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  1. Just like lag on a bad connection! I imagine that'll be one of their priorities for patching, though. Re: tone, it's very: YOU HAVE SELECTED GANG HARDMAN PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR LEATHER JACKET AND EDGECUT But then you can wear a garishly wonderful top and no trousers, so all's not lost and there is a sense of humour in there somewhere. Just behind the official curtain, as if realising they've two audiences and they're trying to engage the edgier ones without overlooking the rest of us. But that voiceacting! Maybe Silverhand's the
  2. They have, but you can already get adaptors that strip HDMI audio to an optical port, so theirs'll just be a more expensive version. I also use optical for stereo speakers with my monitor, but have a USB-powered HDMI splitter for the projector I game on. I don't fancy nor really have room for another HDMI adaptor, so I can either use headphones with my monitor or just do nothing but game with it. This is part of the reason a 3070's starting to make a lot more sense for me. I could use the PC with my speakers as normal, firing up the PJ (which has its own reasonable spea
  3. This is me almost exactly! I've ordered no games. If it works with all my games and third-party controllers (especially the Brook PCB in my arcade stick), I can actually fit it somewhere, and its fan's incredibly quiet... I'll keep it and sell my PS4. But I'm expecting a somewhat noisy fan from new, which is only gonna get worse, and as per most Sony items, poor build quality. The X is much easier for me to find a home for, should have a quiet fan, and it'll work with my controllers. But I don't care enough about Microsoft's games to want an X right now, and I'm staying
  4. A bit?! The writing's terrible even by game standards, to the point of coming back around on itself as a worthwhile parody if they made it about 30% worse. I don't like the look of the shooting, where characters don't react until reaching their hitcounts and belatedly falling over. Its world looks great, I'm just dubious about its content. Latterday GTA vibes for me.
  5. It's still a register-your-interest page.
  6. I love the new hardware (PS5 design aside) and want it, but Flight Sim's the only next-gen game! I'd still buy one for their massively reduced loadtimes if I weren't 95% multiplayer, where crossplay's gonna nullify that benefit for ages. It'll be great when exclusives with multi turn up, but that's looking like another 18 months. Meantime, there'll be no SSD-only matchmaking.
  7. I've one gamertag and two pads, and I'd like to permanently swap L3 and R3 on one of them. I can't, can I? The quickest way I've found is to bind this swap to a profile, and then manually sign in P2 to my gamertag after every boot, with both pads sharing that profile. Or I can make one pad a guest and give it a separate profile (ideal!), but it doesn't save that between boots.
  8. I've just thought: what if you create another account to rebuy the maximum sub, ready for an S? I could extend mine from 1.5 to 3 years that way.
  9. That's exactly what I was thinking of, because we had kids like that in my day. Only not with games, since they were too new. It was stuff like Aliens. But what's nice is that I don't feel it shortened my childhood; I could watch RoboCop and go straight out on my skateboard doing ‘Help me!’ impressions. My worry now would be that kids don't seem to have as much physical play as we used to, and for sure we sometimes needed that to cool down after some fraught Nintendo World Cup. (When someone's mum had to adjudicate on taking it in turns with the crap pad.)
  10. Yeah, it's not my first choice of comparison, but it's something that most of us are familiar with. When Link exits the cave to that amazing intro with the landscape opening up in front of him, with Hyrule Castle and the flying beast in the distance, surrounded by mountains and rivers... Then you turn towards the old boy down by the church. All of that's beautifully directed and stylised (characters aside, for me), but then shortly after you're faced with repetitious textures as the camera zooms in, suddenly noticing the Vaseline smear on everything. Exploring Hyrule Castle feels l
  11. I'm sure it's bias, but I got into games when I was about 9 and think it was a perfect age. I was still young enough for my imagination to make up for 8-bit graphics, and old enough for the rewards of devising tactics and solving puzzles. If I had kids I'd buy them games if their friends had them and that were their culture, otherwise I'd wait until they were 7+ ideally. Re: the 8-bit thing, though, it's quite hard to imagine how it must feel to have today's graphics as an introduction. I don't think many modern games have the immediacy of those I first played, and that was a huge
  12. That motion blur during flight at 1:39's horrid. Breath of the Wild was forced into its artstyle by hardware limitations, and I think it's one of the last things I'd copy. I think BotW's at its best when it's closer to resembling RDR2's landscapes with a slight cartoon filter (its famous opening pan), but it's tonally inconsistent between hints of realism (most of the ruined castle bits; the church...) and full cartoon, with lots of flat textures and smeary character models.
  13. And that's the X version. On the S... I stopped using ShopTo after they refused to cancel my PS4 preorder a fortnight before launch. They said to reject delivery for a refund. And they used to sell European games with barcodes that didn't scan if you tried to sell them to retailers. £399 and £479! I don't think the PS5 has much to worry about from the X, but the S could easily become its main rival. I'd rather have a PS5 once we're up in the 400s, and I think that's a really common view, but the S is a complementary console that gives Microsoft another shot
  14. “I can't even begin to express how technical that was” is there to explain to players why he's riding so ‘slowly’, when to me that's the only bit that isn't egregious. Back in the day we had this, and yes it had gnarly metal presentation and rubbish camera-locked cornering, but at least its physics were rooted in reality somewhat.
  15. Visually it looks fantastic, but its slippery too-fast arcade physics and presentation are a massive turn-off. Watching that bit of first-person at sim speeds (2:25) highlights what we could've had. Arcade takes on Red Bull events are ten a penny, but we've never had a sim.
  16. £65's about my limit, but I'd pay that. Not £132. So we'll have to see if these offers continue or Microsoft tighten up. Game Pass is a nice-to-have for me, by no means essential.
  17. 750GB for £270 might've been more appealing to some. I suspect that'd be a more equivalent size. Add a drive for £300 and wow.
  18. For whatever reason I didn't notice the warning that time. I do find the tiled dash a load of convoluted nonsense. It also bugs me that I can't permanently assign separate profiles to my controllers under one gamertag.
  19. If you realise it's leaving. I had to pay the full £25 for Golf Club 2 after it failed to load one day.
  20. There is, however, a massive price hike once our £1 subs end. My plan is to buy an S to use with my remaining 18 months of GPU (paid £70 for 30 months), then I'll sell it to get a PS5 if that has any exclusives I want. So I think Microsoft, via their £1 deal and cheap S, are pissing all over Sony in the short term, but beyond '22 could be very different. The only thing I know for sure is that Sony always cheap out on fans and case parts, so I'm not looking forward to that extra noise. Might even get an X instead if their games don't appeal by then. Just looking at my PS4 games here
  21. It'd be great if its 1440 gave headroom for those of us playing at 1080, so if a game that chugs a bit on the X performs identically, a further drop to 1080 could stabilise its framerate. I imagine it'll just be the 1440 build outputting at 1080 and still chugging, but it's a nice thought. I'm gonna let my Ultimate sub run out, but this thing won't need Gold for online play any more, right? So all I'll need is cheap credit to buy some games, usually in the low 40s for each one at 50.
  22. Shame the launch lineups are a ghost town, but apparently it ain't what you got, it's the way that you price it.
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