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    The Last Of Us

    Exactly that. It's not that the characters were suddenly much better-written, just that their lives were more relatable without Cageisms. The teenage boredom of the scrapyard especially.
  2. Escape

    The Last Of Us

    That's exactly how I feel about Before the Storm versus Life Is Strange!
  3. I've 21 months remaining, and I'll be at the point of being able to add the additional 15 in the next week. But can I? Are there any good Gold-extending 12+3 Ultimate deals at the minute?
  4. My Ultimate runs out in April '22, what's the best way to extend it as far as possible? They didn't have any 6-month codes in stock at the time, so I bought a couple of 12s and a 3 for a total of 30 with the renewal business. Think it cost about £70. So if I can, I'd like to add another 18 months to give me 3 years from the SX launch. Or an extra 12/15 months if I do it now, since that looks mandatory.
  5. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. I think it's open to fair criticism, but I found its lack of reciprocal gameplay ballsy as a throwback to 8-bit adventures where your imagination led, because while its story's a load of crusty old sci-fi cobblers, the stillness and beauty of its world isn't. Not to say I wouldn't have enjoyed a lot more interactive detective action, but to get a game made about a quiet English village in the '80s these days... And Return of the Obra Dinn, largely for being created by one person, amazing soundtrack an' all. It's the Another World of its
  6. The last time I was this out of step was probably Before the Storm, which I rate as the only good game in its series. Whereas the majority considered it an extra, less engaging chapter, rather than a well-written detour into a supernatural-dodging world in which its characters became relatable. It's what I expected the original to be like when I read its hype, not a David Cage take on a Stephen King.
  7. It'd be silly to have Ellie as a complete pacifist in such a world, and its story hinges on the psychological effects of that, but I'd like to assign her mandatory kills to end-of-level baddies. There are lots of obviously tough film characters who rarely, if ever, engage in violence; Captain Quint's my first thought. Ellie isn't swapped for MacGyver during cutscenes like Drake, that's true, but when the option's there to stealth a level and you're still dealt a rargh-argh cutscene to close... It just becomes oppressive more than impactful, I think, telling the player that absorbin
  8. If I do a pacifist run through a level and get a murderous cutscene for my efforts anyway, the narrative refuses to give an inch to reflect my choice as a player. Ordinarily that's a game thing we accept, like you say, but this is a narrative that bangs the old ‘Isn't it awful you have to kill these people to survive’ drum, when you're often simultaneously given the option not to. So it doesn't need branching, just minor alterations to the ending and cutscenes according to what you did, and anything that happens against your will via overridden controls shouldn't be presented as yo
  9. You've played it, right? Here be spoilers:
  10. If one of the spoilers is true, I think it's a huge anti-agency slap that'd cause me to argue the very same as you from the opposite side: that invasive authorship disrespects our choices, the outcomes of which comprise the central pillar of great gameplay. Which is fine for a story game where you expect rails, not so much for an action game where your agency counts for nowt amid pretence. Even if the combat's really enjoyable, there's still a disconnect when you can't influence jack in a world you're sold as the hero in shaping. As for scoring, an idea I've had (if you
  11. I'm guessing £400 at the lowest and £500 at the highest for all of them. Maybe £400 for the digital PS5, £500 for the standard, and something like £480 for the SX. Outside chance of £530 for the PS5 and £500 for the SX.
  12. To date, no, but with either of these I'd have no choice. The space where my PS4 lives is probably wide enough, but I doubt tall enough what with its spinning base plate (wouldn't it be hilarious if it actually spun?!). I do have room for an upright, and I think the SX'd be a much better fit there, aesthetically and physically.
  13. I know it's not happening and that's my point. If I could transfer my games over I might be tempted by the digital while my PS4 still has a bit of value. Aye, they seem to be thinking we'll all be using the C for new controllers and regular for legacy ones, when it's far more likely to be two of a kind. But then the SX only has one port on the front, so that needs an extension for convenience as well. 1.5 jobs.
  14. If I worked for Sony I'd suggest letting PS4 owners register their discs online for redownload, allowing them to sell their PS4s to help fund the upgrade without losing their libraries.
  15. If it gets so hot it melts its own plastic it must be powerful!
  16. SX, surprisingly, though I doubt at launch. Could change again, obviously. If the PS5 had fancy 1/2/3 BC there'd be no contest, but as well as that they've left so many of their old classics unloved (ruined others), as we approach another largely multiplat era. The PS5 looks like it's gonna be noisier and possibly more expensive, and I need USB ports for my MixAmp and HDMI splitter. People have been saying that since the 360 launched. I'd feel the same if not for the SSDs, but we have to jump sometime. The one thing I don't like about new gens is how they're
  17. Let's have a full hour of Digital Furniture with fabric guesswork and leather fanboys. All the 3D demos I've heard required headphones or rear speakers to project soundwaves in opposing directions. I'm not saying it's impossible to do it with stereo speakers because I don't have enough knowledge to say that, but I can't imagine Doppler effects or the like ever matching real aft-to-fore soundwaves. I know I've never heard a convincing 3D effect from my laptop. Quite happy to be wrong, what with my stereo setup. I've been taking this new audio as being to sound
  18. Almost a robocop.gif these days.
  19. No that's fair enough: PS Now is the Ultimate equivalent, and I'd just forgotten it moved from streaming to downloads because the former never appealed. How much is it?
  20. They're comparable, yeah. Usually a couple of games each month that you can play whenever you've an active sub. Sony don't have an answer to Ultimate yet.
  21. You'll be fine — it's not changing acoustics, just offering way more power for on-the-fly calculations. It'll be the minority like me with stereo speakers who won't benefit (though I'd use buds for relevant online gaming).
  22. I've got it! I think it's just a combination of me not being in the loop with new games, and the late-gen lull. There hasn't been a big Halo, Gears or Forza that I'd instantly recognise as a major addition. Some of us bought a PS4 because it had all the fighting games, but if Microsoft get all the non-Sony content this gen (like the 360) it'll be more tempting to go with them. Unless I'm wrong and the PS5 actually turns out to be quieter. Ultimate's clearly better than PS+, with the caveat that I wouldn't like it if its games were withdrawn any sooner. Remembering to collect them o
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