then hamstrung by dated mechanics that persist in V, and for many of us the PS2 games were just a lot more fun. Naughty Dog peaked with Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us, promising just one more sequel for the former and none for the latter. Once again it's quite rare to find someone who thinks they've made a bad game, but there's been some worry about The Last of Us 2 over its violence, and it doesn't have multiplayer (my favourite part).
  2. I think your last sentence is all true, but I really can't imagine creatives not wanting to have a bash at it, nerves or no. I've always felt that the main perceived risk — hence its no-show — is commercial, because Valve are still riding high on the reputation of the first two. A disappointing third game could shatter that perception, whereas doing nothing is viable until it's not, and we've yet to reach that point (after 15 years!). But I'd say to look at how Rockstar, Bungie, Naughty Dog and From are all still doing fine despite losing their immaculate reps.
  3. Quid Pass is great, but I bought mine for a Digital with no plans to upgrade. For £11pm we'll want to know how many big games are missing from its SX catalogue, and how many big games there are in the first place. If we were all members until '25 there'd be no question of value, because worst-case the quality dries up, but I'm dubious about how Microsoft have left it open while they can best afford to and least afford not to. PS+ was really good once, and look how that's turned out. Going all-in with SX is to have faith that similar won't happen when our subs run out in '22, still very early in the next gen.
  4. Uncharted 2's multiplayer was one my highlights of that gen, and I still haven't forgiven ND for cutting it from the remaster. On killcounts, though, as much as I understand the oft-mentioned dissonance, would it really help if Drake ‘only’ killed 50 people instead of 500? My virtual killcount over 30 years might be in the hundreds of thousands by now. I did enjoy the relative peace of Tomb Raider: Underworld and haven't bothered with the reboots, but I still had to shoot things in lieu of fresher mechanics. [edit] Films often get around this by having their bad guys hoist with their own petards, but if you do that in a game it's a cutscene.
  5. Escaped

    The Boxing Thread

    I'm not saying you're wrong, but I think both sports rely heavily on insight for entertainment value (UFC less so when bodies are flying). Not this fight, obviously! But sometimes a fight that bores most people can be interesting to those who recognise the subtleties at play. I know lots of boxing fans who say UFC's all hugging because they've no experience of high-level wrestling.
  6. I think there is a market, but that current manufacturers don't understand how off-putting their breadbins are. I also feel that they're overrating full immersion, and that most people don't want to be entirely disconnected from the real world. High image quality, a comfortable refresh rate, and no wires are also required. Having something strapped to your head that also deafens you... nah. That's why I mentioned built-in speakers on the arms of an LG design, mounted by the hinges and angled slightly towards. Audio would emanate a tiny bit above and ahead of your ears, but I think that's fine. Then you could just pause/mute the game and immediately hear your surroundings. Likewise, if you felt queasy you could just take it off like a pair of glasses, which they are. Having to plan your exit before you hurl adds to the claustrophobia that I wouldn't tolerate. And PSVR looks like a feckin' futuretech croupier's hat from the '90s! The controllers are coming along well, though. I'd have no major complaints there.
  7. LG's 360 would be my physical entry point if it cost around £200, with 1440x1600 at 120Hz, built-in speakers, and featured next-gen wireless GamePad tech for the PS5/Scarlett. Valve Index is still a massively expensive brick on yer boat, so if that puts me — a person interested in VR — off, it ain't ready for the mainstream.
  8. As someone who gave up on V after a few frustrating months, for me they have skipped a gen! And although there was a 9-year gap between 3S and IV, the latter arrived during peak #37 hype as an update of II when online gaming was taking off on consoles. It's been almost that long since the height of IV, so I feel that most of us are now ready for VI to turn it back around. They need to ditch UE4 if they can't reduce latency, and then sort out their janky animations, gamespeed and netcode.
  9. Escaped

    Xbox Game Pass

    It is safe to cancel recurring billing once we've upgraded to Ultimate for the full term? I bought two 12-month subs and mine says it's due to bill me £32.99 in April '22.
  10. Yeah, it's XO19 that worries me. I hope they've not been really sneaky to catch out cheap bastards like me. I'll only be buying one next-gen console and my laptop can't run most of the GP games. But I'll pay that much for streaming, and then have Gold if I go Scarlett over PS5.
  11. Escaped

    Google Stadia

    I realise that now, I just initially took their list as a panic offering to get their wheels unstuck. Start with those and then add a couple each month.
  12. Has anyone done the £1 Ultimate conversion lately (and could you post a link if so)? I'm a bit worried about ending up with 33 months of Gold and only 3 months of Ultimate.
  13. Escaped

    Google Stadia

    I knew that most newer games had to be bought, but I thought they were copying PS+ in giving away a growing library, starting with those announced. RDR2 would've been good for a freebie, but I took that as a sweetener given the downsides of streaming and annual cost.
  14. Says out of stock on mine.
  15. Nope, never. I think I last had Gold in 2012. I'm not logged in or anything, and it says it includes Gold and then flips to full billing after the third month. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/xbox-game-pass-ultimate/cfq7ttc0khs0
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