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  1. Barge duffer Hip damage Granbat
  2. Escape

    The Last Of Us

    - IMO, yes, very. But there's tons of lag from South Americans because you can't search by region. - You need a pretty good team to reach 12, yeah. You only represent your chosen faction, so it doesn't matter who your friends are playing for. You individually care for groups of survivors throughout the rounds. Die before 12 and you just start over. The better you and your team play in a given match, the healthier and more numerous your survivors. If you haven't lost them all by 12, you're credited with reaching the end. The idea is to see how many complete runs you can do.
  3. He didn't like your big man's blithe spirit? Mad Rogs and Englishmen.
  4. The 36th Chamber of Sirlin.
  5. Any 3.5 female to 2.5 male: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pole-Adapter-3-5mm-Socket-2-5mm/dp/B003OSYYNY http://www.amazon.co.uk/3-5mm-Socket-2-5mm-Converter-Cable/dp/B009D538WU You need one with three black divider rings on its jack if you have a built-in mic. Namely 4-pole, 4-conductor or TRRS (all the same).
  6. 1. GoldenEye 2. Mario 64 3. Perfect Dark 4. Blast Corps 5. DOOM
  7. Unfair Lag Triggers Rage Accruement I might pick up another Gold sub for this, but I always end up wishing for things that characters don't have. I'd really like Rog's cr.MP to force stand, because his one-time-trademark counter-rush game isn't scary compared to his Turbo outing. Nerf him elsewhere, just give him grounded EX loops against crouchers!
  8. Bradley Walsh, Paul Hollywood, Mr Selfridge and Tom (Kenwright) Conti. WipEout HD's one of my favourite games, but this sounds like another tablet-based indie. I totally understand creatives for wanting to get away from the corpo grind, but their new projects have little influence on games with higher budgets. Are there any examples of cheap indie projects directly affecting gameplay systems in big-budget games? We saw 101 clones of Grand Theft Auto III for years after its release (just to put an example out there), but it seems that you still have to be a major player
  9. How d'ya all miss Fraud Focus?! (British Feiland.)
  10. NewRetroWave, Maniac Synth and LuigiDonatello are on YouTube for more.
  11. Escape


    I've kept my PS1 copy, and I've a PS3 with BC for it. Amazing music and flames (Mt. Erebus, Squeaky): I spent my Christmas '95 holiday playing it, eating from a big tub of Fizzy Sour Tongues until I was a bit sick. Really cosy winter game.
  12. I'd buy one if Nintendo made their entire back-catalogue available with the following pricing: NES - 99p SNES - £1.99 N64 - £2.99 GameCube - £3.99 Wii - £4.99 All playable on a GamePad with its save-anywhere feature.
  13. http://youtu.be/M7ncmWgDz6U
  14. Frames and on-block punishability of each character's high-priority moves Damage potential from good lows, if any Damage potential from high-crush mids, if any Fast tracking moves, if any Low-crush launchers (hopkicks/knees), if any Wall-damage potential, especially if the character's a juggler (Lee) The quality of moves with high stun, if any (Heihachi) Quality of ranged mids Quality of while-standing (WS) launchers, if any Speed of launchers Speed of lows Quality of haircut Tap forward as you hit the deck to spring back up, feet first (do this to reduce the dama
  15. Report this man.

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