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  1. Online has started to struggle a wee bit now as well, that's true, and I think for similar reasons: a rising lack of trust in outfits that rely on corporate inclusion to run. Then at the same time, lots of people are happy to crowdfund independent people and groups, the road that that funding puts them on threatening to erode their independence too. I can only speak for myself, where I've stopped fully trusting anyone with early access to anything, preferring to wait until it's on public release and friends and hobbyists can discuss it. If I paraphrased Dave and said that the least
  2. There's another! I've found its writing incredibly offputting (it's just not a world I want to inhabit), but if there's some decent gameplay in there... The S could be ideal for me, as I play on a DLP projector and the 4K ones have too much input lag. So I'm locked at 1080p because I hate the motion on modern tellies, even though, spacewise, I'd prefer one. I'd take 1080/120 over 4K/60 as well, given the choice. But we'll need to see if resolution's the only difference, what with the likely scenario that a number of SX games don't hit that perfect 4K/60 for seamless downgrades. Tha
  3. It's because this is true that I think it's doing damage either way, where prizing reviews as the asset the mag revolves around to support its growing price has had them on course for a possibly avoidable demise for years. And the trouble with world-first reviews is that I consider them dubious, with plenty of historical evidence to support those feelings. You might say I'm wrong and I might be happy to agree, but we've seen enough wolves to listen to the boy. I don't have the answer, but I don't think someone asking for screens of a review feels discordant in today's online world.
  4. I use a Move Nav instead of a keyboard with one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07DFCL8NR/ I also bought one of these from their warehouse for £15, left the wheels off, and redrilled the back support onto the bottom so it slides under my legs and sofa: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07J62NXJ3/ There are others if you search for 80x40 tables, though its lowest height without wheels might still be too high for some sofas and low chairs.
  5. Writers are still paid and hopefully valued for that content, and I appreciate everything else magazines offer. I'd rather they didn't paywall their reviews and released a mag every quarter, but reviews are still their main draw while simultaneously — by enabling their high price — fast-forwarding them to failure. Condoning stealing's a different argument to this, which is the simple reality of more and more people not seeing the value in paid reviews any more. Not because they lack merit, it's because they're outliers. That I'd read them if I could do so for nowt shows
  6. I've always been a fan of adventure games, where you typically have no input whatsoever and just go around triggering preset events, but they don't attempt to arrogate players' emotions as bulking agents for their narratives by suggesting influence. Press X to abandon Jason
  7. I think there's a discussion to be had about this nowadays, as magazines have ceased to be buyers' guides for the majority. It's far more common to buy a game and then wonder what others make of it, which likely isn't worth £6 for curiosity's sake. Or maybe you haven't bought a game and don't plan to, but still wouldn't mind hearing a different take on it. I've read quite a few free articles on games I've no interest in actually playing, possibly more so than articles on games I've really loved. That leaves the rest of a magazine's value in its additional content, to be paid for, b
  8. Oh christ — I thought they were long gone! I'd put Jinx and Miranda down to Waller-Bridge and was expecting rebuffs, though the dinosaur's now fossilised to the point that rejections are logical rather than feminist. Tonally I think it's probably the weirdest Bond, switch-hitting between menace and borderline parody. Moore's great in it, obviously.
  9. When a game presents that prescription as my free will, saying “Look what you did!” as an appeal to my emotions when I didn't. That the game plays out as it does is fine, I guess, but don't suggest I'm an agent to make me feel regret in the cheapest ways possible. Even if you were given the choice to spare a particular someone, you just know they'd zombify or get munched anyway. It's gameswriting stuck on 11.
  10. I think I mentioned a while ago that this is my reason for not playing it. Because it's a whole game that revolves around an event I tried my best to avert out of conscience, reloading my save and attempting to twice. Its story received a ton of praise, but to me that was at the cost of forgetting the attraction of a game's capacity for offering agency over books. It presented as the former while tramlining as the latter, and while certainly a much better effort than most game stories, that's why its lack of care for our emotions-led inputs rankled with me. Its emotional resonance
  11. This seems to have a lot in common with Die Another Day: it's Craig's final Bond with a crappy title, and brings back Jinx, Miranda and Gustav under different names. Bond's been starved of creativity for so long it's adapted to trace-papering over other people's ideas.
  12. We can only really appraise generations as they draw to a close, but I think in doing so there's an interesting contrast between the 7th and 8th. Lots of people felt the 360 was premature just 4 years after the Xbox, which was still very capable at the time. I didn't think the 360's early games looked much better myself, but as a PC gamer I was ready for the next console gen. RRoD aside, I think the majority of us now agree that the 360 was a great machine at the right time. The PS3 also had a ton of highlights IMO. But if we contrast those consoles and what they achieved with the
  13. GPU's great for people who spend a lot of time gaming with a once-and-done attitude. I'm at the opposite end of those teens, but I typically play the same 2-3 games for a couple of years. I had to buy Golf Club 2 when they removed it, for example, because that's what I was playing most of the time. Instead of GPU I'd rather pay a small amount for time-limited access to each game in its library. Couple of quid a month, say.
  14. I was saying the other day that it makes me feel like I'm repiecing memories from my youth, the deja vu of an eerily distant time and place, and ultimately depressing. When so many people find escapism in its world, that it has the opposite effect on me is odd. I don't get it from Team Ico's games. Some people might get those feelings from Ocarina of Time now, but this isn't an old game. It's as if I played it 20 years ago and my brain's lying to me. There's just something about its uncomfortably lifeless tranquility and hazy appearance that saddens me.
  15. Mine was creaky and poorly built, but had nothing properly wrong with it.
  16. They won't be attracting newcomers at £11pm. Once my £1 sub runs out I'm off. GPU value increases from negative to positive the more you play, so you have to familiarise yourself with its library to know you want it. Netflix is passive entertainment, where randomly trawling is often part of its appeal. Or maybe it's just that I don't have as much money as most people with entertainment subs...
  17. Ooh, Pacer. I'll miss barrel rolls, but hopefully they've recaptured some of the old magic.
  18. Unlucky, but you should be able to exchange it for another incoming refurb if you want to. When Amazon have no refurbs for replacement they offer refunds, or you can ask for one now. I've bought loads of refurbs (laptops; a TV; monitor; PS4...) and only had a problem once, and that was down to poor build quality. My monitor came without a switch addon but Amazon didn't have a refurb to replace it with, so they offered something like £60 off or a refund and I took the former because the switch isn't vital. I then contacted BenQ and they sent me one for nowt! Maybe these
  19. What a dystopian thought. But on the bright side, playing Knack might finally pay off. As DHP says it sounds like you win a preorder reservation, giving you a window to accept or reject your allocation when they open. I'll be quite surprised if we know the price before the end of September.
  20. If you buy a console late in its life for kids there's normally a cutoff point, where they've become old enough to feel left behind when their mates have the newer games. But unless you fancy one of the few exclusives this time, for another year or so it's just prettier versions of the same games. Faster loading appeals to me more than improved graphics for those! I've my £1 GPU until April '22 and wouldn't pay full price for it, so maybe I'll just keep this until then and swap over to a PS5. It'll take a game I really want to shift me otherwise. Like I said, the only other possibi
  21. Amazon's refurb One Xes are back in stock from 04/09 at £180. I've just ordered one in case the S isn't what we expect, or it has something that makes me favour the X, which I'm not bothered about yet. If the S turns up with all the bells and whistles at 1080p I'll see if I can trade this in for one. Otherwise I'll just play my Game Pass games and the new consoles can wait.
  22. The all-digital problem is that players aren't as uniform as many believe. There's no way I'd pay full price for GPU as I only buy the odd game nowadays. £70 for 30 months, sure, but if you play the same few games for several years you don't want them taken away. There's no way I'd bother with PS+ if I didn't have to for online play. So yeah, GPU is still value at full price for heavy gamers, but I'll be wanting to just buy a couple of discs (or cheap credit if there's no drive) for the S, and then hopefully playing online without the Gold sub.
  23. I was just thinking about that, and how the difference this time around is a console that's otherwise identical apart from output res. If there is such a thing. And at the right price I think it could put MS back on the equal footing of their 360 days. I'll be playing my next console on a 1080p screen anyway, with no plans to upgrade. The 360 was so popular it overcame a lot the Xbox's exclusivity shortfalls. Tekken and Ridge Racer made the jump, for example. Sony don't have that advantage for the foreseeable, and if the PS5's expensive and noisy versus a cheap and quiet S...
  24. For me the key is that every element should have a use of its own. Although having said that, I wouldn't mind a shooter where you gradually lose a small amount of accuracy if you don't oil a gun, etc; bring in a few more sim elements. Very easy to go too far, though, and I've only once enabled full breakdowns in racing games. And I wouldn't say no to MacGyver: The Game or A-Team Escape Room. Crafting's closely linked with levelling, which I wouldn't mind if upgrades were based on merit rather than grind. Fighting games reflect my level in one of the purest ways, and I guess that's
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